Gluten Free Options at Eat Street Northshire
The new Eat Street, open Friday and Saturday 4pm to 10pm and Sunday 11am to 7pm, is a great place to spend part of your weekend whatever the occasion or company. Click To Tweet

Along with many foodie Brisbanites I’ve been eagerly awaiting the reopening of Eat Street Markets at their new venue; Eat Street Northshore! We were lucky enough to snag some tickets for the reopening weekend to experience what the new venture has to offer and more importantly the availability of gluten free Eat Street options.

The new Eat Street did not disappoint, the same great food and then some, with great views of the city and river, live music and lots of space for diners all made up of brightly coloured shipping containers. Cleverly segmented by laneways and cuisines, the new Eat Street, open Friday and Saturday 4pm to 10pm and Sunday 11am to 7pm, is a great place to spend part of your weekend whatever the occasion or company.

Now feeling incredibly full and over indulgent, here are my top gluten free options at Eat Street Northshore:

  1. Revolver from Gluten Off – THE best gluten free doughnuts I’ve ever had (sorry Doughnut Time). Revolver serves an array of gluten free treats; the chocolate eclair was to die for and the cookies and cooke cupcakes pretty good too! Everything is gluten free so a must for any coeliac visiting Eat Street.
    gluten free doughnutsgluten free chocolate eclair
  2. Miss Claudes French Crepes – sweet and savoury crepes with many many choices in toppings. My favourites were the peking duck and the chocolate ganache and strawberry ones, delicious!gluten free crepes
  3. Poulet & Porc – From their menu I think just the pork belly is gluten free but I couldn’t miss it off my list as it was just too crispy and delicious not to recommend!gluten free pork belly
  4. Las Catrinas – good mexican street food, all the taco options are gluten free, these beef ones were particularly yummy and the fresh guacamole was good too.gluten free tacos
  5. Fresh Fish Grill – I loved the fresh prawns here and they also have a few grilled fish salad options, healthy and delicious.gluten free seafood

Unfortunately this time round these 5 were as much as I could squeeze into my belly at once! Experiencing a serious food coma right now… However I’m pleased to report that most of the street food vendors offer at least one gluten free option at Eat Street, some are more thorough with cross contamination than others so always check with the vendor. The names of a few others I spotted with gluten free choices were; Redgate Chargrill, Salty Sailor, Slinkys, Shuck All Oysters, Vietnamese Shack, Don’t Worry Eat Curry and Khao Sarn Thai. View the map here to see where each vendor is located.

I hope to test out a few more gluten free vendors next time I visit, in the meantime have you been to Eat Street Northshore? Can you recommend your favourite gluten free street food there?


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