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The most important thing you can do when eating out on a gluten free diet is to ensure that the restaurant is fully aware of what you can and cannot eat. Click To Tweet

A gluten free diet can often make eating out more of a challenge. Whilst many restaurants are proud to cater for those who need to avoid gluten, there is always an element of risk involved. To ensure you don’t get accidentally glutened when you’re eating out at a restaurant, make sure you follow our five top tips.

Awareness is Key

The most important thing you can do when eating out on a gluten free diet is to ensure that the restaurant is fully aware of what you can and cannot eat. Take the time to speak to the manager when you make your booking, and then mention that you’re gluten free again as soon as you arrive. That way, the kitchen should be in doubt as to the importance of providing a gluten free meal for you.

Ask About Gluten Free Menus

A restaurant with a gluten free menu is always music to our ears! Not only does the provision of a gluten free menu mean you’ll have plenty to choose from when you head to the restaurant, it also means that the restaurant’s team will likely have been trained in coeliac disease and gluten intolerances, amongst other dietary requirements, so will fully understand the importance of keeping your meal gluten free.

Look For Coeliac UK Accreditation

Restaurants which are doing a great job of providing gluten free options for those with dietary requirements can apply for accreditation with Coeliac UK, a top charity designed to help those diagnosed with Coeliac disease. Look out for the charity’s logo in restaurant windows or on menus. If it’s there, you’ll be guaranteed a great gluten free dining experience.

Use a Gluten Free App

There are a number of fantastic apps out there which can help you seek out the top gluten free restaurants in your area. Download a gluten free restaurant finder and you’ll be in no doubt as to whether the restaurant can cater for your dietary requirements. Make doubly sure that you won’t get accidentally glutened by reminding your server of your needs as you place your order.

Prepare a Gluten Free Information Card

Eating out when you’re gluten free is tricky enough as it is, but when you bring a language barrier into the equation it can become a whole lot more difficult! If you’re travelling abroad somewhere where you’re not confident speaking the local language, you can prepare an information card in the local lingo, and present it to waiters wherever you dine. This is a great way to ensure you’re well catered for and nothing is lost in translation!


Eating out when you’re on a gluten free diet can be a little difficult, but it’s just a matter of communication. Make sure that the restaurant is fully aware of your requirements and never dine anywhere if you’re not confident that your instructions have been understood. If you follow our five tips you can relax in the knowledge that your meal

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