Los Angeles boasts an amazing variety of gluten free restaurants, and almost all of the city’s top eateries are well versed in catering for gluten free customers. Click To Tweet


The Californian city of Los Angeles is known for its thriving food scene, with many of the world’s top restaurants located here. If you’re lucky enough to be on your way to Los Angeles in the near future, you really are in for a treat. Los Angeles boasts an amazing variety of gluten free restaurants, and almost all of the city’s top eateries are well versed in catering for gluten free customers. In fact, we have made a second list of our favourites. Our first list have equally great menus but LA has just too many gluten free restaurants, Coeliacs will never go hungry in the city.

Evo Kitchen

7950 Sunset Blvd #104, Los Angeles, CA 90046, USA

The Evo Kitchen is family business catering for vegans, meat lovers and gluten free travellers alike. The eco-friendly restaurant has the environment as its focus, and supports local farmers, sustainable wineries and local craft breweries.

Breakaway Bakery

5264 Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019, USA

Nothing screams treat time quite like a gluten free bakery, and gluten free travellers won’t be disappointed if they make the trek to this one! The Breakaway Bakery is famed for its fabulous fresh bread and indulgent gluten free desserts.

Powerplant Superfood Cafe

5671 Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019, USA

Good things come in small packages, and that’s certainly true when it comes to this diminutive eco-friendly cafe in Los Angeles. The Powerplant Superfood Cafe specialises in delicious gluten free, vegan meals, served up alongside delicious fresh juices and flavoursome smoothies.

Cafe Gratitude

Several Locations

Cafe Gratitude is a collection of plant-based cafes which you’ll find throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding area. The cafe is environmentally friendly and great for gluten free travellers, with a whole host of fabulous gluten free dishes to choose from.


5750 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

If you’re after somewhere special for a date night or indulgent dinner with friends, FIN is the place to go. This restaurant serves up the best Asian tapas in town, with gluten free small plates like sushi, sashimi and gyoza to tickle the taste buds.

Tocaya Organica

Several Locations

Born out of itsowners’ mission of better eating, Tocaya Organica is a Los Angeles restaurant which prides itself on the quality of its ingredients, the excellence of its chefs and the knowledge of its team. Gluten free travellers will not be disappointed here!


Several Locations

Healthy, delicious seasonal food is the name of the game at Lemonade. This chain of vibrant Los Angeles restaurants is perfect for gluten free travellers, who will be spoilt for choice by the range of gluten free dishes on offer.

Veggie Grill

Several Locations

Veggie Grill serves up some of the best vegetarian and vegan quick bites in LA. The chain of fast food restaurants focuses on healthy, bright, seasonal flavours and has plenty to choose from if you’re avoiding gluten.


114 East Second Street, Downtown Los Angeles, California, 90012

For classic modern American food don’t miss Redbird. This restaurant is the perfect place to indulge in authentic local cuisine. Just let your server know of your dietary requirements and they’ll be happy to assist you with the menu.

The Terrace

Washington Blvd, Venice, Los Angeles, CA 90292-5123

The Terrace in Los Angeles has been serving up fabulous food since the 1940s. Its beachfront location and great cuisine make it the ideal choice for lunch. It’s fantastic for those avoiding gluten, as the staff are so knowledgeable and friendly.


Are you on your way to Los Angeles soon? Make sure you don’t miss out on any of our top 10 gluten free restaurants. Bon appetit!

Gluten Free Los Angeles
A city filled with health-conscious foodies, Los Angeles is teeming with restaurants specialising in gluten free eats. Click To Tweet

So whether you have coeliac disease or just prefer to avoid gluten, you’ve got plenty of choices when it comes to gluten free restaurants in Los Angeles. From super food joints serving creative vegan cuisine to upscale restaurants offering gourmet breakfasts you’d never believe exist, here are the best places to eat when you’re gluten free in Los Angeles.

Top 5 gluten free restaurants in Los Angeles

Café Gratitude

Address: 639 N. Larchmont Boulevard

Creating exclusively organic vegan cuisine, Café Gratitude is one of the best places to go in LA when you’re feeling a little run down and need a health boost. Although their menu isn’t totally gluten free, there’s a huge selection of gluten free options. For breakfast you can choose between pancakes, banana breads and muffins and for lunch you’re spoilt with salads, wraps and buddha bowls. One of the most popular signature dishes is “I Am Fortified” – a bowl made of quinoa or brown rice, topped with tasty fresh sprouts and vegetables.

M Café

Address: 11678 San Vicente Boulevard

A popular chain restaurant that is quickly expanding across the city, M Café is known for its incredible gluten free breakfasts. From crispy avocado toasts and hearty breakfast burritos to cheesy breakfast enchiladas and buttery pastries, there’s such great variety you’ll want to go again and again! The fabulous café also serves up a drool-worthy selection of gluten free salads, whole grain bowls, noodles and soups later in the day. “The M Chopped” salad is loaded with 13 different gluten free ingredients (including heavenly tamari roasted almonds) and is definitely worth trying!

Real Food Daily

Address: 899 E Del Mar Boulevard

A long-established restaurant that’s been around since the early ‘90s, Real Food Daily serves an entirely plant-based menu with loads of gluten free options to choose from. Their innovative and nutritionally-balanced menu features customisable grain bowls and salads with all kinds of exotic ingredients, plus some incredible street food that sounds do good you’ll want to order it all! The “Jackfruit Street Tacos”, made from gluten free corn tortillas, grilled jackfruit, roasted tomato salads, avocado, pickled purple cabbage and fresh cilantro are one of their most popular dishes.

True Food Kitchen

Address: 395 Santa Monica Place, Suite 172 Santa Monica

Originally designed for the anti-inflammatory diet, the menu at True Food Kitchen includes one of the most extensive ranges of gluten free dishes you’ll find in LA. From the delicious “Inside Out Quinoa Burger” topped with hummus, tzatziki, tomato, cucumber, red onion, avocado and feta cheese to the “Moroccan Chicken” with mission figs, heirloom carrots, chickpeas, olives, spinach, chermoula and Greek yoghurt, there are so many ingenious gluten free dishes to choose from that you definitely won’t feel left out here.

