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8 Best Food in Louisville


No matter if you’re visiting Louisville or a native, be sure to sample these delectable treats!


In 1926, the historic Brown Hotel created the legendary Hot Brown sandwich which remains a must-try for locals to this day. Additionally, The Lobby Bar serves up bourbon barrel fries and Derby pie as well.

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Hot Brown

One of Louisville’s beloved traditions is the Hot Brown sandwich, originally created at the Brown Hotel in the 1920s and now enjoyed by both visitors and residents alike.

For a late night or early morning snack, restaurants in Louisville serve an open-faced sandwich of turkey and bacon covered in Mornay sauce that’s broiled until golden perfection. This Kentucky staple has been featured on The Today Show, Man vs Food, and Southern Living; making it a must-try when visiting the area.

Mark Salmon, manager of The Brown Hotel restaurant, reports that it’s one of the most popular dishes during Derby week. “As you might imagine, it’s on many people’s bucket lists,” he adds.

Louisville Hot Brown Week has quickly become a beloved Kentucky tradition, and this week it’s getting national recognition as part of Louisville Hot Brown Week! If you’re visiting Louisville this autumn, make sure to include sampling the Hot Brown on your list!


Burgoo, Kentucky’s version of gumbo and New England’s clam chowder, has been a beloved dish throughout the state for centuries. It can be found at restaurants, church picnics and barbecue cook-offs alike.

Burgoo is a stew made with meat and vegetables that has been simmered slowly over low heat. It typically features pork, chicken or mutton along with vegetables such as cabbage, potatoes, lima beans, corn, okra and tomatoes.

Burgoo recipes come in an almost infinite variety, each with its own special touch. Some cooks use thickeners like cornmeal or ground beans for thickening, while others add soup bones for flavor and extra thickening power.

Burgoo is a dish that’s popular all year round, but especially popular during the Kentucky Derby. Before they begin betting on their favorite horses during this race, superstitious horse-racing fans drink a glass of burgoo to cleanse their palates and prepare themselves for what lies ahead.

Benedictine spread

Benedictine Spread is a light-green cucumber sandwich filling created in Louisville, Kentucky during the early 1900s. It’s usually served as a finger sandwich but can also be made into a dip.

Jennie Carter Benedict, a cookbook author, and caterer created the original recipe for this iconic Kentucky treat in the early 20th century when she ran Benedict’s restaurant and tea room in Louisville.

Today, this deceptively flavorful Southern tradition is enjoyed worldwide – especially at Derby parties. Not only does it go great with bacon and ham sandwiches, but it also pairs nicely with smoked fish and vegetables.

Are you searching for an unusual Kentucky dish to serve at your next party? Consider making Benedictine spread. It’s a straightforward recipe and the best part? You can prepare it ahead of time – making it perfect for that Derby gathering!

Derby Pie

Derby Pie may appear to be just another version of pecan pie, but this decadent dessert is packed with sweet chocolate chips and infused with Kentucky bourbon. Enjoy this crowd-pleasing dish all year long thanks to Kern’s Kitchen!

If you’re in Louisville and in search of an exciting restaurant, Louisville has it all. From classic Southern fare to dishes with French and Mediterranean influences, there’s sure to be a dish that will please even the pickiest palate.

For a classic treat, head to Wagner’s Pharmacy across the street from Churchill Downs for their famous hot brown sandwich (invented at the Brown Hotel in 1926). It’s an affordable meal that will keep you satisfied all afternoon while watching the race. Or try their traditional Derby pie filled with walnuts and chocolate chips – an affordable treat sure to please any appetite!

Mutton barbecue

Around the United States, you’ll come across a wide range of barbecue styles. Some distinctions can be attributed to the ingredients used, while others simply depend on how meat is prepared.

Kentucky’s southern region is renowned for its delicious mutton barbecue and famous burgoo. Grilled mutton can be served on sandwiches or in dishes like the pancake-sized corn cakes from Ole Hickory Bar-B-Q.

The restaurant uses hickory wood for cooking and a mixture of water, vinegar, salt, and pepper to break down the mutton. After 22 hours have passed, it becomes tender meat that can be enjoyed as either an entree on its own or added to sandwiches.

Mutton may be a side dish in other parts of the country, but here in Owensboro, it’s an absolute must-try. Moonlite Barbecue Inn and Old Hickory Bar-B-Q serve up some delicious mutton barbecue if you’re visiting town – try it for yourself!

Fried chicken

Fried chicken has been a beloved southern delicacy for thousands of years, delighting diners around the globe with its mouthwatering flavor and succulent meat.

Though fried chicken recipes come in many forms, a classic recipe calls for a crispy coating made of seasoned flour or batter that adds to its texture and flavor. After that is coated, the chicken is then dipped in oil and fried until golden brown and crisp.

For optimal fried chicken, use a high-smoke point oil such as canola or peanut oil. Olive oil and butter have low smoke points and should not be used.

For an authentic taste of homemade fried chicken, NuLu’s Mayan Cafe is your destination. Here they serve up delectable items like papadzules and salbutes made with fresh ingredients sourced from sustainable farms.


Kentucky is renowned for its bourbon, and Louisville has a vibrant food scene to match. From classic mint juleps to an array of bourbon-infused dishes, there’s something here for everyone in Louisville.

Bourbon is a type of whiskey made with corn, rye, and barley. To preserve its unique flavor, it must be distilled at no higher than 160 proof.

This spirit must also be aged in charred new oak barrels, giving the bourbon its distinctive vanilla and baking spice flavors.

However, there are exceptions to this rule. For instance, some brands add flavorings that may contain gluten after distillation.

Bourbon comes in many varieties and there are numerous producers that manufacture them, leading to significant development and expansion of the industry.

Small-batch bourbon is the ideal option for those seeking greater value without paying exorbitant single-barrel prices. These small batches typically consist of two to 200 barrels and offer greater versatility in flavor profiles.

Derby City Dog

Louisville may be known for its bourbon and baseball, but it also boasts plenty of good food. According to ApartmentAdvisor, Louisville has plenty of restaurants with four-star Yelp reviews that make the trip worthwhile.

For example, 610 Magnolia has an impressive menu with dishes that break away from traditional Southern fare. Its chili & turmeric roasted cauliflower makes for a fantastic appetizer, while its ricotta gnocchi with lamb ragu is an absolute must-try.

One of the highest-rated restaurants in town is Feast BBQ, a casual Southern eatery featuring mouthwatering smoked meats and barbecue classics like coleslaw and baked beans. Its brisket tacos and pulled pork sandwich are some of the best you’ll find anywhere around.

Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse, established in 1997, is the ideal destination for those seeking a slightly pricier steak. Not only do they offer quality cuts of meat, but this upscale establishment also serves up some of the city’s best burgers, an impressive cocktail list, and an eye-catching rooftop bar that will surely leave you with lasting impressions.


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