Ilkley, West Yorkshire is my home town in the UK. I was born here and went to the local secondary school, Ilkley Grammar School before going to University in Newcastle. When I left the UK to go travelling, gluten-free restaurants in Ilkley definitely weren’t as plentiful as they are now, so while I was visiting home these past few months I visited some of the restaurants, pubs and cafes that offer gluten-free dining options to check them out. The turnover of places to east is known to be fairly high in Ilkley but some of these gems have stood the test of time so far.

Ilkley has many coeliac-friendly places to eat but here are my favourite places to dine gluten-free in Ilkley and the villages and towns close by such as Addingham and Silsden.

Gluten Free Restaurants in Ilkley

Bistro Saigon

1A Railway Rd, Ilkley LS29 8HQ

Bistro Saigon is my favourite restaurant in Ilkley. The head chef, Loc Bui, was born and raised in Saigon. The Vietnamese food here is to die for (and I’ve been to Vietnam) plus the menu is fully labelled up with dietaries and most of the menu is gluten-free or can be made gluten-free. My personal favourites are the fried spring rolls, chicken satay and green curry! (Booking recommended)


1 Church St, Ilkley LS29 9DR

Pintoh is a traditional Thai restaurant, offering up your usual delicious Thai dishes. The Chicken Satays, Pad Thai and Thai Green Curry amongst other options are all gluten-free just ask the charming staff. They also do an excellent value early bird menu at £15 for 2 courses.

Pizza Express

Station Plaza Station Rd, 9B, Ilkley LS29 8HF

If in doubt Pizza Express has a great selection of gluten-free Italian dishes. My standard order is the gluten-free dough balls, La Reine gluten-free pizza and the gluten-free chocolate brownie. Closely followed by a food coma… The menu is fully labelled with GF options to make ordering a breeze.

Bistrot Pierre

Crescent Hotel, Brook St, Ilkley LS29 8DG

Bistrot Pierre is a French themed chain restaurant. Their menu is clearly labelled with gluten-free dishes. Start with the Calamari, Soup, Asparagus or Crab Salad. Gluten-free mains consist of Moules Frites, Steak Frites, Sea Bass, Rump Sirloin or Fillet Steak, Risotto or Salads. Finish up with delicious gluten-free desserts such as Crème Brûlée, Vanilla Panna Cotta or Tarte au Citron.


31-33 Brook St, Ilkley LS29 8AE

Piccolino is a chain of Italian restaurants. Most of the menu items off the grill can be gluten-free plus they have risotto and gluten-free pasta available but sadly they don’t do gluten-free pizza bases.

Kashmiri Aroma

Coutance Way, Ilkley LS29 7HQ

Kashmiri Aroma is located on the road out of Ilkley towards Burley. The menu is labelled up for presence of allergens click here to see the menu online but the majority of the Indian food available is gluten-free.

Filmore & Union

(Update June 2019 – Filmore & Union has gone into administration, we’re unsure how the new owners will affect the availability of gluten-free food)

Filmore and Union offers gluten-free breakfast, brunch, lunch and afternoon tea. Gluten-free bread is available as an alternative with all your usual breakfast foods, eggs, smashed avo, English breakfast… and the menu is labelled up just the way we like it for easy ordering.

La Casita

The Victoria Arcade, South Hawksworth Street, Leeds

La Casita is a small chain of Spanish Tapas restaurants. Many of the tapas dishes can be made gluten-free just ask your server and they will highlight on the menu which options you can take.

The Ilkley Cow

1-2 New Brook St, Ilkley LS29 8DQ

The Ilkley Cow is a steakhouse and grill.

Love Brownies

Car Park, 21B Brook St, Ilkley LS29 8AA

A fantastic local brownie shop with the most delicious gluten-free chocolate brownies. Hand baked in a range of different flavours. Very similar to I hear brownies in Brisbane, Australia.

Gluten Free Restaurants in Addingham

The little village of Addingham is about a 10 minute drive from Ilkley.


8 High Mill Lane, Addingham, LS29 0RD

Hamiltons is a beautiful spot on High Mill, situated on the riverside in Addingham. Open for breakfast, lunch and drinks from Wednesday through Sunday 9am-4pm. Dogs are welcome.

Gluten Free Restaurants in Silsden

The Old Post Office Cafe

The Old Post Office offers breakfast and lunch plus drinks on a Friday and Saturday evening. Gluten-free bread is available so you can have most breakfast options such as eggs on toast and bacon sandwiches, they even have gluten-free crumpets. For a light lunch they have gluten-free scones, gluten-free fishcakes and chips and sandwiches on gluten-free focaccia or bread. My favourite is the chicken, bacon, brie and cranberry toasted in focaccia.