Azla Vegan

Address: 3655 S. Grand Avenue

If you’re in the mood for something a bit more exotic, hit up Azla Vegan. This Ethiopia-inspired restaurant delivers a delightful assortment of vegan gluten free dishes that pack some incredible flavour. The idea is to order a selection of small tapas-size dishes to share amongst the whole table. And with brightly-coloured plates of comforting lentil stews, coconut curries and veggie salads to choose from (plus the most amazing gluten free flatbreads) you’ll have plenty to share with your fellow diners.

Although gluten free restaurants in Los Angeles which are 100% free from gluten have yet to appear, there are still plenty of yummy options out there for anyone avoiding gluten. Most places are incredibly careful when it comes to labelling their menu items, so you’ll know after a quick glance if a restaurant is suitable for you.

Gluten Free Las Vegas USA
Vegas is a city jam-packed with amazing restos & many of these cater for those on #glutenfree diets. Click To Tweet

They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. So, if you’re planning a visit to this epic city in the near future you’ll definitely want to ensure you get the full Vegas experience! And that means no worrying about what you can or can’t eat, right? Thankfully, Vegas is a city jam-packed with amazing restaurants & so many of these cater for those on glutenfree diets. These are a few of our favourite places for eating gluten free in Las Vegas. Of course let’s not forget booze. We’ve included some restaurants offering gluten free beer Las Vegas.


The Cracked Egg

With five restaurants in the Las Vegas area, the Cracked Egg is a great place to start your day in this incredible city. The popular breakfast joint has a specific gluten-free menu, and there are tonnes to choose from. Gluten-free breakfasts come with hash browns, seasoned potatoes and gluten free toast. That’s one way to set you up for the day!

Mon Ami Gabi

Head on over to Paris, Las Vegas to enjoy a meal at this quintessentially French restaurant. We recommend Mon Ami Gabi for brunch, but it’s also a beautiful place for a romantic dinner. Dessert is where many a gluten-free traveller loses out, but you definitely won’t here, because there are no less than four gluten free desserts to choose from. We’re still dreaming about the flourless chocolate cake.

Wild at the Ogden

If you’re on the hunt for a gluten free pizza while you’re in Vegas, make your way to Wild. It’s a little out of the way, but it’s definitely worth seeking out this Las Vegas gluten-free restaurant. The pizza crusts are SO good, and you can wash it all down with a great gluten free beer, too.


A tropical escape on the famous Vegas strip, Margaritaville is a fun restaurant, split over three levels, with no less than five bars! The gluten free menu is extensive and includes indulgent dishes like cheeseburgers, chicken or fish sandwiches and a very tempting brownie sundae.

The Cheesecake Factory

Many restaurants say they offer something for everyone, but this claim is definitely true at the Cheesecake Factory! The restaurant has over 250 menu items to choose from, which could make deciding what to have tricky… There are plenty of gluten free pasta dishes, gluten free buns, gluten free steaks and grills and a whole host of gluten-free desserts too. You might have to go more than once.

El Dorado Cantina

If you find yourself craving Mexican food we can’t recommend El Dorado Cantina highly enough. This family-run Mexican restaurant focuses on great ingredients and big, bold flavours. There are so many gluten free options to choose from, including nachos and salsas, street tacos and signature dishes. Come hungry!


West of the Las Vegas Strip you’ll find Eatt, a gourmet French restaurant which prides itself on its healthy, fine dining dishes. The whole menu is clearly labelled with allergens, so you can easily see which gluten free dishes you can choose from. We loved the pot au feu chicken, followed by a very tasty macaron with vanilla cream, apple and cinnamon for dessert.


Italian restaurants are typically tricky for gluten free travellers, but Veranda is the exception to the rule. This beautiful Italian is a great place to go to for gluten free breakfast in Las Vegas, as well as gluten-free lunches and dinners. You’ll find gluten free bread, waffles and doughnuts on the hugely popular gluten free sampler plate, as well as gluten free pasta and pizzas later in the day. Indulge yourself!

Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak and Snow Crab

The snow crab at Joe’s is world famous, and thankfully it’s gluten free too! Joe’s is also known for its juicy steaks and other seafood dishes, like scallops, Alaskan king crab and plenty of exceptional fish dishes. There’s a gluten free menu so you can be assured of some great choices here.

Nobu Caesar’s Palace

Japanese Chef Nobu is renowned throughout the world for his exceptional restaurants, so if you get a chance to have a meal at Nobu you must! Japanese cuisine is great for gluten-free travellers, as so many dishes are naturally gluten free. And of course there’s a gluten free menu here, so you’ll have plenty of amazing dishes to choose from. We’ll see you at the sashimi bar.


Have you visited Las Vegas? Leave us a comment and tell us about your experiences of eating gluten free in Las Vegas, your favourite Las Vegas gluten free restaurants or anywhere else you’d recommend!

Gluten Free San Francisco USA
I always felt California would be a perfect place for me to stretch my gluten free taste buds, after all, it does have the reputation as one of America's healthiest states. Click To Tweet

San Francisco, the city of pretty houses, hilly streets and food as diverse as the people who have settled into the Californian sunshine.

A city not really known for one cuisine (other than an overpriced bowl of seafood chowder), it is a city that offers you a different food journey on every street corner.

I always felt California would be a perfect place for me to stretch my gluten free taste buds, after all, it does have the reputation as one of America’s healthiest states. Food and exercise trends seem to hit California long before anywhere else in America and no more is that true than in San Francisco.

It’s a city where you do have to be prepared to visit different neighbourhoods. Quirky and awesome restaurants seem to be popping up all the time all over the city, so jumping in a cab or two in anticipation of some great tasting food will become the ‘norm’!

