Gluten Free Spain

Gluten Free Madrid
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Gluten Free Madrid

  Madrid’s association for Coeliacs and gluten sensitive people boasts a list brimming with more than 50 fantastic restaurants. Each of these establishments has been individually tested and certified as gluten free and safe for…
gluten free tenerife spain
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Gluten Free Tenerife, Spain

Tenerife is a tiny volcanic island off the northwestern coast of Africa which, along with Gran Canaria and five other small islands, makes up the Canary Islands. Home to year-round gorgeous weather and a wonderful landscape brimming with…
gluten free gran canaria
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Gluten Free Gran Canaria

The volcanic island of Gran Canaria makes up one of the seven Spanish Canary islands. It’s located in the Atlantic Ocean, around 210km off the coast of Africa. Due to the island’s location it experiences year round sunshine and has…
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Sin Gluten! Eat your way around Spain, Gluten Free!

Living with a food allergy or intolerance can be a challenge even in our own country. I remember the hours spent searching supermarket aisles, reading ingredients labels, trying different brands to finally find a range of foods that not…
gluten free barcelona spain
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Beautiful Gluten Free Barcelona, Spain

Traveling in Spain has certainly opened up my eyes to just how 'common' gluten free diets have become - thankfully for us, this is a good thing! Southern Spain has impressed me; with small towns home to many small but awesome cafes and…