Gluten Free Dublin Ireland
I assumed eating gluten free in Dublin would be a challenge, having not had great experiences in traditional pub style restaurants before, I arrived expecting to live on fruit for a few days! Click To Tweet

The Emerald Isle’s Gluten-Free City

When I think of Ireland, Dublin immediately springs to mind, as well as green lush countryside and of course their famous dark brew – Guinness! Although not a tipple for gluten free beer drinkers, you cannot deny it’s luring black silkiness is still a temptation!

Dublin is the capital city of Ireland and with nearly 2 million people gracing the houses and suburbs of the city; it has a natural, friendly and typically ‘Irish’ atmosphere!

A country built on the backbone of Viking settlers and dating back to the 9th century, you will be faced with awesome museums, historical buildings and some of the best pubs and restaurants in Europe.

I assumed eating gluten free in Dublin would be a challenge, having not had great experiences in traditional pub style restaurants before, I arrived expecting to live on fruit for a few days!

Pubs seemingly choose not to embrace gluten free food, usually through lack of knowledge or education! If you run a bar with a focus on alcohol, why bother to keep your food menu current – right?!

Well, thankfully I was pleasantly surprised and I managed to find lots of places to eat, drink and play in this awesomely bustling Irish city.

Although Dublin is crowded with hundreds of quirky pubs, many as traditional and atmospheric as they were when they opened hundreds of years before, unfortunately as anticipated many of them failed to offer gluten free food options.

Many of the gluten free places I found were independent restaurants who realised there was a big ‘gap’ in the dietary requirement needs of the locals and millions of tourists who visit each year.

Take the time to carry out your own research and see if you can find that traditional Irish pub who offers a gluten free option, other than salad! If you happen across one, let me know!

Never one to be beaten, I yet again took to the streets and sniffed out the best places for you to enjoy your time eating gluten free in Dublin!

Gluten-Free Breakfast on the Emerald Isle

Dublin is a great ‘walking’ city, all the major attractions are close together and you can easily stroll around the streets in the knowledge you are never too far away from somewhere delicious to eat.

Antoinette’s Bakery (permanently closed as of 30th June 2017) – CHARMING is the optimum word for this place. Bunting, pretty décor and wooden tables await you. Offering a fantastic range of baked treats, including gluten free toast and pastries. It is a bakery rather than a restaurant, so ideal if you just fancy a quick but tasty gluten free bite! Great coffee and a friendly service await.

Address: Antoinette’s Bakery, 6 Kevin Street Lower, Dublin (City Centre)
Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm
Saturday – 10 am – 4 pm

Queen of Tarts – Over 4000 positive reviews and voted 30 out of 2500 restaurants in Dublin, it is easy to see why! A fantastic and quirky place for breakfast. All the food is freshly mad and locally sourced. Opened by pastry chef sisters, their focus being on wholeheartedly making sure you eat the best food available and you are given the true Irish impeccably friendly service. Eating gluten free just got awesome.

Address: ‪Queen of Tarts, Cows Lane, Dame Street & Cork Hill Dame Street, Dublin (City Centre)
Monday – Friday 8 am – 7 pm
Saturday – 9 am – 7 pm
Sunday – 9 am – 7 pm

With so many independent restaurants banging loudly on the gluten free door, be sure to check out the following gluten free breakfast places. Eat brunch at The Fumbally, Fumbally Lane for quirky décor and healthy gluten free food. Small, family run and 100% gluten free kitchen, Gluttony is a GEM of a place. Gluttony, Jane Cottage, Newtownpark Ave, Newtown is worth the little extra walk.

Gluten-Free Lunch

I am typically drawn to healthier places to eat, but on the odd occasion, I just want to feel comforted by a big plate of something a little naughty. Albeit a burger or fish and chips, I am not into the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ labels we give food! Everything in moderation!

Bunsen – When that burger hankering hits. The homemade delicious melt in the mouth burgers will leave you in meat heaven. Freshly made to order and served on a toasted gluten free bun that is as soft as a pillow will remind you just how good a burger can be! Simply great gluten free burgers at affordable prices too!

Address: ‪Bunsen, 22 Essex St East, Temple Bar (City Centre)
Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday – 12 pm – 9.30 pm
Thursday, Friday & Saturday – 12 pm – 10.30 pm
Sunday – 12 pm – 9.30 pm

The Millstone – Close to a traditional Irish pub, but with a LOVE for creating delectable and delicious food, it’s a bonus it happens to be gluten free too. Not the cheapest place, but certainly worth the extra money you will spend, they do offer early bird set menu deals. Tuck into homely, traditional Irish dishes in a comforting and warm setting.