If you’re visiting Ilkley or the surrounding Yorkshire area check out these amazing gluten-free places for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Los Angeles boasts an amazing variety of gluten free restaurants, and almost all of the city’s top eateries are well versed in catering for gluten free customers. Click To Tweet


The Californian city of Los Angeles is known for its thriving food scene, with many of the world’s top restaurants located here. If you’re lucky enough to be on your way to Los Angeles in the near future, you really are in for a treat. Los Angeles boasts an amazing variety of gluten free restaurants, and almost all of the city’s top eateries are well versed in catering for gluten free customers. In fact, we have made a second list of our favourites. Our first list have equally great menus but LA has just too many gluten free restaurants, Coeliacs will never go hungry in the city.

Evo Kitchen

7950 Sunset Blvd #104, Los Angeles, CA 90046, USA

The Evo Kitchen is family business catering for vegans, meat lovers and gluten free travellers alike. The eco-friendly restaurant has the environment as its focus, and supports local farmers, sustainable wineries and local craft breweries.

Breakaway Bakery

5264 Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019, USA

Nothing screams treat time quite like a gluten free bakery, and gluten free travellers won’t be disappointed if they make the trek to this one! The Breakaway Bakery is famed for its fabulous fresh bread and indulgent gluten free desserts.

Powerplant Superfood Cafe

5671 Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019, USA

Good things come in small packages, and that’s certainly true when it comes to this diminutive eco-friendly cafe in Los Angeles. The Powerplant Superfood Cafe specialises in delicious gluten free, vegan meals, served up alongside delicious fresh juices and flavoursome smoothies.

Cafe Gratitude

Several Locations

Cafe Gratitude is a collection of plant-based cafes which you’ll find throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding area. The cafe is environmentally friendly and great for gluten free travellers, with a whole host of fabulous gluten free dishes to choose from.


5750 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

If you’re after somewhere special for a date night or indulgent dinner with friends, FIN is the place to go. This restaurant serves up the best Asian tapas in town, with gluten free small plates like sushi, sashimi and gyoza to tickle the taste buds.

Tocaya Organica

Several Locations

Born out of itsowners’ mission of better eating, Tocaya Organica is a Los Angeles restaurant which prides itself on the quality of its ingredients, the excellence of its chefs and the knowledge of its team. Gluten free travellers will not be disappointed here!


Several Locations

Healthy, delicious seasonal food is the name of the game at Lemonade. This chain of vibrant Los Angeles restaurants is perfect for gluten free travellers, who will be spoilt for choice by the range of gluten free dishes on offer.

Veggie Grill

Several Locations

Veggie Grill serves up some of the best vegetarian and vegan quick bites in LA. The chain of fast food restaurants focuses on healthy, bright, seasonal flavours and has plenty to choose from if you’re avoiding gluten.


114 East Second Street, Downtown Los Angeles, California, 90012

For classic modern American food don’t miss Redbird. This restaurant is the perfect place to indulge in authentic local cuisine. Just let your server know of your dietary requirements and they’ll be happy to assist you with the menu.

The Terrace

Washington Blvd, Venice, Los Angeles, CA 90292-5123

The Terrace in Los Angeles has been serving up fabulous food since the 1940s. Its beachfront location and great cuisine make it the ideal choice for lunch. It’s fantastic for those avoiding gluten, as the staff are so knowledgeable and friendly.


Are you on your way to Los Angeles soon? Make sure you don’t miss out on any of our top 10 gluten free restaurants. Bon appetit!

The beautiful Italian metropolis of Milan is a fantastic choice for gluten free travellers. Not only is it a stunning city with plenty to see and do, it’s also great for those living a gluten free lifestyle. Click To Tweet

In Milan, you’ll be treated to so many options when it comes to gluten free dining. These are just a few of our favourite gluten free hotspots in Milan.

GluFree Bakery

Via Curtatone, 6, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

With its central location and an amazing variety of treats, this is the perfect place to start your first day of sightseeing in Milan. Nothing excites us quite like a gluten free bakery, and when you visit the GluFree Bakery of Milan you won’t be disappointed!


Viale Monte Nero, 57, 20135 Milano MI, Italy

This is the ideal spot for a lazy Italian brunch, something we definitely recommend you indulge in during your time in Milan. A favourite with locals, PanPerMe serves a wide range of gluten free delicacies. Don’t miss it.

