UK Chain Restaurants Offering Gluten Free Options
A number of popular UK restaurant chains are now accredited by Coeliac UK, giving those with coeliac disease or gluten sensitivity peace of mind and lots of options for dining out. Click To Tweet

The UK is coming on leaps and bounds when it comes to catering for gluten intolerant and coeliac diners. A number of popular UK restaurant chains are now accredited by Coeliac UK, giving those with coeliac disease or gluten sensitivity peace of mind and lots of options for dining out.

Here is our list of recommended UK chain restaurants offering gluten free options:

  1. La Tasca, a Spanish tapas restaurant chain, the dishes that can be adapted to be gluten free
  2. Wahaca, a Mexican street food chain that has a dedicated gluten free menu
  3. Zizzi, an Italian restaurant chain with ‘ non gluten’ options available
  4. Côte Brasserie (Coeliac UK accredited), French brasserie chain offering a gluten free menu
  5. Pret a Manger, a café style chain has locations all over the UK. Even though they primarily make sandwiches, they have quite a few gluten free options – great for lunch
  6. Ed’s Easy Diner (Coeliac UK accredited), 70% of their menu is gluten free, they’re responsible for the UK’s first ever gluten free hot dog
  7. Filmore & Union (Coeliac UK accredited), independent healthy eating chain across Yorkshire
  8. Handmade Burger Co (Coeliac UK accredited), dedicated gluten free menu with over 40 gluten free burgers
  9. Leon, fast but healthy Mediterranean style food, much of which is gluten free and clearly labelled
  10. Harrods (Coeliac UK accredited), currently provides a gluten free version of their afternoon tea
  11. Nando’s, Portuguese PERi PERi chicken chain, much of the menu is available gluten free
  12. Carluccio’s (Coeliac UK accredited), Italian restaurant offering gluten free pasta dishes and a gluten free menu
  13. Wagamama, an Asian restaurant chain has a range of dishes that can be adapted to be gluten free
  14. Chiquito (Coeliac UK accredited),  Mexican restaurant, bar and grill with a dedicated gluten free menu and 88 restaurants UK wide
  15. Jamie’s Italian – Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant chain offering gluten free pasta and many other gluten free dishes
  16. Rockfish (Coeliac UK accredited), Seafood restaurants with entirely gluten free menu
  17. Wadworth & Co (Coeliac UK accredited), independent pub company in the South West and London. Their 6X Gold beer is also Cross Grain certified
  18. Pizza Express,(Coeliac UK accredited) 400 restaurants across the UK with gluten free pizza bases and other gluten free dishes, their famous dough balls are now available gluten free too! They also serve gluten free beer and dessert.
  19. Domino’s (Coeliac UK accredited), First pizza delivery chain to offer gluten free pizzas
  20. Frankie & Benny’s (Coeliac UK accredited), American Italian restaurant with gluten free options
  21. Hard Rock Cafe (Coeliac UK accredited), gluten free menu which lists versions of many of their gluten-containing dishes
  22. Pizza Hut (Coeliac UK accredited), gluten free pizza bases available in restaurant and for delivery
  23. Fish’n’chick’n (Coeliac UK accredited), Otherwise known as The Chesterford Group have a gluten free menu at selected stores so you can enjoy gluten free fish and chips on Mondays and Tuesdays
  24. Prezzo (Coeliac UK accredited), Italian restaurant chain with gluten free pizza, pasta and risotto dishes
  25. Browns (Coeliac UK accredited), 25 coeliac UK accredited locations, they offer a gluten free all day brasserie menu

We try our best to keep our listings and Coeliac accreditation information up-to-date but please always check with the restaurant and make them aware of your allergies to be extra sure.

Gluten Free Brussels Belgium
Brussels wasn’t the best city for gluten free friendly restaurants, so make sure you do your homework before you go. Click To Tweet

Brussels is a grand city and what would you expect from the place that is home to the EU, the capital of Belgium and apparently the first place to grow everybody’s favourite tiny cabbages – Brussel sprouts (so legend has it). Sadly though, in my experience, Brussels wasn’t the best city for gluten free friendly restaurants, so make sure you do your homework before you go.

There are plenty of sights to take in on your trip, including the Grand Place (an ornate town square), the Royal Palace and of course the Manneken Pis (a statue of small boy urinating – your guess is as good as mine). All the walking and sightseeing calls for some good gluten free food to replenish your energy levels, so where should you go if you are looking for a good gluten free meal in Brussels?