Address: ‪The Millstone, 39 Dame Street, Dublin (City Centre)
Monday – Friday 11.30 am – 11 pm
Saturday & Sunday – 11.30 am – 11.30 pm

Short on time for lunch? These gluten free lunch eateries might be able to help! SABA to go, 13 Rathgar Rd for Vietnamese food at its gluten free best. For a little style Cornucopia, 19/20 Wicklow Street delivers organic, vegetarian and gluten free food in a beautiful and relaxed setting.

Gluten-Free Dinner Dublin Style
Dancing, great food, and laughter

A visit to Dublin would not be complete without dancing along to some traditional Irish music. Finding a place with great food and music is hard enough, but when you throw gluten free into the mix your choices are greatly diminished! Fear not, I happened across a
gluten free, Irish music playing gem.

The Old Storehouse – Well known by locals and loved by tourists. A large menu with plenty of gluten free options. Food is simple, traditional and well cooked, so do not expect Michelin style plates! The live music makes the entire experience a true Irish night to remember. Staff were friendly although be prepared to not ask too many questions about gluten free food! They know what they need to know about the menu and that’s good enough! Busy, loud and great fun.

Address: ‪ The Old Storehouse Bar & Restaurant, Crown Alley, Temple Bar (City Centre)
Monday – Friday 12 pm – 11.30 pm
Friday & Saturday 12 pm – 12.30 am
Sunday – 12 pm – 11.30 pm

Viva – When the need for Tapas strikes. I love to try different foods, chefs in each city present food in their own unique styles. This Spanish restaurant offers great tapas in a very authentic setting. Bright red tablecloths and traditional food await. The gluten free choice is not extensive, but what they do serve tastes fabulous and authentic. Good wine, great food, and atmosphere will make for a good night out!

Address: ‪Viva, 27 Richmond Street South, Portobello, Dublin
Tuesday – Friday 5 pm – 11 pm
Saturday & Sunday – 12 pm – 11 pm

For a couple of other options to wet your gluten free appetite in the land of rainbows and pots of gold. Brambles restaurant, Terenure Rd for upmarket food, most dishes can be altered to be gluten free too! For truly awesome gluten free food Douglas & Kaidi, Dundrum Town Centre is certainly worth the detour.

Dublin is known for its incredible nightlife, it’s endless bars to drink until merry and for shopping galore.

I will remember Dublin for its eateries serving diverse gluten free food, Independent restaurants serving food this good will always win my city eating vote.

Head to Dublin and dine out in gluten free independent happiness!

Gluten Free Paris France
As with most large cities, there are lots of choices. Entirely gluten free bakeries and restaurants can be found in Paris, which is always exciting Click To Tweet

Paris; world-renowned for being the city of love and romance and is one of those cities that you just have to visit at least once, to take in the magnificent sights of the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame, the Louvre etc. But let’s address the most pressing question on a coeliac’s lips – what’s it like for gluten free food in Paris?

As with most large cities, there are lots of choices. Entirely gluten free bakeries and restaurants can be found here, which is always exciting, but you have to seek them out so doing your research before you go really helps. Paris is a city on a large scale, so you want to know where you’re going before you start walking – you may end up with sore feet and hungry if not!

Top 5 Gluten Free Friendly Restaurants in Paris

1. Galette Cafe, 2 rue de l Universite | Saint Germain des Près, 75007, Paris. This is a great place to go for lunch and located just across the river from the Louvre, it makes a perfect end point to relax after taking in all that culture! Galettes are a french speciality, they’re thin pancakes made with buckwheat flour which is naturally gluten free – music to every coeliac sufferers ears! This cafe serves sweet and savoury galettes, with loads of choice in topping. The savoury galettes are all gluten free however the sweet ones also include wheat flour. This problem can be easily overcome though, as once explained to the waiters they were more than happy to request a sweet topping served on an entirely gluten free galette base. Make sure you go here hungry, particularly if you are thinking of indulging in a sweet and savoury course, you won’t be disappointed!

2. Bears & Racoons, 21 Rue Richard Lenoir, 75011. This is an entirely gluten free restaurant and boy have they done it well! Loads of choice on offer (as you’d expect), with gluten free sandwiches, gluten free made to order subs, gluten free cookies, gluten free cakes etc. all on their menu. Everything we tried was amazing, the bread that they use for the sandwiches was really tasty with a great texture and taste. I also recommend the cookies, they were delicious! As well as their restaurant they have a small shop selling lots of gluten free goodies for you to take away. They are also dairy allergy aware.