La Cantina Piemontese

Via Laghetto, 2, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

For a decadent Italian dinner make your way to La Cantina Piemontese, a wonderful authentic Italian restaurant serving up simple, wholesome dishes made with beautiful locally sourced ingredients.

Shaolin State of Harmony

Via Teglio, 11, 20158 Milano MI, Italy

Shaolin State of Harmony is a fantastic spot for a health kick. This restaurant specialises in raw, vegan food so if you dine here you’ll definitely leave with a spring in your step. Diners have commended the restaurant for its fabulous gluten free choices, too.

Gusto 17

Via Savona, 17, 20144 Milano MI, Italy

No one should ever visit Milan without trying a gelato, and Gusto 17 is the perfect place to do just that. The ice cream parlour offers a wide range of delicious gluten free gelatos, so make sure you leave room for dessert and head here!


Via Anfiteatro, 6, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Sample a delicious platter of classic Italian charcuterie at Tigella’s, along with wonderful gluten free bread, fresh from the oven. This is a good choice if you’re on a budget, as not only is the food at Tigella’s delicious – it won’t break the bank either.

Be Bop Ristorante e Pizzeria

Viale Col di Lana, 4, 20136 Milano MI, Italy

You can’t tour Milan without indulging in pizzas, gluten free or not! Thankfully, Be Bop serves up a huge variety of classic Italian pizzas which are gluten free and don’t make any sacrifices in terms of flavour. Make sure you try one.

Peperino Pizza

Via Crispi, 2, 20154 Milano MI, Italy

Another great choice if you’re on the hunt for gluten free pizza, Peperino offers no less than 35 different gluten free pizzas, so you’ll definitely find something you fancy here. In fact, the gluten free pizzas are so good that you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d accidentally been served the real deal!


Via Piero della Francesca, 74, 20154 Milano MI, Italy

For something completely different, why not try this fantastic Japanese restaurant in the heart of Milan? The sushi and sashimi are wonderful, and there are so many gluten free dishes to choose from. You’ll be spoilt for choice!

Osteria dei 5 Sensi

17, Via Cicco Simonetta, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

Rest assured that the owners of this beautiful Mediterranean restaurant really know their stuff when it comes to gluten free dining. That’s because they decided to launch their gluten free menu when they learnt that their son was a celiac. The food is a sight to behold, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Have we missed any of your favourite gluten free spots in Milan? Leave us a comment and let us know!


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Nikau's iconic dish is kedgeree, and we’ve got good news for you! It’s gluten free! Click To Tweet

The vibrant and creative culture of Wellington goes hand in hand with its sensational food. If you’re travelling to this unique city soon you’ll want to check out its best gluten free restaurants. Here are 10 of our top recommendations for gluten free travellers.

Baron Hasselhoff’s

464 Adelaide Rd, Berhampore, Wellington 6023, New Zealand

Those with a sweet tooth won’t want to miss out on Baron Hasselhoff’s gluten free treats. The bakery has a wide range of organic gluten free cookies to choose from, and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Roxy Cafe

203-205 Cuba Street Wellington City

With a wide range of gluten free dishes on its dinner menu, this is a great spot to head for a relaxed, informal dinner as you explore the city of Wellington. We found the staff to be really accommodating to special diets here, and their knowledge is second to none.

The Larder

133 Darlington Rd, Miramar, Wellington 6022, New Zealand

Locally sourced, beautiful ingredients are the name of the game at The Lader, a fabulous Wellington restaurant which is known for its fresh and flavoursome dishes. As everything is made fresh, gluten free diets are easily accommodated at this restaurant.


70 Courtenay Pl, Te Aro, Wellington 6011, New Zealand

This stylish and intimate Asian restaurant is a perfect spot for a romantic gluten free dinner during your time in Wellington. Our tip is to try the ‘salmon two ways’ – it’s a beautiful gluten free seafood dish that you’ll love.

Baobab Cafe

152 Riddiford St, Newtown, Wellington 6021, New Zealand

If you’re after a restaurant with a great atmosphere, you can’t go wrong at Baobab. This cafe is brilliant for gluten free travellers looking for a party atmosphere in which to dine. There are live music events aplenty, and of course tonnes of great dishes for gluten free travellers to enjoy.


1/5 Eva Street, Te Aro

With its farm-to-plate ethos that’s oh so trendy right now, Shepherd is a must visit for gluten free travellers. We loved trying their gluten free dishes including the kimchi fried rice and the rather unusual sweet corn ice cream.