Downtown San Francisco seems to be hounded by popular chains; Starbucks, Pete’s Coffee, Potbelly to name a few have secured the real estate where all the tourists hang out. They all offer perfectly acceptable gluten free options, but not the atmosphere you would expect from such a culturally rich city.

Once a year San Francisco is home to The Fancy Food Show. At the end of January food companies from all over the world descend on the huge convention centre and cover nearly four floors of this immense building.

This is the place to visit to see the next big trends in food, and with nearly 4000 food companies vying for your attention, the gluten free and dietary foods on offer are incredible.

At $30 to enter, it’s worth a couple of hours perusing the centre, obtaining delicious samples and just generally enjoy being around some incredible and forward thinking food companies.

I must add, San Francisco is host to some awesome farmers markets, so if you get the urge for fresh, organic food then stroll to Pier 1 every Monday, Thursday & Saturday morning 10 am – 2 pm and check out the vibrant, locally sourced food on offer. A feast to behold and lots of gluten free freshly made baked treats available too.

With my gluten free taste buds to the ready, I have pounded the streets of San Francisco to prepare a delectable range of places for you to chow down on some lovely gluten free nosh. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Californian dreaming about Gluten Free Breakfast

Why do I feel more excited about breakfast when the sun is shining? San Francisco is host to so many GREAT gluten free breakfast places, choosing a couple was no easy task.

Glutless (open on weekends for online orders, delivery and pick-up only) – It’s all in the name! Run by a Celiac, this charming cafe has gained a fabulous reputation amongst gluten free locals. Giant, fresh muffins, zucchini bread and moist banana bread gives you a perfectly scrumptious choice of breakfast options. Knowledgeable staff and 100% gluten free kitchen made my taste buds and body feel safe in their hands. The only downside is they are closed on the weekends and you will need to arrive early!

Address: ‪Glutless, 325 Mason St, San Francisco (Downtown near Union Sq) – physical location is permanently closed as of 22nd July 2017 
Monday – Friday 9 am – 3 pm

Seed & Salt – With a menu of nearly 10 different super bowls, chickpea frittata, and coconut yogurt you will leave feeling suitably full of healthy goodness. Organically and ethically sourced food arrives from the kitchen looking bright, modern and delicious. Bright interior and friendly service make this a superb start to your day. Lunch and early dinner menu looked impressive too. 100% gluten free kitchen.

Note: The Chestnut location is currently but according to their website, they will be making temporary appearances “here and there”.

Address: ‪Seed & Salt, 2240 Chestnut St, San Francisco (Midtown) – physical location is permanently closed as of  28th Nov 2017
Monday – Friday 8 am – 7 pm
Saturday – 8 am – 7 pm
Sunday – 10 am – 7 pm

It would be impolite not to mention the following gluten free breakfast places. For a takeaway breakfast option head to Flour & Co, 1030 Hyde St for awesome gluten free English muffins. Breakfast in style at Bio, 75 O’Farrell St – full of vegan and gluten free glorious food. Pica, Pica Arepa Kitchen, 401 Valencia St offers the most amazing gluten free Yucca beignets! Honest!

Lazy Leisurely Gluten Free Lunches

It really is true – Californians are generally more laid back. When it comes to lunchtime, you can sit in most restaurants and not feel ushered out. Time slows down and you can sit back, eat good food and take in the view of lunchtime office workers bustling around.

Urban Fish – Well you are near the sea! Decor reminiscent of the inside of an old ship (in a good way) this lovely little restaurant churns out some delicious food. A great vegan and gluten free menu make this a popular place for lunchtime feasting. Managed by brothers with an eye for fresh food and affordable eating, you will want definitely want to go back for dinner!

Address: ‪Urban Fish, 2193 Mission St, San Francisco (Mission district b/t sycamore & 18th St)
Monday – Saturday 11.30 am – 10 pm
Sunday – 10 am – 9 pm

Asian Box – With Asian influence at the heart of the building blocks of the city, I cannot fail to include this 100% gluten free Asian restaurant. Nestled in the basement of Macy’s this popular little eatery offers a ‘build your own’ signature box menu at incredibly affordable prices. Fresh food, choice and affordable what more could you want?!

Address: ‪Asian Box, 170 O’Farrell St, San Francisco (Downtown – Macy’s cellar)
Monday – Saturday 11 am – 7 pm
Sunday – 11 am – 6 pm

When two options are just not enough, check out these other awesome places to enjoy a leisurely gluten free lunch. Little Heaven Deli, 2348 Mission St for gluten free savory crepes and bubble tea or dine in simple style at Loving Hut, 524 Irving St and enjoy noodles, burgers and huge salads!

Splurge out on Superb Gluten Free Dinners

I feel like I have shared some great affordable places for your leisurely lunchtime feast, so now it’s time to splurge on dinner. Dinner in a new city should be an occasion, a time to dress up and look forward to a perfect setting, with perfect ambiance and superb gluten free food.

E&O Kitchen & Bar – Quirky lights and large wooden tables with heavy dark décor give this place an ideal ambiance for a romantic dinner. Food is presented in a modern and delicate way on bright white plates by smartly dressed staff. The impressive gluten free menu, with a focus on making you feel just as important as everyone else dining from the general menu. A special place with superb Asian inspired food.

Address: ‪ E&O Kitchen & Bar, 314 Sutter St, San Francisco (Downtown near Union Sq)
Monday – Thursday 11.30 am – 10 pm (Happy Hour – 3 pm – 6 pm)
Friday & Saturday 11.30 am – 11 pm (Happy Hour – 3 pm – 6 pm)
Sunday – 5 pm – 9.30 pm

Isa Restaurant – Bonjour Isa! A french inspired restaurant with ambiance in plentiful supply. A lovely little restaurant with a large covered, beautifully lite dining area out the back. The menu is authentic and the gluten free options were impressive. The staff are knowledgeable although not as friendly as you would expect. Good, no great food awaits you. Booking advised.

