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8 Best European Honeymoon Destinations


Are you searching for a romantic countryside retreat or an exciting new city to discover? There are so many wonderful European honeymoon destinations to choose from.


For those seeking a vibrant city with world-class museums and fine dining, Barcelona is an ideal option. However, if you’d rather take things slower with your special someone, Prague makes for a lovely year-round destination that can be visited throughout the year.

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Santorini is one of Europe’s top honeymoon destinations, boasting breathtaking sunsets and views. Additionally, there are luxury hotels, excellent restaurants, burgeoning wineries, as well as picturesque villages like Fira or Oia.

When visiting Santorini, the ideal time to visit is during the shoulder seasons of April and May or September and October. Doing this will avoid the hectic summer months of July and August with their throngs of tourists on the beaches.

No honeymoon in Santorini would be complete without staying in one of the stunning villas carved into the clifftops for that unforgettable sunset view! We’ve hand-picked some of the most picturesque options below.

Oia, Italy is renowned for its breathtaking sunset views that you’ve likely seen on Instagram. Make the most of your honeymoon and book a stay there to take in some sightseeing, wine-tasting tours, and dining with stunning sea views!

In addition to admiring the stunning cliff views, you can also try your luck scuba diving in the famous caldera and taking an adventure cruise to the hot springs for some fun in the sun. We suggest booking with Princess Cruises since they have more departures from Athens than other tour operators offering similar treats.

Amalfi Coast

If you’re searching for an idyllic European honeymoon location, the Amalfi Coast is your ideal choice. It boasts dramatic coastal landscapes, delectable regional cuisine, and charming cliff-side towns that will surely leave a lasting impression.

The Amalfi Coast is a popular Mediterranean travel destination, especially during summer. However, there are ways to escape the crowds and have an idyllic getaway in this stunning area.

For optimal weather and wildflower viewing, visit the Amalfi Coast in May or late September – October when it’s less crowded. During these months, temperatures are still warm enough to swim in the sea and views of wildflowers are at their most abundant.

On the Amalfi Coast, there are 13 stunning cliffside towns to explore – Ravello, Positano and Amalfi. Each has its own distinct charm. Amalfi itself offers several beaches as well as a bustling centre with plenty of bars, restaurants and accommodation options.

On the Amalfi Coast, accommodation options range from budget B&Bs and guesthouses to five-star luxury retreats. To save yourself time and stress during your trip, research and book your accommodation ahead of time – this will make the most out of it and make it more enjoyable for everyone involved.


Paris is known as one of Europe’s most romantic cities, and for good reason: its stunning architecture, exciting cultural scene, endless cafes and food options, as well as iconic viewpoints, make for an unforgettable honeymoon in Paris. And the best part? No matter what season you choose – you’re guaranteed a romantic getaway!

In addition to Paris’ many museums, world-class galleries and stunning monuments, there are also plenty of hidden gems to discover in the French capital. From quirky activities like visiting the sewer system or catacombs to sailing along the Seine, you can make your stay an unforgettable one in Paris.

Spend at least a day exploring Paris’ historic districts, like Montmartre. And don’t forget to catch a show at one of its theaters! Movie buffs will love this city for its wide selection of films from both Hollywood and local producers alike.


Hvar is a picturesque island renowned for its clear water and stunning sunsets. As the sunniest of all Croatian islands, it draws thousands of visitors each summer to take in its stunning landscapes.

This exciting destination is ideal for a romantic getaway with your new spouse. It provides all the modern amenities needed to ensure an unforgettable stay – including an impressive rooftop bar and restaurant!

The Adriana Hvar Spa Hotel is the ideal spot to unwind and take in breathtaking sea views. It’s close enough to explore historic Hvar, yet far enough away for those wanting a more leisurely pace.

For something truly thrilling, take a day trip to the nearby Pakleni islands. This one-day sailing journey involves swimming and snorkeling around calm bays surrounded by secluded beaches.

This trip offers the unique advantage of being with a local tour company, meaning you can skip all the touristy stuff and have an authentic adventure. The tour is intimate, private, and exclusive – an ideal way to maximize your experience during your vacation.


If you’re searching for an idyllic European honeymoon with plenty of history, delectable cuisine and authentic wine, Florence should be at the top of your list. As the birthplace of Renaissance art, this city offers visitors centuries-old experiences on foot – just be sure to bring plenty of water with you!

This historic city boasts an array of Renaissance masterpieces, from Michelangelo’s David sculpture to Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus” and da Vinci’s “Annunciation.” You can retrace the steps of these renowned artists at a still-functioning monastery where Fra Angelico once painted his contemplative frescoes.

Be vigilant in Florence, where pickpockets are a frequent nuisance. Keep an eye out for suspicious characters in the city center and on buses, particularly around Santa Maria Novella train station.

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, Italy has become one of the best European honeymoon destinations due to its stunning natural beauty and friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Comprised of five villages – Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore – it’s no wonder why this coastal area has become so popular.

Village centers in Liguria are picturesque, boasting small harbors surrounded by colorful Ligurian houses, restaurants and bars. You can enjoy the scenery in many ways: walking along a trail; taking a train or boat ride along the coast.

Traveling between the villages is no problem, with trains running between them all day and night. For added convenience, it is recommended that you purchase a train card called The Cinque Terre Card which costs EUR16 per person and allows unlimited usage during your stay.

Cinque Terre is a popular destination year-round, with peak season from Easter until October and shoulder seasons in May and September. If you want to avoid the crowds, try visiting during these months and book ahead of time.


Dubrovnik, Croatia is a UNESCO World Heritage-listed town that features an enchanting old town encased by 2km long walls. It’s also renowned for its beaches, delicious restaurants, and lively bars.

On your visit to Rome, you’ll have the chance to witness all its major landmarks. Wander the ancient walls, explore palaces and churches, and gain insight into its captivating history.

While you’re nearby, take a boat ride to Lokrum Island – an idyllic green haven just a short boat ride from Old Town. Here, you’ll find a fortress, botanical gardens, and a monastery as well as an idyllic naturist beach.

Another must-visit is Lovrijenac Fortress, a historic fort located between Old Town and the Lovrijenac Valley. Constructed in 1018, this fort served as the primary defense system of the city for centuries.

If you’re looking to take in some stunning views in Dubrovnik, head to one of its many high lookouts. Watch as golden hour transforms the sky into vibrant hues and take in views of all of the city’s stunning rooftops.


Are you searching for a summer honeymoon in Europe that offers sandy beaches, stunning bays, and cultural activities? Sardinia is your perfect destination. Tucked away in Italy’s Mediterranean region, this island of sand is ideal for travelers who wish to escape the overwhelming number of tourists found at many other European locations.

In addition to its sandy beaches, the island is renowned for its food and wine. To experience the best of local cuisine, visit one of the island’s restaurants and savor fresh grilled fish, pasta dishes, and desserts.

You’ll discover an abundance of history in the region. The island boasts a vibrant cultural heritage that dates back thousands of years. To gain further insight into its past, visit museums, archaeological sites and ancient temples.

Experience Sardinia’s stunning landscape by visiting its caves and swimming holes. Popular attractions include Grotte del Blue Marino, Grotta di Neptune and Rio Pitrisconi – all worth visiting for their unique features.


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