Top 4 Gluten Free Friendly Cafes & Restaurants in Brussels

1. Toscana 21, Rue de Rollebeek 21, 1000, Brussels. A cute, authentic, Italian restaurant. They serve all the usual Italian menu choices and most pasta dishes can be made with their gluten free pasta. The pasta was delicious, homemade and gluten free, what could be better? The restaurant is tiny, there are seats outside for when the weather is warm but it would be a good idea to book to ensure you aren’t disappointed.

2. Pierre Marcolini, Galerie de la Reine 9, 1000 Brussels. (although there are various other locations around the city). Belgium is famous for it’s chocolate, which is usually a fairly reliable sweet option for coeliacs. It’s hard to find a street that doesn’t have a chocolate shop in Brussels and who’s complaining? Treat yourself! Pierre Marcolini serves chocolates, hot chocolate and macaroons (most of which are gluten free), great place to go for an after dinner gluten free dessert (or afternoon pit stop).

3. Maison Antoine, Place Jourdan 1, Brussels 1040, Belgium. Brussels is well known for it’s frites, or chips/french fries to English speakers, it is actually the birthplace of them for all you fact fans. Stands selling hot cones of chips laden with mayonnaise are frequently found around the city. Coeliacs should have no worries about eating chips from one of the many stalls, as Belgian law supposedly states that chips are not allowed to be cooked in fryers that have been used for other foods (always confirm if you are feeling unsure). Maison Antoine serves freshly cooked and gorgeously crispy chips, a perfect gluten free lunch on the go.

4. Moonfood, Colonies street 58, 1000 Brussels. An affordable raw, vegan and gluten free cafe, nicely decorated inside and everything is gluten free, so loads of choices to pick from. This is one of those places that makes you feel like you’ve done your insides some good after you’ve left, lots of goodness to be found here! I can recommend the gluten free tiramisu cake as it was so delicious, make sure you leave room for a slice!

For after gluten free dinner drinks, head to the Delirium Cafe, located just off Rue De Bouchers (look for the bright pink elephant sign). This is a typical Belgian pub with hundreds and I mean hundreds of beers on offer and that includes gluten free beers! The atmosphere is great, popular with travellers and locals alike.

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Glutenfrei! Gluten Free Berlin Germany
Berlin is a sprawling city with loads of interesting and historical sights to see, so bring your comfortable shoes! The city is split into districts, each one slightly different to the next and with something new to offer. Click To Tweet

Berlin is a sprawling city with loads of interesting and historical sights to see, so bring your comfortable shoes! The city is split into districts, each one slightly different to the next and with something new to offer.

The restaurant scene there is thriving, with ‘supper clubs’ popping up all over the place. In terms of gluten free Berlin eating, while not the best, it is getting better and I had no problems in finding gluten free options while visiting the city.

My advice would be to plan your restaurants before you visit. There are a wide variety of gluten free friendly restaurants available, but you just need to know where to find them. To help I have listed a few tried and tested options below:

Top 5 Gluten Free Friendly Restaurants Berlin

  1. Burgerie, Schönhauser Allee 50, 10437 Berlin. This is the place to come if you are really hungry. The restaurant serves (if you hadn’t already guessed by the name), burgers! This includes massive gluten free burgers, on gluten free buns with a side of gluten free chips. Good, old fashioned, artery clogging food!
  2. Speiserei, No. 58. Way road ,5812049, Berlin. A cute little cafe that serves teas, coffees, breakfasts and lunches. There are lots of gluten free options to choose from including gluten free sandwiches, cakes and soups. The gluten free carrot cake they served was really delicious!
  3. Jute Glutenfrei Backerie. Schönhauser Allee 52a, 10437, Berlin. A wonderful, entirely gluten-free and coeliac friendly bakery, located in the Prenzlauer Berg district. Their marble cake was delicious, as was the breakfast that they lovingly prepare (only available on Sundays). It’s also worth noting that many of the cakes were also dairy free as well as gluten free. Beware, they are closed on Mondays.
  4. Chen Che Teehaus, Rosenthaler Str. 13, 10119 Berlin. If you’re looking for a taste of the east while visiting Berlin, then this Vietnamese restaurant located in MItte should be your top of your list. There are lots of gluten free options available. Vietnamese food traditionally does not use wheat as it’s ‘go to’ grain (lots of rice based products instead), perfect! The rice paper rolls here were to die for!
  5. Cielo Di Berlino, Monumentenstraße 31, 10829, Berlin. Although this restaurant is a little out of the way, it is worth taking the trip to taste the amazing gluten free pizza that they serve. They’re freshly made and delicious, with a great choice of toppings. Their regular pizza (not gluten free), was also very tasty (so I’m told), everyone’s happy!