Address: ‪Isa Restaurant, 3324 Steiner Street, San Francisco (Marina District)
Tuesday – Thursday 5.30 pm – 9.30 pm
Saturday – 5 pm – 10 pm
Sunday – 5 pm – 9 pm

There are so many great places to eat in San Francisco and with so little time! Finding gluten free food in such a vast city will be easy and sometimes you just have to be prepared to kiss a few frogs to find your gluten free restaurant prince.

The above recommendations will hopefully give you the option to fall back on places you know you will not be disappointed. Get your taste buds ready to be dazzled by gluten free San Francisco!


Every type of cuisine is catered for - American, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, you name it and I’m sure New York will provide it. This also goes for gluten free friendly restaurants. They seem to be everywhere. Click To Tweet

The city that never sleeps, where dreams are made and the naked cowboy resides; New York City, where else?

The metropolis of New York lies on the east coast of America, with massive high rise buildings dominating the skyline. As you step out of the taxi and onto the sidewalk for the first time you get a real sense of the scale of the place. It is a concrete jungle with pedestrians everywhere, cars horns beeping constantly, buildings towering over you and the subway rumbling beneath you, there is a lot going on.

In terms of food, the pace is no different. Every type of cuisine is catered for, American, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, you name it and I’m sure New York will provide it. This also goes for gluten free friendly restaurants, they seem to be everywhere, great news!

With all the choice that New York brings for a coeliac, how do you know where to go?

5 of the Best Gluten Free Friendly Eateries in New York:

Best for Gluten Free Pizza

Rubirosa, 235 Mulberry St, New York City

The pizza here was sooo good! They had so much choice on the menu for those with a gluten allergy, with both gluten free pasta and gluten free pizza on offer. The restaurant had an authentic italian atmosphere about it with low lighting and tables crammed together. Try the vodka pizza, it was really good, honestly.

Best for the All American Breakfast

Friedman’s, 132 W 31st St, 450 10th Avenue

American’s know how to do breakfast well and this place is a great example. There are 4 Friedman restaurants dotted around the city, I went to the Chelsea branch. Again, so many gluten free choices on the menu, and they were all highlighted so it was very easy to see what was on offer. The gluten free pancakes were delicious, as was the pastrami hash (yes I went twice).

Best for Gluten Free Burgers

Bareburger, Various locations

This burger chain has multiple locations throughout America and in fact all over the world. Choose from a variety of different burgers, from chicken breast to duck bacon to the standard beef patty, the choice is yours. Gluten free buns are available here too, a proper burger experience! The fries are also delicious and gluten free too.

Best for Gluten Free Cakes

Tu Lu’s Gluten Free Bakery, 338 East 11th Street, New York, NY 10003

A whole bakery dedicated to providing gluten free cakes and pastries! As you would imagine there is a lot on offer here. The cupcakes had a great, spongy like texture and came in a variety of flavours, the brownies were also amazing!

Gluten Free San Antonio Texas
San Antonio really is a walking city, which in the states is unusual. In downtown, the streets are cobbled, pretty and the amazingly beautiful riverwalk will leave you feeling relaxed and like you are in somewhere other than a busy… Click To Tweet

San Antonio is one of the prettiest cities in Texas!

I know the capital city of Austin holds high esteem with those into music and quirky people, but I fell in love with its prettier close neighbour.

I always expect America (certain States anyway) to offer the best of gluten free food, for some reason I assume it’s a country ahead of the pack. Competition is high and consumers are way more demanding and it likes to copy it’s healthier friend Canada!

As I crossed the state line I wondered if Texas would offer me gluten free food worthy of a mention?!

A state like Texas is known for two things, OK, you could maybe three! Steak, Bigger steaks, and Mexican food. I like to tuck into a good steak as much as the next gluten free eater, but let’s face it one is enough to last any trip and I do not want to review steakhouses in Texas!!

San Antonio really is a walking city, which in the states is unusual. In downtown, the streets are cobbled, pretty and the amazingly beautiful riverwalk will leave you feeling relaxed and like you are in somewhere other than a busy city centre.

As with any city, there are so many places to eat; although the downtown area is naturally flecked with bigger chains than independents. However, if you are prepared to look around and walk a little further or jump in your car, you will easily stumble across some amazing gluten free food gems.

I have to say I did try a few more ‘bad’ places than good to find the below list of recommendations. It feels like San Antonio needs to catch up a little with dietary needs.

Thankfully gluten free was catered for more so than many other allergies, but staff are not as well educated and menus were in some places really poor.

In the name of research, I happily stumbled across a few perfectly lovely eateries offering, authentic and delicious gluten free food.

Gluten-Free Breakfast – It’s not all Pancakes!

I always think of pancakes and crispy bacon when I think of American breakfasts, as much as I love a traditional American breakfast, I also crave something different. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, so I am always happy to try out as many diners and restaurants as possible in search of my next best gluten free breakfast.

5 Points Local – 100% gluten free heaven. Awesome coffee and breakfast or brunch awaits you and your taste buds. A relaxed and chilled area for munching. Brick walls, wooden benches, and yoga studio above all give this place a cool vibe. Offering authentic Texan gluten free food; eggs with roasted sweet potato and refried beans or warm up with their own blend of 5 granola and coconut yoghurt. The menu is fresh, healthy and superb.

Address: 5 Points Local, 1017 N Flores, San Antonio, 781212

Tuesday & Thursday 7 am – 8 pm

Friday 7 am – 10 pm

Saturday 9 am – 10 pm

Sunday Brunch 9 am – 4 pm

Powerhouse Bakery – Do not be fooled by the name, not only is this 100% gluten free bakery but they offer savoury delicious gluten free food too. Feast on a black bean stuffed oven roasted pepper or start your day with a gluten free breakfast taco packed full of flavoursome and freshly cooked deliciousness. A small area for eating means you will need to arrive early and grab a seat. Passionate chefs really do offer some amazingly great gluten free breakfast food.