3. Pierre Herme (multiple locations around the city). This is a typical, fancy, Parisian pastry shop. As a coeliac traveller I am used to passing pastry and cake shops in cities worldwide without a second glance, knowing that most if not all the produce on offer is off limits to me. In steps the Macaron. These beautiful little bites of deliciousness are in fact gluten free and EVERYWHERE In Parisian pastry shops! They’re made from the naturally gluten free almond flour and come in a variety of different flavours. I sampled a few from various cafes and pastry shops but I found the ones from Pierre Herme were the most delicious. Maybe you should conduct your own survey while you’re there!

4. Hank Burger, 55 rue des Archives, 75003, Paris. This is a small burger bar with a difference. Hank Burger’s main focus is vegan food but they also have lots of gluten free options available too such as gluten free chips, gluten free burgers and gluten free burger buns. For those who are partial to a beer every now and again, they also serve bottled gluten free beer – perfect to wash down the burger with! It’s quite a little place and can get really busy so be prepared to wait at peak times, but the wait is worth it believe me!

5. Noglu, 16 Passage des Panoramas, 75002 Paris. This is an entirely gluten free cafe and bakery which serves exceptional gluten free meals and bakes. This is the place to come to sample authentic and gluten free brioche and croissants, they are amazing! It is also really good for dinner too, with gluten free pizza and gluten free burgers both on offer, as well as other delicious dishes.

Gluten Free Brussels Belgium
Brussels wasn’t the best city for gluten free friendly restaurants, so make sure you do your homework before you go. Click To Tweet

Brussels is a grand city and what would you expect from the place that is home to the EU, the capital of Belgium and apparently the first place to grow everybody’s favourite tiny cabbages – Brussel sprouts (so legend has it). Sadly though, in my experience, Brussels wasn’t the best city for gluten free friendly restaurants, so make sure you do your homework before you go.

There are plenty of sights to take in on your trip, including the Grand Place (an ornate town square), the Royal Palace and of course the Manneken Pis (a statue of small boy urinating – your guess is as good as mine). All the walking and sightseeing calls for some good gluten free food to replenish your energy levels, so where should you go if you are looking for a good gluten free meal in Brussels?

Top 4 Gluten Free Friendly Cafes & Restaurants in Brussels

1. Toscana 21, Rue de Rollebeek 21, 1000, Brussels. A cute, authentic, Italian restaurant. They serve all the usual Italian menu choices and most pasta dishes can be made with their gluten free pasta. The pasta was delicious, homemade and gluten free, what could be better? The restaurant is tiny, there are seats outside for when the weather is warm but it would be a good idea to book to ensure you aren’t disappointed.

2. Pierre Marcolini, Galerie de la Reine 9, 1000 Brussels. (although there are various other locations around the city). Belgium is famous for it’s chocolate, which is usually a fairly reliable sweet option for coeliacs. It’s hard to find a street that doesn’t have a chocolate shop in Brussels and who’s complaining? Treat yourself! Pierre Marcolini serves chocolates, hot chocolate and macaroons (most of which are gluten free), great place to go for an after dinner gluten free dessert (or afternoon pit stop).

3. Maison Antoine, Place Jourdan 1, Brussels 1040, Belgium. Brussels is well known for it’s frites, or chips/french fries to English speakers, it is actually the birthplace of them for all you fact fans. Stands selling hot cones of chips laden with mayonnaise are frequently found around the city. Coeliacs should have no worries about eating chips from one of the many stalls, as Belgian law supposedly states that chips are not allowed to be cooked in fryers that have been used for other foods (always confirm if you are feeling unsure). Maison Antoine serves freshly cooked and gorgeously crispy chips, a perfect gluten free lunch on the go.

4. Moonfood, Colonies street 58, 1000 Brussels. An affordable raw, vegan and gluten free cafe, nicely decorated inside and everything is gluten free, so loads of choices to pick from. This is one of those places that makes you feel like you’ve done your insides some good after you’ve left, lots of goodness to be found here! I can recommend the gluten free tiramisu cake as it was so delicious, make sure you leave room for a slice!

For after gluten free dinner drinks, head to the Delirium Cafe, located just off Rue De Bouchers (look for the bright pink elephant sign). This is a typical Belgian pub with hundreds and I mean hundreds of beers on offer and that includes gluten free beers! The atmosphere is great, popular with travellers and locals alike.