If you are looking to self-cater or pick up some on the go snacks, there are lots of small supermarkets dotted around the city that stock gluten free bread and gluten free cereal bars etc. The supermarket chain ‘Edeka’, which is frequently found was particularly good for gluten free items. Aldi is another option and also widely available.

Top tip: ‘Gluten free’ in german is ‘glutenfrei’, which is not too taxing to remember or say handily!

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A trip to Vienna would not be complete without visiting one of their grand coffee houses and sampling a slice of their sachertorte, washed down with their other speciality, an Einspänner Coffee. Click To Tweet
Gluten Free Vienna Austria

Vienna is a beautiful city with lots of palaces, museums, cobbled side streets and old ornate architecture to explore and appreciate. It’s the perfect place to take a city break and soak up all of the culture that it oozes.

As a coeliac, it is a great place to take a trip because there are lots of gluten free friendly restaurants on offer. The viennese seem to be very on the ball and ahead of the game with the allergen situation. A prime example of how seriously allergies are taken in Austria is that restaurants, by law, must detail which allergens (including gluten) are found in every dish on their menu. Great news for those of us suffering from gluten allergies as well as other common allergies, it makes our lives a whole lot easier!

The capital of Austria is famous for lots of things, including the Sigmund Freud museum (located in the building that Freud used to work), the grand classical operas and…‘sachertorte’.

Sachertorte is a decadent, rich and delicious chocolate cake, that was invented in Vienna by Franz Sacher in 1832. A trip to Vienna would not be complete without visiting one of their grand coffee houses and sampling a slice of their sachertorte, washed down with their other speciality, an Einspänner Coffee (strong black coffee topped with whipped cream).

Although not traditionally gluten free, there are plenty of coffee houses around the city that serve gluten free sacher torte, Vienna never runs out of Celiac-friendly desserts after all. I recommend visiting Demel, one of the most famous coffee houses in the city. They have 2-3 choices of gluten free cake daily and this usually includes sachertorte. The surroundings are so ornate, you feel like you’ve stepped back in time from the moment you enter the building.

In terms of cafes and restaurants, there are quite a variety of gluten free friendly eateries to enjoy here, which is great news for coeliacs!

My top 3 gluten free friendly eateries in Vienna:

  1. Motto am Fluss, Schwedenplatz 2, Vienna 1010, Austria. Motto am Fluss is a really cool looking restaurant, located on the river Danube. They have a range of gluten free meals on the menu as well as vegetarian and vegan. It’s a great place to come for dinner, to sit outside on the deck overlooking the river and enjoy an al fresco gluten free meal, or even during the day for a quick drink. They do a range of non-alcoholic and alcoholic cocktails which were yummy!
  2. Simply RAW Bakery, Drahtgasse 2, Vienna 1010, Austria. This little cafe is located on a quiet side street in central VIenna. If you hadn’t already guessed by the name, their cuisine is entirely raw, vegan and largely gluten free. There’s definitely lots of goodness to be had here! Go here for breakfast, I can highly recommend the homemade hummus, zucchini, tomato and gluten free bread concoction – yum! Afterwards, grab a cake to take away for later…
    gluten free vienna
  3. Pizzeria Scarabocchio, Florianigasse 3, VIenna 1080, Austria. A great little pizzeria that serves gorgeous gluten free pizza and pasta. The waiting staff were very friendly and helpful when I informed them of my allergy and the food was reasonably priced too.

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Sin Gluten! Eat Your Way Around Gluten Free Spain
The Biocasa health food shop in the old town central district is huge and offers a great range of gluten free foods. Click To Tweet

Living with a food allergy or intolerance can be a challenge even in our own country. I remember the hours spent searching supermarket aisles, reading ingredients labels, trying different brands to finally find a range of foods that not only taste delicious but more importantly food I felt I could trust.

