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8 Best Honeymoon Destinations in November


Are you searching for the perfect honeymoon destination this November? There are countless stunning options around the world. From emerging island spots to classic European and Asian locations, there’s something here for everyone!

New Zealand is an idyllic destination for couples who appreciate outdoor activities and adventure. Its rugged landscape provides a captivating backdrop, making it the perfect destination to have some nature-based fun on your honeymoon in November.


If you’re planning a honeymoon and seeking warm weather, Hawaii is an excellent option. The state boasts numerous stunning beaches where you can spend your entire holiday sunbathing or exploring the water.

Discover Oahu’s culture and history through its museums, monuments and cultural centers. Must-visits include Pearl Harbor National Memorial, USS Arizona Memorial and Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum – just to name a few!

There are also plenty of stunning waterfalls, such as Halawa Valley. Hiking through this area is one of the top things to do in Hawaii, so be sure to visit and experience all that it has to offer.

One of the greatest attractions to visiting Hawaii is its world-renowned beaches. From Waikiki beach to Waimea Bay – a surfer’s paradise – there truly something for everyone here.


If you’re searching for a romantic getaway this November, the Maldives is an excellent destination to consider. Not only does it boast numerous luxury resorts, but also boasts stunning beaches and abundant marine life to discover.

The Maldives islands are scattered across the Indian Ocean like pearls on a necklace. Surrounded by miles of sea filled with sandbars and coral reefs, it makes them truly one-of-a kind; booking a scenic flight over these atolls gives you an impressive perspective of just how vast these atolls truly are.

Maldivians have a long-standing culture influenced by people from Asia. After becoming Muslim in the 12th century, they adopted many aspects of Islamic faith into their culture. Nowadays, Maldivians are majority Muslim and speak a language heavily influenced by Arabic.


If you’re looking to escape the cold and explore a new destination with your partner during your honeymoon, Thailand is an excellent option. The country boasts numerous stunning sights and experiences that will make the journey memorable.

Thailand offers couples an unforgettable honeymoon destination, from secluded beaches to exciting nightlife. Couples seeking an experience that will last a lifetime will find Thailand to be the ideal honeymoon destination. Plus, its natural beauty makes it ideal for those wanting to escape the busy tourist season.

Phuket, the idyllic island, has plenty to offer couples on their honeymoon. Enjoy romantic strolls along the beach or take private boat tours for an unforgettable experience.

For the perfect honeymoon, this destination offers plenty of resorts that cater to honeymooners. Stay at a luxury villa or suite by the seashore and rent a scooter to explore more of this idyllic island.

In addition to offering a tranquil vacation, this place is renowned for its breathtaking sunset views. Enjoy watching them from either the beach or your private balcony.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers an array of all-inclusive resorts along the Pacific coastline, remote villas and luxury eco-lodges hidden in rainforests – making it a top pick for honeymoons. And November is an ideal time to visit this exotic locale as you’ll avoid crowds while still getting plenty of sunshine without breaking your budget.

Another ideal honeymoon destination is South Africa, which offers plenty of romantic safaris and adventure tours. Additionally, its luxury lodges provide plenty of pampering so that you can unwind in style.

When planning a honeymoon, there are so many amazing destinations around the world to choose from – but only one that truly suits you and your partner. Discover eight of the top honeymoon destinations in November 2018 that are sure to make your special day even more unforgettable!

Monteverde is the ideal destination if you’re searching for a tranquil haven where nature meets luxury. This idyllic area features amazing biodiverse cloud forests, breathtaking landscapes and endless adventure activities.

New Zealand

If you’re searching for a honeymoon destination that boasts stunning natural scenery and diversity, New Zealand is an ideal choice. With volcanoes, hot springs, fjords, islands, vineyards, lakes, snow-capped mountains – this country truly has something to offer everyone.

When planning a honeymoon in New Zealand, the ideal time to visit depends on what you and your partner are seeking. According to Geiser, American travelers can enjoy warm temperatures and plenty of activities from November through April; however prices may be higher during these months.

She suggests visiting New Zealand during the shoulder seasons, such as fall, winter or spring, to avoid the crowds and save money. During these times of year, the weather is still pleasant and you can take advantage of lower prices at many of the country’s luxury lodges.

For couples searching for a peaceful, secluded place to spend their honeymoon, Waiheke Island is the ideal destination. Just 30 minutes by ferry from downtown Auckland, this idyllic island has stunning beaches and plenty of wineries to discover. Don’t forget to hike up the Pinnacles so that you can witness both sunrise and sunset – an unmissable experience for honeymooners!


Greece is an idyllic honeymoon destination, boasting all the amenities a couple could desire from their romantic getaway – sunshine, world-class food and breathtaking views. What more could a couple ask for?

Santorini often tops lists of the most romantic Greek islands. This stunning Cycladic island is renowned for its dramatic clifftop villages, beaches, sunsets and fresh-from-the-water seafood dishes.

Santorini can be enjoyed throughout the year, but November is especially ideal for active couples looking to explore the island. Take a leisurely walk up the volcanic caldera and take in breathtaking scenery as you take photos along the way!

Take time to admire the breathtaking views of the iconic blue-domed churches from Four Seasons Astir Palace, a luxurious resort situated on the caldera rim.

After spending some time on Santorini, take a short boat ride to Mykonos – known as “the island that never sleeps.” This idyllic island has everything a couple could desire for an exciting getaway: stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife and picturesque landscapes.


Italy is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. With its cultural, historical, culinary and geographical treasures, Italy draws millions of tourists every year.

Italy, a boot-shaped peninsula sticking out of Europe, is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, Adriatic Sea and Alps. This geographical location has had an immense influence on Italy’s culture and traditions over time.

Italy may have once been one united country, but it still boasts many distinct regional identities. Each region has its own language and cuisines, making Italian travel an authentic adventure!

If you’re a wine connoisseur, take some time to explore the country’s many vineyards. As the largest producer of wine globally, there is no shortage of varieties to choose from.

Lake Como is another popular tourist destination, featuring picturesque villages and views of the Alps. It also houses Milan, a cosmopolitan financial hub.

Umbria, situated in the center of Italy, is renowned for its stunning natural landscapes and rural charms. It boasts picturesque towns like Perugia that are surrounded by majestic mountains. Orvieto and Spoleto also deserve to be visited while in Umbria.


Bali is an idyllic honeymoon destination, whether you want to spend a week trekking through tropical jungles or relaxing at a beach resort. With its vibrant Hindu culture and many temples, this destination exudes spirituality and romance.

Though Bali remains a popular honeymoon destination year-round, November is the ideal time to visit as the rainy season has ended and weather conditions are ideal. Plus, you’ll save money on flights during this period!

Ubud is one of the most picturesque places to honeymoon in Bali. It’s known for its stunning rice terraces, jungle landscape and ancient Hindu temples; plus, you can immerse yourself in local culture during your stay.

For a romantic honeymoon, The Hanging Gardens of Bali is an ideal option. This exquisite boutique hotel boasts villas set amidst lush rainforests in Bali’s north.

You and your significant other are sure to fall in love with this idyllic destination. It offers a host of romantic activities like spa treatments, candle light dinner, sunrise champagne breakfasts, and more.


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