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Glutenfrei! Gluten Free Berlin Germany
Berlin is a sprawling city with loads of interesting and historical sights to see, so bring your comfortable shoes! The city is split into districts, each one slightly different to the next and with something new to offer. Click To Tweet

Berlin is a sprawling city with loads of interesting and historical sights to see, so bring your comfortable shoes! The city is split into districts, each one slightly different to the next and with something new to offer.

The restaurant scene there is thriving, with ‘supper clubs’ popping up all over the place. In terms of gluten free Berlin eating, while not the best, it is getting better and I had no problems in finding gluten free options while visiting the city.

My advice would be to plan your restaurants before you visit. There are a wide variety of gluten free friendly restaurants available, but you just need to know where to find them. To help I have listed a few tried and tested options below:

Top 5 Gluten Free Friendly Restaurants Berlin

  1. Burgerie, Schönhauser Allee 50, 10437 Berlin. This is the place to come if you are really hungry. The restaurant serves (if you hadn’t already guessed by the name), burgers! This includes massive gluten free burgers, on gluten free buns with a side of gluten free chips. Good, old fashioned, artery clogging food!
  2. Speiserei, No. 58. Way road ,5812049, Berlin. A cute little cafe that serves teas, coffees, breakfasts and lunches. There are lots of gluten free options to choose from including gluten free sandwiches, cakes and soups. The gluten free carrot cake they served was really delicious!
  3. Jute Glutenfrei Backerie. Schönhauser Allee 52a, 10437, Berlin. A wonderful, entirely gluten-free and coeliac friendly bakery, located in the Prenzlauer Berg district. Their marble cake was delicious, as was the breakfast that they lovingly prepare (only available on Sundays). It’s also worth noting that many of the cakes were also dairy free as well as gluten free. Beware, they are closed on Mondays.
  4. Chen Che Teehaus, Rosenthaler Str. 13, 10119 Berlin. If you’re looking for a taste of the east while visiting Berlin, then this Vietnamese restaurant located in MItte should be your top of your list. There are lots of gluten free options available. Vietnamese food traditionally does not use wheat as it’s ‘go to’ grain (lots of rice based products instead), perfect! The rice paper rolls here were to die for!
  5. Cielo Di Berlino, Monumentenstraße 31, 10829, Berlin. Although this restaurant is a little out of the way, it is worth taking the trip to taste the amazing gluten free pizza that they serve. They’re freshly made and delicious, with a great choice of toppings. Their regular pizza (not gluten free), was also very tasty (so I’m told), everyone’s happy!

If you are looking to self-cater or pick up some on the go snacks, there are lots of small supermarkets dotted around the city that stock gluten free bread and gluten free cereal bars etc. The supermarket chain ‘Edeka’, which is frequently found was particularly good for gluten free items. Aldi is another option and also widely available.

Top tip: ‘Gluten free’ in german is ‘glutenfrei’, which is not too taxing to remember or say handily!

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A trip to Vienna would not be complete without visiting one of their grand coffee houses and sampling a slice of their sachertorte, washed down with their other speciality, an Einspänner Coffee. Click To Tweet
Gluten Free Vienna Austria

Vienna is a beautiful city with lots of palaces, museums, cobbled side streets and old ornate architecture to explore and appreciate. It’s the perfect place to take a city break and soak up all of the culture that it oozes.

As a coeliac, it is a great place to take a trip because there are lots of gluten free friendly restaurants on offer. The viennese seem to be very on the ball and ahead of the game with the allergen situation. A prime example of how seriously allergies are taken in Austria is that restaurants, by law, must detail which allergens (including gluten) are found in every dish on their menu. Great news for those of us suffering from gluten allergies as well as other common allergies, it makes our lives a whole lot easier!

The capital of Austria is famous for lots of things, including the Sigmund Freud museum (located in the building that Freud used to work), the grand classical operas and…‘sachertorte’.

Sachertorte is a decadent, rich and delicious chocolate cake, that was invented in Vienna by Franz Sacher in 1832. A trip to Vienna would not be complete without visiting one of their grand coffee houses and sampling a slice of their sachertorte, washed down with their other speciality, an Einspänner Coffee (strong black coffee topped with whipped cream).

Although not traditionally gluten free, there are plenty of coffee houses around the city that serve gluten free sacher torte, Vienna never runs out of Celiac-friendly desserts after all. I recommend visiting Demel, one of the most famous coffee houses in the city. They have 2-3 choices of gluten free cake daily and this usually includes sachertorte. The surroundings are so ornate, you feel like you’ve stepped back in time from the moment you enter the building.