For me going on holiday or traveling, meant packing as much gluten free food as I could. Oats, bread, pasta, and snacks would all be stuffed into my suitcase. I did not want to risk living on a diet of fruit, vegetables, and rice or even worse – getting sick!

On many occasion I would be asking ‘Do I pack the cute orange shoes or that extra pack of gluten free oats’?! Tough decision and yes we have all been there!

I did not know what to expect from Spain, a Mediterranean diet with bread (and red wine) at the heart of every meal. I assumed gluten free would not be easily available and I would be sat watching everyone else tucking into their morning tostadas!

Upon arriving in the beautiful city of Malaga, the choices of places to eat was pretty impressive. Most restaurants offer a gluten free bread option, as well as gluten free tapas.

If like me, you like to prepare your own food Malaga has one of the best health food shops I have been in for a long time. The Biocasa health food shop in the old town central district is huge and offers a great range of gluten free foods. You will spend way to much time looking through all of their quirky and beautifully packaged food.

Move further down the coast to Vera Playa, Garrucha and Mojacar and you are welcomed into rural Spain.

Has gluten free made it’s way to the smaller and more traditionally ‘Spanish’ towns?

Thankfully the answer to this is YES!

Spanish supermarkets such as Consum and Mercadona have aisles dedicated to gluten free food and you will be able to buy pasta, bread, pastries, soups and many more food items you would ordinarily buy at home.

spanish gluten free logoMost food in general in the supermarket will also be labeled with a gluten free logo too – for example nearly all of the crisps have a logo detailing if they are gluten free, as well as other food products.

I was really surprised at how much easier it is to actually shop in Spanish supermarkets because of the clear markings.gluten free chickpea flour

The Spanish LOVE to cook with different flours, so chickpea flour and rice flour are super cheap and easy to find. I was able to make some delicious chickpea pastry!

Search around as many gluten free products are also neatly nestled in with other food.

The towns of Vera and Garrucha both have amazing health food shops, small but perfectly formed and offering other gluten free food options.

gluten free muesliHerbolario in Garrucha stocks many well-recognised brands as well as quirkier food brands too. I found this delicious gluten free ‘low sugar’ muesli in Herbolario in Garrucha.

Eating out ‘gluten free’ in Garrucha and Vera is relatively easy, menus offer lots of fresh fish and deliciously cooked tapas. When it comes to gluten free bread, Spain can offer you several varieties, which can be found not only in supermarkets but also in restaurants and coffee shops.

If you do not speak Spanish, communicating will obviously be a challenge, but as long as you can say ‘Sin Gluten’ most servers will understand what you mean.

We have recommended a couple of places, you can feel safe in the knowledge you can eat, get merry and be happy!

Eating Gluten free in Garrucha

  1. La Cantina De Flor Paseo del Malecon, 80, 04630 Garrucha, Almería – Coffee Shop with great tapas and breakfast
  2. Alcala Calle Mayor, 150, 04630 Garrucha, Almería – Coffee Shop by day and tapas bar by night. Lovely terrace in the old town
  3. Gnomo Feliz Ctra. Vera – Garrucha, Desvío Puerto Rey, 04620, Almería – Delicious restaurant with great views and traditional Spanish food

Eating Gluten free in Vera

  1. Pepe’s bar and grill Plaza del Hospital, 6, 04620 Vera, Almería – Lovely restaurant offering main meals and tapas
  2. Juan Moreno Ctra. de Ronda, 3, 04620 Vera, Almería – Traditional restaurant offering home cooked delicious food


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Beautiful Gluten Free Barcelona Spain
Like any city and depending on how much time you plan on staying, Barcelona is home to some beautiful markets. Markets where you can pick up fresh fruit, veg, cheese and other traditional delicacies. Click To Tweet

Traveling in Spain has certainly opened up my eyes to just how ‘common’ gluten free diets have become – thankfully for us, this is a good thing!

Southern Spain has impressed me; with small towns home to many small but awesome cafes and restaurants offering gluten free menu options. For a country with a HUGE reliance on wheat for many of their meals, it was certainly a welcome surprise.

Yay, I could eat the same food as everyone else!

I always hoped a city like Barcelona would live up to its reputation of offering diverse and amazing cuisine, and even more so for those with Coeliac disease or gluten sensitivity.

