8 Best Food in Kansas City

Kansas City, MO boasts an unparalleled restaurant scene. Its barbecue is world-renowned, but Kansas City also offers a delectable array of other delectable cuisines to try.


No matter your taste in food, this Midwest city has something for everyone. So when planning a visit, don’t miss out on visiting one of its eight best restaurants!

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Barbecue is an umbrella term for various meats, spices and sauces cooked slowly over fire or coals. There are various methods of grilling barbecue, from Town Topic’s traditional griddle method to modern restaurant-style rotisserie units using ferris wheels with gas burners for heat and smoke production.

During the American Civil War, “barbecue” came to be synonymous with an open flame method of smoking, cooking or roasting done over a spit. This process had become popular among Native Americans in colonial times and even President George Washington enjoyed one during his stay in the White House.

Nowadays, most people refer to meat cooked over a grill in an outdoor pit as barbecue. However, Planet Barbecue notes that its roots lie with an indigenous Taino Indian tribe in the Caribbean.

Kansas City is home to some truly delicious barbecue spots. For the best experience, head out to one of Kansas City’s small family run restaurants that emphasize local ingredients and a friendly Midwestern spirit.

Fried Chicken

Kansas City offers visitors a host of attractions, from its jazz heritage and museums to delicious food options that appeal to everyone. No matter what kind of cuisine you crave – Kansas City has something for everyone here!

Fried chicken is an iconic American dish that’s been around for thousands of years. You can find it in many different countries and cultures around the world, providing endless ways to enjoy this delectable delicacy!

To achieve that perfect crispy exterior on fried chicken, start by heating the cooking oil to a high temperature. Doing this helps absorb oil so the breading does not become greasy as quickly and also ensures the meat cooks through and becomes tender.

The next step in making fried chicken is coating it with seasoned flour that has been flavored with garlic, onion, pepper and paprika for an extra flavorful spin. After that, dip the chicken in batter before deep-frying until golden brown and juicy.


Steak is a beloved food choice for meat-lovers. Whether served with sides or on its own, steak has an irresistibly rich and tender flavor.

When shopping for beef cuts to cook with, there are plenty of choices in both grocery stores and butcher shops. To get the most flavorful steak possible, it’s important to know which cuts of beef to select.

Strip steak is one of the ideal cuts of meat to choose. Not only is it simple to cook, but its beefy flavor enhances when prepared properly.

Grilling, pan-frying or sous-vide cooking requires minimal effort; however for optimal tenderness it should be cooked medium-rare.

Another excellent steak option is hanger steak. While not as popular as ribeye or filet mignon, this cut of meat remains popular with meat connoisseurs. Cooks love this cut due to its high marbling level – invisible flecks of fat that cannot be seen with the naked eye.


Chili is one of the most beloved soups in America. It’s an uncomplicated recipe that can easily accommodate different dietary needs.

This soup is composed of ground beef, tomatoes and other ingredients. It can be served as a standalone dish like hot dogs or baked potatoes or added to other dishes like soups.

Most chili recipes call for a large pot to cook in. Once the meat has been browned and blended with spices, liquids are added and simmered for some time.

Chili can be garnished with cheese and other ingredients like sour cream or green onions. Depending on the recipe, it may even come with a side of fresh cornbread for extra flavor!

Chili comes in many flavors and regions across America; Kansas City’s restaurants often serve up some of the best. If you’re visiting, make sure to try some out while you’re here!

Biscuits and Gravy

Kansas City, MO, is not only known for its BBQ but also has an exciting culinary scene. You’ll find everything from Italian and Ethiopian dishes to Mexican and vegan cuisine here.

If you’re in search of a delicious meal that is both easy and quick, biscuits and gravy are the answer! These homemade biscuits are flaky and buttery, perfectly paired with creamy sausage gravy.

Biscuits are made with a delicious combination of flour, baking powder, sugar and salt. Once added to this mix, cold cubed butter adds extra fluffiness and deliciousness.

Making gravy is an incredibly straightforward task – only three ingredients required (which you probably already have in your pantry!).

The sausage drippings are mixed with flour to form a roux that thickens milk once added. Country sausage gravy is an old-school classic but also very versatile; you can use mild, hot, maple or Italian sausage. Not only does this use up leftovers but you can add flavor to recipes you may not have tried before too!

Burnt Ends Sandwich

Kansas City is known as the barbecue capital, boasting more than 100 smokehouses where you can sample some delectable cuisine. Barbecue connoisseurs from around the globe come here to experience this region’s unique cuisine firsthand.

Burnt ends are crispy, chewy nuggets of meat sourced from the edges of smoked brisket. When served hot or cold they’re often covered in sauce for an irresistibly flavorful sandwich or topping for chili.

When properly seasoned, burnt ends are smoky, tender and juicy – making them the ideal accompaniment to many Kansas City dishes like BBQ sandwiches or baked beans.

Burnt ends are a signature dish at many barbecue restaurants across America, but Kansas City really shines when it comes to these succulent treats. Check them out at some of Kansas City’s premier smokehouses like LC’s or Woodyard for some top-notch flavor!

Fried Catfish

Kansas City boasts some of the finest fried catfish in America, making it a delectable option for lunch or dinner. Trust us: it will be worth your while!

Enjoying fried catfish is like tasting the sweetness of the flesh and saltiness from the batter – it’s sure to be an experience you won’t soon forget! A meal worth trying once, this dish promises to leave you with lasting memories.

Another reason fried catfish is considered the best food in Kansas City is that it’s delicious and suitable for everyone – including vegans or gluten-frees. This dish has become very popular throughout Kansas and people are always on the hunt for where to get it.

This restaurant in Kansas City’s Crossroads area offers a delicious tasting menu that you should try. It makes for an ideal date night or get-together with family and friends – you’re sure to fall in love with this spot and want to come back again and again!


Tacos have been a mainstay of Mexican cuisine for more than two centuries. Originating in Puebla, these iconic dishes have since spread throughout the nation.

Tacos not only taste delicious, but they also tell a story. For instance, taco al pastor began as an inexpensive street food in Mexico and quickly gained popularity across America.

Today, Kansas City offers an array of tacos from classic barbacoa to Korean pork, portobello and spicy ahi tuna. No matter if you want something traditional or try something new – Kansas City has got something for everyone!

Kansas City boasts plenty of taco spots, but locals know the best ones! These restaurants offer a range of meats and salsa options so that everyone can find something to satisfy their taste buds!

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