Address: Powerhouse Bakery, 4902 Golden Quail, San Antonio

Monday – Saturday 9 am – 6 pm

Sunday – 1 pm – 4 pm

Another couple of places for your Texan gluten free breakfast. Twin Sisters Bakery & Cafe, 6322 N New Braunfels, San Antonio, family run since 1980 this popular quirky cafe will deliver a tasty gluten free smack to your taste buds or for a laid back and authentic American gluten free menu head to Courtyard Cafe, 7600 Eckhert Road, San Antonio.

Gluten-free Lunch

As with many of the breakfast places I recommend, they equally double up as a fabulous place you could tuck into lunch too, the above are great lunch examples. So, breaking tradition the below recommendations are actually chain restaurants. I know, I am banging the chain restaurant drum for gluten free foods made awesome and delicious. It also means when you are traveling throughout the states, you will know you can rely on these chains for good gluten free menus.

P.F Changs – Known as a ‘China Bistro’. Americans love a good Chinese meal. It’s rarely a food I trust to eat, battered chicken and sauces make me nervous! However, I was encouraged by a gluten free local to give PF Changs a try. The ambiance was cool and relaxed with Chinese art and plants flecked around the interior. The menu options impressive. Gluten free starters, mains, and desserts all taken care of and the food was good. A safe option when you are in need of quick, gluten free Chinese food.

Address: P.F. Chang’s, 15900 La Cantera Parkway, San Antonio

Monday – Sunday 11 am – 12 pm

Wholefoods Market – A health food supermarket with fresh, self-service gluten free food. Visit any US city and you will find a Whole foods market. They present you with quirky, healthy grocery food as well as self-service buffet bars, wine bars, and restaurants. Everything they offer follows the same philosophy. Find awesome products and delicious freshly made food covering any and all dietary requirements. A cool, hip and chilled vibe to ‘build your own’ lunchtime gluten free feast. Not cheap, but definitely worth browsing the aisles of all the incredible food.

Address: Wholefoods Markets, Vineyard Shopping Centre & Alamo Quarry Market, San Antonio

Monday – Sunday 8 am – 10 pm

With so many lunch options in the city, I had to share a couple more with you. Babes Old Fashioned Hamburgers, 4535 Fredericksburg Road, San Antonio for super soft gluten free buns and sweet potato chips to die for or for authentic gluten free Tex-Mex, Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill, 11075 W Interstate 10, San Antonio offers a no-frills setting with delicious food.

Gluten-Free Dinner time!

There is more to Texas than Steaks?!

There are always places the locals of any city tell you ‘you have to try this place’ and on some occasions, you do happen across a real gem. Gluten free eating is not always easy and especially at dinnertime when you just want to eat the same as everyone else. Having your ‘own menu’ can be weird enough! The first restaurant was recommended by a local and I was super impressed, obviously as it made it onto my list! Yep, I even walked away with one of their t-shirts and yep they are also a chain restaurant. Again!

Joe’s Crab Shack – Get your bibs on and get ready to crack some crab & lobster shells. A chain restaurant that offers a relaxed, all-American setting. Staff are friendly and the gluten free menu is clear and vast. Chow down on one of their famous ‘Steampots’ packed full of a filling of your choice. Crab, lobster or a mixture of both and served with fresh new potatoes and corn. Not a romantic setting, but definitely somewhere to get your hands dirty and have a good time. It was fun.

Joe’s Crab Shack, 212 College Street, Downtown San Antonio

Monday – Sunday 11 am – 12 pm

Las Canarias, Riverwalk – Do not judge the fact the restaurant is within a hotel. Las Canarias gives you the chance to eat gluten free dinner in supreme style. Beautiful location overlooking the riverwalk, white tablecloths and chandeliers give this restaurant a lovely ambiance. The menu caters for gluten free eaters in all its glory, apparently, the chef’s wife is a celiac and is passionate about offering his clients choice and awesome food. The food was exceptional, the setting was lovely. Not cheap, but worth it for a special gluten free evening in downtown San Antonio.

Las Canarias, Omni Hotel & Resort, 112 College Street, San Antonio

Monday – Saturday Dinner – 5.30 pm – 11 pm

There is always more! Never a girl to give just two choices for dinner, here are a couple more delicious gluten free eat treats. Biga on the Banks, 203 S St Mary Street, San Antonio riverwalk for great views, an impressive gluten free menu and sophisticated ambiance and for when a healthy Texan tamale calls head to Adelante Mexican, 21 Brees Blvd.

I LOVE San Antonio. Presenting you with impressive history and authentic gluten free Texan food at its heart you will fall in love wth this city too. Head downtown to walk the river walk and indulge in dinner in style or take the time to explore amazingly hidden gems for breakfast. I have a feeling you will also fall in love with this friendly, pretty Texan city.

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Gluten Free Dallas Texas
Gluten free food is not just about finding somewhere you can tuck into bread or a baked treat, but it's often about not feeling secluded when looking at a menu. Click To Tweet

Dallas is a city full of unique and diverse neighbourhoods. Once a haven for fast food outlets and BBQ, the last few years have seen an impressive increase in independent chefs looking for somewhere to grow and offer locals awesome food.

Its downtown is full of independent coffee shops, cute bakeries, and chain restaurants, but step away and explore neighbourhoods and you will find independent restaurants popping up and giving gluten free food a chance to be set free.

I had no food expectations from Dallas and I wanted it to give me a view of what its food scene was about.

Gluten free food is not just about finding somewhere you can tuck into bread or a baked treat, but it’s often about not feeling secluded when looking at a menu.

I love to be in a restaurant and have as much choice as the person I am sitting next too, couple this with knowledgeable staff and a chef that treats gluten free cooking as a passion and you have a recipe (excuse the pun) for a great meal.

The ambiance is also important, I have been into many restaurants who offer a great gluten free menu, but little when it comes to feeling welcome and enveloped by an atmosphere that makes you want to stay and embrace its food.

Dallas presented me with impressive gluten free menus and diverse restaurants.

In the name of gluten free eating, the below are all places I am safe in the knowledge that you, my fellow gluten free eaters will LOVE.