Like any city and depending on how much time you plan on staying, Barcelona is home to some beautiful markets. Markets where you can pick up fresh fruit, veg, cheese and other traditional delicacies.

For me, having the option to buy and cook my own food is a ‘backup’ plan I like to know I can fall back on. I have walked away from restaurants with the rumble of hunger in my stomach way too often, you soon become a pro at planning when you have a dietary requirement like gluten intolerance.

Get ready to feast your eyes on our top picks of places you can eat gluten free in the beautiful and romantic city of Barcelona.

Buenos Dias or good morning, let’s start with gluten free breakfast of champions in Barcelona.

There are a host of bakeries you can pick up a snack time breakfast treat (see below bakeries), but if you want to sit down and enjoy your breakfast in polite surroundings then look no further!

  1. Brunch & Cake Carrer d’Enric Granados, 19, 08007
    Such a cute name for a lovely little breakfast place. Offering an impressive range and well thought out creative menu. Gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian are all well catered for.  It does get busy, so be prepared to queue or arrive at 9am!
  2. Menssana Carrer Sardenya 48, 08005
    Reminiscent of a breakfast space you would find in California, the laid back feel of Menssana immediately puts you at ease. An interesting and varied menu offering delicious, fresh gluten free food. Staff are also very helpful and knowledgeable!

Gluten Free Lunch and Dinner

There is never enough time to eat in all the places you want, so the below are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to lunch and dinner options in bountiful Barcelona.

  1. Flax & Kale allers 74B, 08001
    As someone with a dietary requirement, when you see the word Kale in the name of a restaurant, you know there will be something you can eat. This lovely restaurant serves fresh food in a calm atmosphere. The service could have been better, but the food menu and taste certainly made up for it. Vegetarians and vegans are also catered for too. A lovely relaxed place for a spot of lunch.
  2. L’Antic Bocoi del Gotic Baixada de Viladecols, 3, 08002
    Certainly, a mouthful to pronounce, but definitely worth a visit. A lovely, cozy restaurant offering traditional Spanish food. Impressive gluten free menu and impeccable service make for a very special dinner.

Sugar and spice and all things nice (and gluten free of course)!

  1. Jansana Gluten Free Bakery C/Balmes 106, 08008
    Donuts, cakes, muffins and other lovely little fancies are waiting to be devoured. A very swish, modern and ultra cool bakery where you can sit in or take away. A true gluten free gem.
  2. Pasticelia Carrer de París, 165, 08036
    Our next sweet option is the traditional Pasticelia. A very cute traditional bakery offering a lovely range of gluten free treats. Choose one of their small and delicate Spanish fancies and sit on one of the many benches outside and watch the world go by. Great atmosphere, with friendly service.

Eating gluten free in Barcelona is easy and with so many options available, you really will be spoilt for choice. Let’s face it, choice makes a refreshing change for people with dietary requirements.

Gluten Free Bruges Belgium
I can recommend Bruges as having a fair few restaurants that cater for someone that is following a gluten free diet, which is great news for me and other coeliacs who are thinking of going to Bruges! Click To Tweet

Bruges is a quaint medieval city located in the north west of Belgium.  The city centre was granted UNESCO world heritage site in 2000 and is pretty special with it’s narrow cobbled streets and large squares.  With the city being just over a 3-hour train journey from Amsterdam or even better, a mere 1 hour 20 minutes from Brussels, you should really make this a stop on your European trip.  Often deemed as the ‘Venice of the North’, I can now see why, with lots of beautiful canals running through the city and bustling cafes to enjoy a glass of wine, eat some nice gluten free food (yes, really!) and watch the world go by.  

In terms of gluten free eating, I can recommend Bruges as having a fair few restaurants that cater for someone that is following a gluten free diet, which is great news for me and other coeliacs who are thinking of going to Bruges! I had no problems in any of the restaurants that I visited in finding gluten free food it was either already clearly labelled on the menu, or by informing the waiter of my allergy and asking them to inform me what foods are gluten free.