Charley Noble

1 Post Office Square

Charley Noble has a gluten free menu that’ll make your jaw drop! It’s enormous, so even the pickiest gluten free traveller will be well catered for here. The restaurant’s speciality is fire-based cooking, so make sure you try their succulent chargrilled meat dishes.

Sen Sen

113 Molesworth Street, Thorndon, Wellington

This intriguing little Chinese cafe is a bit of a hidden gem, but make sure you seek it out if you have a hankering for Asian cuisine. The owner is very knowledgeable about gluten free diets and can offer a veritable smorgasbord of naturally gluten free Chinese dishes.

The Thistle Inn

3 Mulgrave Street | Thorndon, Wellington 6011, New Zealand

This relaxed pub-style restaurant is a great spot to unwind at the end of a long day of sightseeing. The menu includes a range of gluten free dishes and we’ve never been disappointed by the options on offer here.


101 Wakefield Street

The iconic dish of this Wellington restaurant is its kedgeree, and we’ve got good news for you! It’s gluten free! They even serve it with gluten free bread, and it’s so good you might be forgiven for thinking the staff have given you normal bread by accident. What more could you want?


Are you off to Wellington, New Zealand soon? Make sure you check out our top 10 recommended restaurants and drop us a line to let us know what you thought!


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Abu Dhabi’s The Foundry restaurant is an award-winner, famed for its fantastic steaks and indulgent dinners. Click To Tweet

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, Abu Dhabi is a great destination. And if you’re on a gluten free diet, you definitely won’t go without in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Enjoy some of the most fabulous food in the world from top chefs at these 10 brilliant Abu Dhabi gluten free restaurants.


Podium Level 1, Jumeirah at Etihad Towers, West Corniche Road – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

This poolside restaurant is one for the sun-worshippers amongst you. Casual yet oh so chic, Nahaam offers a menu of understated gluten free cafe style dishes as well as refreshing juices and smoothies for health buffs.

Koi Restaurant and Lounge

Saadiyat Island – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

If it’s a Japanese feast that you fancy, make your way to Koi Restaurant and Lounge, one of the top Japanese restaurants in Abu Dhabi. We love their gluten free seafood dishes and of course the freshest sushi and sashimi.


Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi, Suite 7, Yas Marina Circuit – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

When we visited Origins we were taken aback by one of the most impressive buffets we’ve ever seen! The choice here really is incredible, and you can bet that gluten free travellers are very well catered for indeed.


West Corniche, Podium Level 2, Jumeirah at Etihad Towers – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

The luxurious Jumeirah hotel is home to this lovely restaurant, which offers a buffet-style dining experience and comes complete with a fantastic terrace to enjoy your food al fresco. The staff have great knowledge of gluten free diets here.

The Foundry

Southern Sun Abu Dhabi Al Mina Street – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi’s The Foundry restaurant is an award-winner, famed for its fantastic steaks and indulgent dinners. This is an upmarket restaurant which is ideal for any gluten free travellers seeking a restaurant for a special occasion.


Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi, Suite 3, Yas Marina Circuit – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

For a modern take on classic Indian cookery, you can’t go wrong at Angar. This beautiful Abu Dhabi Indian restaurant is a great place to enjoy a gluten free dinner, as many of the dishes are naturally gluten free.

Firin Gluten Free Bakery

Home Delivery Service in Abu Dhabi

We always get so excited when we hear a mention of gluten free bakery! The Firin Gluten Free Bakery lives up to the hype, too, offering amazing gluten free cakes, cookies, breads and much more. It’s all available for home delivery, so visit the bakery online and place your order.

Observation Deck at Jumeirah Etihad Towers

Etihad Towers, West Corniche, – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

No trip to Abu Dhabi is complete without a trip up to the top of the Jumeirah Etihad Towers, to feast your eyes on amazing views of the city. And while you’re up there, you can bet you’ll be well catered for with an array of delicious gluten free dishes and treats at the Observation Deck cafe.


InterContinental Abu Dhabi, King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud Street – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

Italian restaurants are not often ideal for gluten free travellers, but at Circo you’ll be well looked after. The range of Italian dishes includes plenty of gluten free options, and the staff really know their stuff too. Get ready to indulge!


Nation Riviera Beach Club ,Corniche Road,Al Khubeirah,Opp Nation Towers – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

The Catch seafood restaurant and lounge is renowned for its amazing brunches. Not only that, the views from this beachside restaurant are to die for, and there’s an unbeatable party atmosphere that we bet you’ll love.

If you’re travelling to Abu Dhabi soon don’t miss out on these fabulous gluten free restaurants and cafes. Have a great trip, and leave us a comment if you discover any other gluten free gems in Abu Dhabi.