In terms of cafes and restaurants, there are quite a variety of gluten free friendly eateries to enjoy here, which is great news for coeliacs!

My top 3 gluten free friendly eateries in Vienna:

  1. Motto am Fluss, Schwedenplatz 2, Vienna 1010, Austria. Motto am Fluss is a really cool looking restaurant, located on the river Danube. They have a range of gluten free meals on the menu as well as vegetarian and vegan. It’s a great place to come for dinner, to sit outside on the deck overlooking the river and enjoy an al fresco gluten free meal, or even during the day for a quick drink. They do a range of non-alcoholic and alcoholic cocktails which were yummy!
  2. Simply RAW Bakery, Drahtgasse 2, Vienna 1010, Austria. This little cafe is located on a quiet side street in central VIenna. If you hadn’t already guessed by the name, their cuisine is entirely raw, vegan and largely gluten free. There’s definitely lots of goodness to be had here! Go here for breakfast, I can highly recommend the homemade hummus, zucchini, tomato and gluten free bread concoction – yum! Afterwards, grab a cake to take away for later…
    gluten free vienna
  3. Pizzeria Scarabocchio, Florianigasse 3, VIenna 1080, Austria. A great little pizzeria that serves gorgeous gluten free pizza and pasta. The waiting staff were very friendly and helpful when I informed them of my allergy and the food was reasonably priced too.

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Gluten Free Bruges Belgium
I can recommend Bruges as having a fair few restaurants that cater for someone that is following a gluten free diet, which is great news for me and other coeliacs who are thinking of going to Bruges! Click To Tweet

Bruges is a quaint medieval city located in the north west of Belgium.  The city centre was granted UNESCO world heritage site in 2000 and is pretty special with it’s narrow cobbled streets and large squares.  With the city being just over a 3-hour train journey from Amsterdam or even better, a mere 1 hour 20 minutes from Brussels, you should really make this a stop on your European trip.  Often deemed as the ‘Venice of the North’, I can now see why, with lots of beautiful canals running through the city and bustling cafes to enjoy a glass of wine, eat some nice gluten free food (yes, really!) and watch the world go by.  

In terms of gluten free eating, I can recommend Bruges as having a fair few restaurants that cater for someone that is following a gluten free diet, which is great news for me and other coeliacs who are thinking of going to Bruges! I had no problems in any of the restaurants that I visited in finding gluten free food it was either already clearly labelled on the menu, or by informing the waiter of my allergy and asking them to inform me what foods are gluten free.

My top 3 gluten free Bruges food serving restaurants:

  1. Reliva, Goezeputstraat 6, Bruges 8000, Belgium.  This restaurant serves delicious European fayre.  They seemed to be very aware of dietary choices and are very vegetarian, vegan and gluten free food-friendly, with the gluten free food being highlighted on the menu.  They also had a very good wine menu too.  Quite expensive but worth it as the food, including my gluten free meal, was delectable.
  2. Marieke Van Brugghe, Mariastraat 17, Bruges 8000, Belgium.  I had a very tasty dinner here on my last night.  I told the waiting staff about my gluten allergy and they took their time to explain to me what I could and could not eat on the menu, as a coeliac.  They also explained to me the dishes that they could amend to make it gluten free for me.  The restaurant had a really nice, authentically Belgian ambience and this combined with the really yummy gluten free food it was a real winner!
  3. Gingerbread Bagel & Coffee House, Sint-Amandsstraat 29, Bruges 8000, Belgium.  Cute little tearooms that serve coffees, salads and cakes.  I always get excited when I have a good gluten free cake in a restaurant and this was particularly memorable.  They also have gluten free bread on offer which I had with a delicious salad.  I’d recommend this place for a great gluten free lunch in a cute tearoom setting.

Belgium is world famous for its chocolate shops and Bruges is no exception.  Chocolate shops are found around every corner, and as a gluten free traveller with a sweet tooth, this was very well received! As a coeliac, chocolates are always a go-to dessert and having so many varieties on offer was gluten free heaven!  Make sure to ask the chocolate shop workers which chocolates that they sell are gluten free, in most instances for me their English was perfect and they were very happy to tell me which ones I could eat as a coeliac.  They also were very ready to give out free samples, so go chocolate shopping on an empty stomach to really enjoy!

So to travel to Bruges as a gluten free traveller or not?  The answer is yes, Bruges should definitely be a stop on your gluten free travels.  A romantic city like no other, with lots of chocolate and gluten free food on offer, what’s not to love?!