My top 3 gluten free Bruges food serving restaurants:

  1. Reliva, Goezeputstraat 6, Bruges 8000, Belgium.  This restaurant serves delicious European fayre.  They seemed to be very aware of dietary choices and are very vegetarian, vegan and gluten free food-friendly, with the gluten free food being highlighted on the menu.  They also had a very good wine menu too.  Quite expensive but worth it as the food, including my gluten free meal, was delectable.
  2. Marieke Van Brugghe, Mariastraat 17, Bruges 8000, Belgium.  I had a very tasty dinner here on my last night.  I told the waiting staff about my gluten allergy and they took their time to explain to me what I could and could not eat on the menu, as a coeliac.  They also explained to me the dishes that they could amend to make it gluten free for me.  The restaurant had a really nice, authentically Belgian ambience and this combined with the really yummy gluten free food it was a real winner!
  3. Gingerbread Bagel & Coffee House, Sint-Amandsstraat 29, Bruges 8000, Belgium.  Cute little tearooms that serve coffees, salads and cakes.  I always get excited when I have a good gluten free cake in a restaurant and this was particularly memorable.  They also have gluten free bread on offer which I had with a delicious salad.  I’d recommend this place for a great gluten free lunch in a cute tearoom setting.

Belgium is world famous for its chocolate shops and Bruges is no exception.  Chocolate shops are found around every corner, and as a gluten free traveller with a sweet tooth, this was very well received! As a coeliac, chocolates are always a go-to dessert and having so many varieties on offer was gluten free heaven!  Make sure to ask the chocolate shop workers which chocolates that they sell are gluten free, in most instances for me their English was perfect and they were very happy to tell me which ones I could eat as a coeliac.  They also were very ready to give out free samples, so go chocolate shopping on an empty stomach to really enjoy!

So to travel to Bruges as a gluten free traveller or not?  The answer is yes, Bruges should definitely be a stop on your gluten free travels.  A romantic city like no other, with lots of chocolate and gluten free food on offer, what’s not to love?!

Gluten Free Copenhagen Denmark
At Christmas Copenhagen is really special. The Christmas markets that pop up around the city are great to explore, with lots of local crafts on offer and of course mulled wine which must be consumed for warming purposes. Click To Tweet

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark and my gluten free capital of Scandinavia! Every meal I gobbled up in this wonderful city was truly delicious. As a coeliac it was also refreshing to have more than one or two gluten free menu choices to choose from in every restaurant that I visited.

At Christmas Copenhagen is really special. The Christmas markets that pop up around the city are great to explore, with lots of local crafts on offer and of course mulled wine (which must be consumed for warming purposes!). There are usually a variety of food stalls at these markets too; chocolate covered fruit seemed to be popular and a really delicious gluten free treat!

The days are short in December, with the sun setting at around 3:30-4pm, which adds to the cosy, wintery atmosphere. It is also the perfect excuse to slope off into a restaurant, to keep warm and enjoy some good gluten free food.

There are an abundance of restaurants that serve gluten free meals in Copenhagen and every cuisine seems to be catered for. From a gluten free burger to gluten free pizza (leave the calorie counting at home), I found the food here was exceptional.

Top 5 gluten free restaurants in Copenhagen

  1. Tight Hyskenstraede 10, Copenhagen 1207. This is a really cool place, hidden away down a small alley it would be easily missed, but make sure you don’t! It served the BEST gluten free burger (what an accolade!) I have ever eaten, served on tasty gluten free bread, which is hard to come by. The place has a funky ambience created by the dim lighting and indie music, definitely a place to not be missed.
  2. Simpleraw Gråbrødretorv 9, 1154 København K, Copenhagen. You can’t help but feel healthy once you’ve finished your meal here. They serve lots of gluten free food as well as vegan and vegetarian dishes. Try the Poke bowl; a yummy gluten free meal consisting of a variety of veg and tofu. Friendly service too.
  3. Costa D’Hellerup Kildegårdsvej 15, 2900 Hellerup, Copenhagen. Pizza. Gluten free pizza. Heaven! They are able to make pretty much every pizza on their menu with a gluten free base and be assured, they are delicious! It’s hard to find gluten free pizza bases that aren’t like eating cardboard, but at Costa D’Hellerup they have certainly achieved it, yum!
  4. Kodbyens Fiskebar Flaesketorvet 100, Copenhagen 1711. I don’t think a trip to Denmark would be complete without sampling a fish dish, the Danes do love their fish after all. So a trip to fish restaurant Kodbyens is must. Most of the meals on the menu can be adapted to be gluten free and the waiters were more than happy to explain how the meal could be adapted, once I had explained to them about my gluten allergy.
  5. Naturbageriet Frederiksborggade 29, Copenhagen 1360. Gluten free cake is something to get really excited about and this bakery has so many choices! So many choices = So much excitement. The cinnamon rolls are highly recommended, as is the banana cake. Top tip: Come here at the beginning of your trip and take a few away to keep in your hotel mini bar fridge; the perfect hotel room snack!

