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8 Best Greece Islands For Honeymoon


No matter if you’re searching for an exciting island with plenty of nightlife or a peaceful, romantic retreat, Greece has something to suit every honeymooner’s taste.


Mykonos is one of the most romantic Greek islands, boasting white architecture, windmills by the seaside and picturesque alleyways adorned with vibrant flowers. Couples who appreciate good food will especially find Mykonos to be a perfect destination!

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Santorini is one of the world’s most beloved Greek islands, renowned for its captivating views and romantic sunsets. The multicolored cliffs rise out from a sea-drowned volcanic crater, crowned by whitewashed buildings topped with iconic blue domes.

Fira, Imerovigli and Oia are must-visits for those seeking breathtaking views. Wander down their cobblestone streets as you pass enchanting boutiques, cafes and art galleries along the way.

Santorini offers so many breathtaking lookout points that you could spend days taking in the sights. Popular landmarks include Oia’s blue-roofed church, Profitis Ilias Monastery in Fira and Imerovigli’s towering cliffs. All are worth visiting for an unforgettable experience.

You’re sure to savor the black-sand beaches of Perivolos and Kamari, filled with tavernas that overlook the caldera. Additionally, tourists often flock to Akrotiri’s Red Beach which crowns volcanic hill Akrotiri.


Mykonos is an idyllic island that offers plenty of romantic options for honeymooners. Spend your days lazing on sun-kissed beaches, windsurfing or indulging in traditional Greek cuisine. Or explore whitewashed towns and villages bathed in iridescent Aegean light as you take in its legendary parties.

Mykonos can become overrun with tourists during peak season, which makes it a little stressful to navigate the island. To avoid this hassle, try to visit during the off-peak period (mid April to October) when beaches are less crowded, prices are slightly cheaper, and overall there’s less stress overall.

Mykonos offers couples a wealth of accommodation options, from small boutique hotels to cozy guesthouses. Plus, there are plenty of shops and cafes with a local flair where you can take your time exploring this enchanting place together.

Nothing beats taking a leisurely walk through Chora’s pedestrian streets, but for an even more tranquil experience you could consider staying in Ano Mera, a village only accessible by foot or bike. It offers visitors a quieter side of Mykonos that feels authentic – not to mention some great spots to watch the sunset from!


Crete is an ideal honeymoon destination, boasting breathtaking ruins, serene beaches and some of Greece’s finest culinary treats to keep couples busy. Enjoy breathtaking vistas, take a leisurely walk along its shores or sample some of its delectable wines with your beloved. Crete truly has it all – make the most of your special moment and book your ticket to Crete today!

Crete is renowned for its olive trees and Mediterranean cuisine that emphasizes fresh ingredients, excellent extra virgin olive oil and plentiful greens. Furthermore, Crete boasts an unique liquor called tsikoudia (schnapps-like firewater), which you’re sure to find at local tavernas, cafes and festivals alike.

Visit a winery to witness grape harvesting firsthand. Depending on the variety and altitude, harvest usually takes place from August to October depending on climate conditions. Enjoy this unique opportunity to witness this fascinating process firsthand!

The island of Malta is packed with historic sites and charming towns that blend Venetian and Ottoman architecture. Chania and Rethymno are two popular tourist destinations on the island, boasting Venetian lighthouses, elegant hotels, cafes and restaurants in abundance.


Greek Islands boast stunning beaches, breathtaking sunsets, picturesque villages and luxury hotels. Their ancient heritage is steeped in mythology and history – making them the ideal honeymoon destination.

Corfu is an idyllic island filled with historical landmarks and stunning natural splendor to discover. The bustling city center of Corfu pulsates with energy, while castles perch atop hills, monasteries on islets, and beaches all boast stunning views of the Mediterranean seascape surround you.

Corfu offers a wealth of stunning beaches and hiking trails to explore. Some of the finest include Myrtos Beach with its golden sand, as well as Acharavi with its secluded bays and coves.

For an active holiday, try the 220km Corfu Trail that traverses the island, providing stunning views from every point. Watersports such as snorkelling or diving are popular too, particularly in the calm waters of the Ionian Sea.

Discover some fascinating archaeological sites and museums on the island, such as a museum dedicated to the Duke of Burgundy and Imperial Garden’s collection of busts and statues. Or head off to Angelokastro – a small village with waterfalls believed to be the favorite spot of nature deities known as Nymphs.


Rhodes is an idyllic Dodecanese island adorned with castles, beaches, ancient civilisations and a vibrant lifestyle. This captivating Greek island makes the ideal romantic getaway for couples seeking plenty of eye-catching beauty.

The medieval Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site and must-visit during your honeymoon in Greece. It’s home to the Palace of the Grand Master, an impressive 14th-century structure that will take you back in time and make you feel like you’re part of a Venetian fairytale.

One of the best activities to do in Rhodes is taking a leisurely walk along the Street of Knights, which has been faithfully recreated to look as it did during medieval times. It offers an evocative journey through cobbled streets and houses that showcase each faction of the Knights Hospitaller – each representing a different language.

Another must-see is the Valley of Butterflies, a lush green forest with trees shaped like airplanes that is home to millions of butterflies. If you’re an animal enthusiast, visit during June-August when these majestic creatures come out in full force.


Zakynthos is an island that boasts stunning scenery and crystal blue waters. It has been praised by travelers from all around the globe as a must-visit destination.

Zakynthos is a popular tourist destination that couples looking for an unforgettable honeymoon should visit. It also makes an excellent getaway for friends looking for something fun and relaxing on their getaway.

Experience the splendor of Zakynthos by taking a boat tour around the island. You can rent your own vessel or join one of many shared tours available from most ports on the island.

Another popular boat tour is the Blue Caves tour. These vibrant caves are located on the northeast side of the island and you can even swim here, if you have time.

On your honeymoon in Zakynthos, you can explore the shipwreck beach, spend a day lazing by the seaside and sample some local cuisine. Additionally, you may wish to check out some of Zakynthos’ historic sites or vineyards.


Hydra is the ideal island for a romantic getaway, whether you’re seeking solitude or want to take advantage of its sun and sea. Couples seeking the ideal honeymoon will find plenty to savor on Hydra: stunning beaches, historical sights and picturesque villages await them.

The island is conveniently close to Athens, making it a great getaway for couples living there. You can reach the port by hydrofoil in just minutes; simply hop on board!

Hydra is a charming island full of little shops and restaurants. When visiting Hydra, don’t miss Vlichos Beach or Hydroneta – both boast crystal-clear waters – as well as local tavernas serving up traditional Greek dishes.

The remote island is renowned for its hydras, which walk with their tentacles. These animals use a technique called looping and somersaulting to move around like caterpillars do by attaching themselves to the surface of the water with their tentacles and then relocating themselves as they walk.


Are you searching for a romantic island with stunning beaches, white-washed Cycladic villages and plenty of activities? Milos is your perfect destination. This Greek island’s geological wealth makes it stand out from other Greek islands; offering visitors an unparalleled experience whether they enjoy exploring, swimming or simply admiring mother nature.

Sarakiniko Beach offers an unforgettable rocky moonscape, while Kleftiko Bay, a picturesque cove surrounded by tall cliffs, must not be missed either. Although getting there requires some effort, the views are well worth it.

Mandrakia is another must-visit destination, known for its colorful boat garage doors and church Zoodohos Pigi rising over it. You can reach it either by driving down from Plaka or walking down the hill if you’re staying in the inland area.

One of the best activities to do on Milos is exploring traditional fishing villages along the coastline. These charming settlements boast vibrant doorways and “boat garages” beneath each one – perfect for taking photos!


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