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7 Best Rated Travel Insurance Companies in Canada


Travel insurance is an invaluable way to safeguard yourself against unexpected trips and health issues. It can provide coverage for emergency medical expenses, lost luggage, cancellation fees, and more.


Canadians should strongly consider getting travel insurance if they plan on traveling abroad. Fortunately, there are numerous travel insurance companies to choose from.

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World Nomads

World Nomads is a well-known travel insurance provider that offers coverage for an array of activities. From cliff diving and hang gliding to skiing and snowboarding, World Nomads has the insurance plan you need for your next thrilling expedition!

They offer two plans – the Standard Plan and Explorer Plan. The Standard Plan is a budget-friendly choice and provides pre- and post-departure coverages like emergency medical expenses, personal belongings, trip delay/cancellation/repatriation as well as some adventure activities.

The Explorer Plan is a premium option and covers more activities like mountaineering, surfing, kayaking and climbing. Additionally, it offers comprehensive coverages such as emergency evacuation and transportation expenses in case of natural disasters or civil unrest in a country.

World Nomads urges you to read your policy thoroughly before signing on. Doing this ensures you have full coverage throughout the duration of the policy.

If you have any queries, feel free to get in touch with their customer support team via website or local numbers. They are available 24/7 and will happily address your inquiry promptly.

World Nomads also has a charitable program, in addition to its insurance policies, that donates part of its profits to various programs for the communities in which it operates. To date, they have donated over $2 million towards various causes.

CAA Travel Insurance

The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) offers a selection of travel insurance products designed with all travelers in mind. CAA plans provide comprehensive protection for emergency medical expenses, trip cancellation/interruption expenses and more – making them the perfect choice for many.

CAA, established in 1893 and trusted by Canadians for over 115 years, is known for offering members discounts on travel and insurance services. Their travel insurance protects you financially against unexpected situations while away on vacation – medical emergencies, flight accidents and lost or stolen luggage included!

CAA not only offers travel insurance, but they provide a host of other related services as well. From renting a car to planning your itinerary and booking hotel rooms, CAA has it all under one roof!

CAA provides medical insurance plans for Canadian travelers. This coverage includes hospital accommodation, dental expenses and repatriation of remains in case of death.

CAA travel insurance is available across many provinces and has offices nationwide. They offer single trip and multi-trip plans to suit your needs, with different limits and exclusions per policy. Be sure to read all of the terms and conditions before purchasing a policy.

Blue Cross

Blue Cross travel insurance provides coverage for emergency medical costs and trip interruption or cancellation. Its plans are tailored to the specific requirements of Canadians who travel abroad for retirement or snowbirding, as well as other types of travellers.

Blue Cross offers an emergency medical insurance plan that covers hospital stays and treatment as well as ambulance fees and repatriation up to $5 million. It’s available to all Canadians and can be purchased either separately or in combination with trip interruption and baggage protection.

Filing a claim online is simple and processed quickly. All that’s needed to get started is some basic information such as your personal and travel details, receipts, and medical documentation.

Blue Cross travel insurance stands out with their exceptional Emergency Assistance team, available 24/7. This team consists of both in-house personnel and subcontracted specialists. Plus, they have access to a network of doctors, hospitals and translation services that can provide assistance in multiple languages.

In 2019, Blue Cross launched the Connected Care mobile app, providing customers with virtual health care access. This service has received positive reviews on both iOS and Google Play stores.

Travel CUTS Bon Voyage Insurance

Travel CUTS Bon Voyage Insurance offers affordable travel insurance options for students, families and businesses alike. It’s the ideal policy for budget travelers as well as students needing to travel abroad due to exams or other circumstances.

Travel CUTS Bon Voyage Insurance is one of Canada’s premier budget travel insurance providers, boasting an array of features and benefits at very reasonable prices. Their packages are affordable, plus they provide discounts for full-time students.

They provide a user-friendly website and their staff is available to answer any queries about your policy. Furthermore, their “Anytime Advocates” team provides assistance with claims or questions while you’re away on vacation.

Additionally, their policies provide generous coverage limits and are ideal for frequent travelers, families, snowbirds and those planning an extended vacation abroad.

Travel insurance plans from The Company provide a selection for individuals and families, such as single-trip, long-stay and multi-trip packages. Their policies also cover adventure sports, flight accident, accidental death or dismemberment and medical expenses.

Manulife CoverMe

Manulife is one of Canada’s largest insurers, providing financial advice and various insurance products. Their coverage includes life, health, disability, home, travel and mortgage coverage.

They offer a personal accident disability plan that provides monthly payments to cover expenses and replace income if you become disabled or injured. Furthermore, this policy has an integrated disability premium waiver.

Canadians between the ages of 18 and 70 can purchase this coverage, which provides up to $1 million of coverage over 10 years. Renewable until age 85 with no medical underwriting requirements, there are no age limitations on who can apply.

CoverMe offers a term life policy for Canadians looking to protect their family members. With four customizable options tailored to each individual’s needs and budget, there is sure to be something that meets both your requirements and budget.

No matter if you are taking a vacation or traveling on business, medical emergencies can happen at any time. That is why having travel insurance is so important; it will help cover those costs in case any arise.

Manulife’s travel insurance website offers an easy-to-use process for travellers to select the ideal plan. They have four primary plans available, including pandemic coverage and a single trip emergency medical plan.

Medipac Travel Insurance

Medipac Travel Insurance provides competitively priced travel insurance plans with extensive medical coverage at reasonable rates. They also offer various discounts to members and returning clients, such as a claim-free discount and loyalty discount.

Canadians seeking travel insurance that offers comprehensive protection in case of emergencies at an affordable cost should look no further than this provider. They offer various single trip plans as well as an annual 23-day plan perfect for people planning to visit more than one destination during their journey.

Another reason Medipac is a great option is their team of real medical professionals available to answer your calls while traveling. These doctors and nurses can guide you through the local healthcare system, especially if you’re visiting a country with complex healthcare procedures.

They offer a COVID-19 insurance option that provides up to $5 million in case of emergency related to the virus. This can be added on as part of their travel insurance policy or purchased separately as an add-on.

Allianz Travel Insurance

Allianz Travel Insurance is a travel insurance provider that offers policies for single trips, annual plans and backpacker packages. They also offer rental car coverage as well as upgrades for more comprehensive coverage options.

Allianz provides travel insurance plans with various levels of coverage for trip cancellation, emergency medical assistance and more. There are even plans with extra features like trip delays, missed departures and legal expenses included.

If you’re on a budget, the Allianz OneTrip plan could be ideal. It has a low medical limit but provides trip cancellation and interruption coverage.

The Allianz Elite plan is more expensive than OneTrip, but it provides more comprehensive coverage and comes with a complimentary child 17 or younger when traveling with either parents or grandparent. If you’re on a budget but need protection for yourself and your family while away, this could be an ideal option.

Although Allianz is a well-known travel insurance provider, their medical limits are lower than those offered by other companies. Furthermore, Allianz policies don’t include Cancel For Any Reason cover – an oversight common among other travel insurers.


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