Choc chip bacon cookies anyone? Sometimes you just have to give into temptation and when I am faced with a breakfast item that delivers bacon and chocolate, then I am giving in. Breakfast in Dallas can be as diverse or simple as you want it to be. It is flecked with an array of gluten free places to simply indulge or be healthy, as well as the chance to drink mighty fine coffee, Dallas seems to do coffee well.

Origin Kitchen & Bar – The home of Choc chip bacon cookies. The white, airy bar gave a fabulous choice of gluten free goodies. With healthy eating and catering for dietary requirements at its heart, it just ‘gets’ gluten free food. Sit at one of its wooden tables and watch the locals fly in and out for its great coffee. Tuck into gluten free vegetable muffins or its infamous Choc chip bacon cookies. A hip atmosphere and delectable gluten free food.

Address: Origin Kitchen & Bar, 4438 McKinney Ave, Dallas, 75204
Monday – Friday 7.30 am – 2 pm & 5 pm – 10 pm
Saturday 8.30 am – 2 pm & 5 pm – 11 pm
Sunday 9 am – 3 pm

Start – A gluten free drive-thru. Americans love a good drive thru, for a gluten free girl drive thru’s usually offer little! However, Start seems to be banging on the door of the healthy drive-thru option. A cute shack is a home to some amazingly tasty and healthy gluten free breakfasts. Food is prepared fresh and they use organic produce, as well as GMO-free foods and meat. Order from their impressive menu and be greeted with healthy gluten free breakfast buns and delicious gluten free burritos. Affordable, convenient and healthy.

Address: ‪Start, Greenville Avenue, Dallas, 75206
Monday – Sunday 7 am – 9 pm

Good things come in more than two so here are a couple more Dallas gluten free breakfast places. Unrefined Bakery, 3426 Greenville Ave, Dallas, 75206 promise a 100% gluten free baking environment and a choice of the most exquisite treats. For another place with a menu full of gluten free fresh goodness head to Unleavened Fresh Kitchen, 1900 Abrams Pkwy, Dallas, 75214.

Gluten-Free Lunching with the Locals

There is nothing more satisfying than being surrounded by locals. For me it makes me feel safe, I feel like I must be in the right place! Lunch is often the quick stop gap before the grand affair of dinner. On occasions, though, you just know you need something tasty and substantial. Gluten free lunchtime in Dallas was all about finding the places the locals like to eat. The below are a few gems I happened across. Enjoy.

Company Cafe – Vibrant food time. The dishes zoom passed you in flash of colour. Healthy food, grass fed meat and a calm relaxing atmosphere full of locals chattering make this a fine place to spend an hour or two. Everything on their menu can be made gluten free and with choices such as the ‘Mack Daddy’ meatloaf, ‘The company Cobb’ giant salad or ‘French drip’ roasted beef sandwiches you are spoilt for gluten free choice. Not cheap, but the food really does shout loud and proud.

Address: Company Cafe, 2104 Greenville Ave, Dallas, 75206
Monday – Friday 8 am – 3 pm
Saturday & Sunday – 8 am – 5 pm

Malai Vietnamese Kitchen – Sharing is caring! Malai has a menu as extensive and impressive than any Asian restaurant I have been too. Sharing is a big part of the experience and with everything on the menu offered as gluten free, it’s the perfect place for couples or families looking to share. Sharing food when you are gluten free is a rare treat, which is why this restaurant made it on my list. The food is fresh, authentic and delicious. The husband and wife owners put a lot of passion into ensuring you are looked after. A calm, Asian-inspired décor makes you feel like you are somewhere other than America. Traditional gluten free Vietnamese food served beautifully.

Address: Malai Vietnamese Kitchen, 1161 E Southlake Boulevard, Southlake, 76092
Monday – Saturday 10 am – 11 pm
Sunday 10 am – 3 pm
Happy Hour Monday – Friday 4 pm – 7 pm & Sunday – All day

I present you with a couple of light gluten free lunch options. True Food Kitchen, 8383 Preston Center Plaza, Dallas, 75225 for a large menu littered with light or large bites for lunch or for super quick gluten free lunch snack on the go Snap Kitchen have many locations throughout Dallas. Run in, choose your tasty lunch box and even heat it in the customer microwave. Freshly made lasagne, fish dishes, and pasta await your gluten free tastebuds. Snap Kitchen, uptown plaza, 2222 McKinney Ave, Dallas 75201 (Multiple locations)

Dallas DOES Gluten-Free Dinner

Cities are always more expensive to eat out and Dallas is no different. Even the chain restaurants seem to take advantage of the need for food. I have always banged the drum for independent restaurants and even though you may pay more for your meal, you invariably receive better service and more importantly, chefs usually have a passion for their food. I find they better answer gluten free questions you sometimes need to ask. The below restaurants are small but worthy of a place on my list. Not cheap, but where is?!

Kozy – Gourmet gluten free food. Everything on the menu is or can be gluten free. With food such as venison sausages and fresh lump crab, you will not be disappointed by the choice and variety. A very relaxed and open plan restaurant where dinner in jeans and a jumper would be perfectly acceptable. A place for gourmet gluten free food only the locals seem to know about, well until now!

Address: Kozy, 4423 McKinney Ave, Dallas, 75205
Monday – Saturday 8 am – 10 pm
Sunday 8 am – 3 pm

Max’s Wine Dive – Wine Dive with great chicken. Bright neon lights greet you and you will be sucked into the warm belly of low lighting, inspired cocktails and gluten free fried chicken. Bite into the mouthwatering gluten free fried chicken and be taken to bird heaven. Fried with gluten free flour and dried cauliflower to give it the crunch needed, you will be shouting for the recipe. Other gluten free dishes are in plentiful supply, vegetarian eaters will struggle here. Max’s is really all about the meat and chicken.

Address: Max’s Wine Dive, 3600 McKinney Ave, Dallas, 75205
Monday – Friday 4 pm – 11 pm
Saturday & Sunday 10 am – 10 pm

I share with you two more Dallas dinner options, both equal in ‘goodness’ as the above two gluten free friendly restaurants.

