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vietnamese fried spring rolls
gluten free hong kong
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Gluten Free Hong Kong

Whether you’re searching for a breakfast croissant, lunchtime salad or some local eats for dinner, print off this list of gluten free restaurants in Hong Kong and you’ll never be stuck for somewhere to go when the hunger pangs strike! Top…
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Gluten Free Philippines

The Philippines, being an archipelago, is composed of more than 7,000 islands. Only 2,000 of these islands are inhabited. With the geographic makeup, expect that each group of islands or regions have their own versions of a certain dish. Spanish,…
gluten free food Bangkok Thailand
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Gluten Free Travelling in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok; brash, bustling, boiling and brilliant! Having spent 3 days there before heading to Vietnam, I can safely say that I fell in love with the place. After a 14 hour flight, to step outside into the 34 degree humid heat was immense.…
gluten free singapore
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Singapore Slings and Gluten Free Things in Singapore

After spending 4 days in Singapore on a stopover to Australia, I can admit it was a little tricky at first to find gluten free dining. Despite most speaking perfect English, it was common to meet a confused face when using the words gluten…