So, are you a coeliac looking to book your new European getaway? Make it Copenhagen!

Gluten Free Venice Italy
With a bit of googling, some trial and error and a lot of saying the words 'senza glutine' (gluten free) and 'Io sono celiaco' (I am Coeliac), we found some great restaurants. Click To Tweet
gluten free Burano Venice Italy

Burano, Venice

Italy… land of pizza, pasta and bread. When my mum wanted to treat my sister to pre-wedding celebrations for a long weekend in Venice I was beyond excited but a little nervous about eating gluten free and getting around any language barriers in restaurants.

True to its reputation Venice was simply stunning. After arriving at the airport we jumped into a private water taxi to our hotel; just around the corner from St Marks Square. The canals, piazzas, art and cathedrals are exquisite. The islands of Murano and Burano are not to be missed for their glass blowing and windy streets with multi-coloured houses.

glass blowing gluten free murano venice italy

Glass blowing in Murano, Venice

But I’ll be honest we found it pretty difficult to find gluten free dining in Venice, a lot of restaurants we tried just said no when we asked about gluten free options. However with a bit of googling, some trial and error and a lot of saying the words ‘senza glutine’ (gluten free) and ‘Io sono celiaco’ (I am Coeliac), we found some great restaurants.

In fact Italy is pretty clued up when it comes to Coeliac disease. Children are routinely screened for coeliac disease and subsidies are available to compensate people with coeliac disease for the higher cost of gluten free food. Italian law even requires gluten free food be available in schools, hospitals and public places. The Associazione Italiana Celiachia publishes a restaurant guide and provides annual reports for the Italian Parliament.

If you are looking for gluten free alternatives to cook your own food, go to a Pharmacy, they are considered medicine for Coeliacs. Supermarkets tend to stock some gluten free pastas and things too.

Here are the restaurants we ate at which had great gluten free options:

gluten free kori restaurant venice

Kori Restaurant

  1. Kori Restaurant – This was the best restaurant we visited in Venice hands down. We were strolling past when one of the waiters approached us, we asked about gluten free options and they assured us they could provide pretty much anything on the menu gluten free. We had the most amazing night our waiters were excellent (and handsome) especially Stefano. Nothing was too much trouble and they were very aware of dietary requirements.
    We had a gorgeous platter of Lobster, Prawns and Langoustines which they prepared and served for us. Finished of course with some delicious Limoncello.
    Calle Larga S.Marco, 280
gluten free kori restaurant venice

Kori Restaurant

  • Restaurant Galuppi – Great seafood restaurant, very accommodating and understanding of gluten allergies, in beautiful Burano. Lots of fresh grilled seafood to choose from, risotto and even gluten free spaghetti. They gave us rice cakes in place of the bread before the meal.
    Via B. Galuppi, 468 (Burano)

    gluten free restaurant galuppi Venice

    Restaurant Galuppi

  • La Zucca – Famous for its Venetian delicacies, fish, meat, and vegetarian recipes. The waiter was able to tell us exactly what was gluten free on the menu and the food was great.
    Santa Croce, 1762

    Gluten Free Pizza Venice AeOche

    Gluten Free Pizza at Pizzerie AeOche

  • Pizzerie AeOche – Great pizza and sports bar, the only Italian gluten free pizza we managed to find in Venice! Huge range of pizza toppings to choose from.
    Santa Croce, 1552/A
  • Grom – Amazing gelato and gluten free (except for flavours noted on a sign which is in clear display). The staff were clued up about which flavours were gluten free and took precautions with cross-contamination.
    Various locations:
    – Salizada S. Giovanni Grisostomo, 5803
    – Campo San Barnaba, 2761
    – Cannaregio, 3844
    – Stazione di Venezia Santa Lucia, Fondamenta Santa Lucia, 30100

Translations to help you out:

Gluten free: senza glutine
I am Coeliac: lo sono celiaco
May contain: possono contenere
Contains: contiene
Wheat: grano
Barley: orzo
Rye: segale
Oats: avena

Have you been to Venice? Do you have any recommendations for great gluten free eats?