In need of an upmarket Italian dinner? Head to Taverna, 3312 Knox St, Dallas, 75205 for scrumptious risottos and delicately handmade thin crust gluten free pizza. All served in a light, lovely setting. A supposed favourite with celebrities Mesa Restaurant, 1000 Texan Trail Suite 130, Grapevine, 76051 is surprisingly accessible and affordable. Mesa serves the BEST enchiladas in Dallas, as well as fresh seafood and desserts dreams, are made of. A romantic setting with fantastic service.

Dining out in Dallas was a real treat. I had to dig deeper into its many neighbourhoods and most restaurants were situated in the same area, which is actually helpful when you are in such a vast city. Gluten free food did not leave me with an empty stomach and each place I chose to eat offered variety and vibrant food. I left feeling there is so much more to explore with gluten free food in Dallas. I’ll be back!

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Gluten Free Austin Texas
Like many Texas cities, Austin is BIG into BBQ, but we are talking the BEST BBQ. Click To Tweet

Austin is packed full of American bars, modern & retro restaurants, and quirky snack shacks! You can literally feast on something different for each and every meal, every day for, well forever!

I love Austin for the diversity it offers. The downtown area is plagued with modern diners, restaurants and super trendy coffee shops. Hit a neighbourhood like South Congress or Lamar and be graced with gluten free bakeries, burger joints, and 5-star restaurants galore!

A city well known for its quirky and friendly people and ability to offer the next big food trend.

The first thing I noticed was how big the organic and healthy eating is in Austin, eating out is big business and the locals have high expectations. Eateries really do their best to offer excellent menus, most promising organic and ethically sourced foods.

Like many Texas cities, Austin is BIG into BBQ, but we are talking the BEST BBQ. Forget those images of sitting in a weird sticky floored restaurant serving you yesterday’s BBQ on paper plates!

We are talking contemporary restaurants offering slow roasted briskets cooked in the most authentic gluten free BBQ sauce and marinades, offering gluten free foodies a true taste of Austin and its BBQ scene!

Austin needed to live up to my Gluten free food expectations.

In the name of gluten free living, I have reviewed my favourite places to tuck into some true Texas food. Read on and get ready to eat as you will not be disappointed.

Breakfast just got retro!

Step away from the pancakes! I say this heavy hearted as I LOVE pancakes, but Austin breakfasts offered so much more. I must mention coffee is high on my breakfast list and being as I am dairy free too, the coffee can be just as important. From the hip and trendy to the downright retro, I had the JOY of reviewing some fabulous breakfast (and coffee) eateries. Gluten free breakfast just got Texan tasty.

Kerbey Lane Cafe – Omelette heaven awaits. Kerbey Lane has been open since 1980 and is a favourite with gluten free locals. 7 outlets across the city serve locals fresh and awesome food. An impressive gluten free breakfast menu awaits (lunch & dinner too). The Omelette selection alone is fabulous and my omelet was divine. Retro style décor with heavy wooden booths and retro stools to sit at the bar. Loved this place, its gluten free food, AND it’s coffee!

Address: Kerbey Lane Cafe, 701 S. Capital of TX Hwy, Austin, 78746
Sunday – Thursday 6.30 am – 10 pm
Friday & Saturday 6.30 am – 12 am

Snooze AM Eatery – A morning cocktail option!? Founded by brothers in 2006 and with two locations in Austin, this vibrant and modern restaurant is brimming with good stuff. It’s all about the origin of food and the service experience. They even encourage you custom order your meal and they do a HUGE amount for their local community. A huge gluten free menu with amazing staff, vibrant atmosphere and GREAT coffee.

Address: ‪Snooze AM Eatery, 1700 S Lamar, Austin, 78704
Monday – Sunday 6.30 am – 2.30 pm

Another couple of places for your Texan gluten free breakfast. Planet Sub, 906 Congress Avenue, Austin (Downtown) for a quick grab and go option. They offer freshly baked gluten free bread goodness for a huge range of fillings. Breakfast in style and head to the Wild Wood Bakehouse, 3016 Guadalupe Street, Austin. Tuck into tasty biscuits and gravy, breakfast taco platters, and breath in the smells of freshly baked goodness. Light and airy décor with a laid back and modern vibe.

A city you have to DRIVE to lunch

Austin is a city where you need a car, restaurants are dotted around the city and each neighbourhood offers you another place you just need to explore, shop and eat! Lunchtime for me is often something light and easy, American breakfasts can be large and I do not always want to tuck into a full blown meal. The below options offer you a lighter way to enjoy gluten free lunchtimes. Put your seatbelt on and get ready to explore.

The Steeping Room – Simple décor, fresh food, GREAT tea! This super modern, light and clean eatery is a great place to grab a light and healthy gluten free lunchtime snack. Enjoy a range of unusual bowls. From Buddha, Bangkok, Java or Masala all are flavoursome and full of healthy goodness. Large salads or a homemade baked treat await you to devour them. Known as one the Top 10 places for tea, their tea menu is extensive. Sip a coconut and green iced tea or indulge in one of their quirky afternoon tea offerings. Great place for a lighter gluten free lunch option.

Address: The Steeping Room, 4400 North Lamar Blvd Suite 10, Austin, 78756
Monday – Saturday 8 am – 9 pm
Sunday – 10 am – 5 pm
Happy Hour – Monday – Friday 4.30 pm – 6.30 pm

Bento & Picnic – Two of my favourite words. We have the Japanese to thank for the Bento craze; simple delicious food served as a ‘to go’ gluten free lunch. Bento & Picnic source GMO-free, gluten free, local and seasonal ingredients. Each Bento bowl looked amazing, all are made fresh each day and the soy sauce is even gluten free. Lovely location with a laid back and friendly vibe. Organic food is a passion and it really shows in the food. Definitely worth the drive for a light but delicious gluten free lunch.

Address: ‪Austin Bouldering Project, 979 Springdale Rd, Austin, 78702
Monday – Friday 6 am – 11 pm
Saturday & Sunday 9 am – 10 pm

When two are just not enough. Never a girl to miss out on giving a few more options for you to dine out in gluten free heaven. Check out another couple of light gluten free lunch options. For a little bit of Texas visit Fresa’s Chicken, 9th & Lamar, Austin offer gluten free Mexican food in a chilled environment. Love a good snack shack? Head to East Side King for beet fries and other gluten free fried treats. Various locations but I visited 1618 ½ E 6th St, Austin, 78702 and tucked into a generous and not greasy portion of their vegetable fries and famous gluten free and vegan Liberty Rice dish.

Dinner time! Let’s get our gluten free BBQ on.

BBQ, BBQ, BBQ – I literally feel like shouting this every time I visit Austin. BBQ and tacos are huge in Austin and America in general! It can be a mind field in choosing somewhere to enjoy an authentic BBQ. Throw gluten free into the mix and your choices are slightly limited. Many BBQ sauces use flour, so finding somewhere with the knowledge and expertise to produce a good gluten free BBQ can be a challenge. Well, thats where I step in. Pull your sleeves up and get ready to dig into BBQ.

Blacks BBQ – BBQ by the pound! This is true Texan gluten free BBQ heaven. With most meats and sides on the menu being gluten free you will be spoilt for choice. The meats melt in your mouth and the portions are large and plentiful. Red-checked tablecloths, wooden tables and typically laid back and chilled Texan atmosphere makes this place a favourite with locals. Great knowledgeable and friendly staff too. BBQ at its gluten free best.

Blacks BBQ, 3110 Guadalupe St, Austin, 78705
Sunday – Thursday 11 am – 9 pm
Friday & Saturday 11 am – 10 pm

Lamberts – An upmarket BBQ. Situated in a former general store, the awesome modern, yet retro decor envelopes you in warmth and hunger. The BBQ smell warms the room and its open layout put you at ease. The BBQ is not cheap, but the choice of meats and sauces alone is worth the extra dollar. The best BBQ I have tasted in a long time. The beer and desserts are pretty good too!

Lamberts, 401 West 2nd Street, Austin, 78701
Sunday – Wednesday 5.30 pm – 10 pm
Thursday – Saturday 5.30pm – 10.30 pm

Best of BBQ. Check out a couple more places to get your gluten free BBQ on.

For a good Sunday BBQ buffet head to Stubbs Bar-B-Q, 801 Red River St, Austin, 78701 where you will find paper plates and good old fashioned brisket. A true Texan BBQ experience. Be prepared to wait in line at Franklin Barbecue, 900 E 11th, Austin, 78702, melt in your mouth gluten free brisket, friendly staff and reasonable prices await. No wonder the locals LOVE this place. They close when they have run out so arrive early (11 am) to avoid disappointment.

Austin is a city with a big heart and an even bigger gluten free appetite. I was so impressed with the diversity of gluten free food on offer. Food trends are embraced and the city is full of amazing chefs hoping to showcase their best dishes. Eating gluten free in Austin was a joy and one I cannot wait to go back and experience.


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Gluten Free Orlando USA
A lot of the restaurants in Orlando had separate gluten free menus and the waiters and waitresses always seemed so happy to help if I had any queries regarding menu options. Click To Tweet

Orlando, a holiday destination famed for it’s theme parks, shopping malls and Disney everything!  It’s a large city with lots of Coeliac friendly restaurants and many cuisines are represented.

I found restaurants in Orlando to be very good in catering for coeliac customers (and those that suffer from other allergies for that matter).  A lot of the restaurants that I visited had separate gluten free menus and the waiters and waitresses always seemed so happy to help if I had any queries regarding menu options.

Gluten Free Eating, Orlando

  • Celebration Town Tavern, 721 Front Street, Celebration, 34747. This is a great choice for a hungry coeliac looking to replenish their energy levels after trawling around the theme parks all day!  The Celebration Town Tavern, which is done up to replicate a typical ‘New England’ tavern, has a separate gluten free menu and the options include gluten free pizza and a gluten free seafood medley.  Reasonably priced and very tasty food.
  • P.F Changs, The Mall at Millenia, 4200 Conroy Road, 32839. Looking for tasty gluten free Chinese food while in Orlando?  This is the place for you – P.F. Changs can provide gluten free customers with an entirely gluten free menu with lots of oriental choices to choose from.  The gluten free menu has lots of gluten free Chinese choices such as Chang’s spicy chicken and fried rice.  They also have gluten free desserts on offer – the gluten free berries and cream shortcake is definitely worth saving room for!
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill, Various locations. Mexican restaurants can be a great choice for a coeliac diner.  If they’re authentic, the corn tortillas should be gluten free (as they are traditionally made from masa), which they are at Chipotle’s.  You can build your own wraps or tacos according to what you fancy, the ingredients taste fresh and delicious, resulting in a very satisfying meal!
  • BJ’s Restaurant, Various locations, I visited the International Drive restaurant, International Drive, Orlando, 32819. This restaurant was able to provide me with my own gluten free menu card, showcasing the gluten free options that were up for pickings.  I can recommend the gluten free pizza that they served here, it had a nice crispy thin crust and they were not shy with the toppings!  They also have a  choice of gluten free salads and soups.
  • Crave, American Kitchen & Sushi Bar, 4158 Conroy Road, Orlando, 32839. This restaurant serves the unusual mix of American cuisine alongside Japanese sushi.  They have a separate gluten free menu for coeliacs or those with a gluten intolerance.  There are a wide choice of dishes on the menu, everything from Burgers to Miso glazed salmon – so there should be something to suit every taste!  The meals were of high quality and tasted great.

With many people holidaying in self catering apartments or villas in Orlando, I thought I should also mention where’s best to purchase gluten free products if you were thinking of making gluten free meals yourself, instead of going out.  I found Whole Foods Market (8003 Turkey Lake Road, Orlando, 32819), to be a great choice.  They had lots of gluten free essentials here including, gluten free pasta, cookies and bread.

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