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Gluten Free Restaurants in Ilkley, West Yorkshire

Ilkley, West Yorkshire is my home town in the UK. I was born here and went to the local secondary school, Ilkley Grammar School before going to University in Newcastle. When I left the UK to go travelling, gluten-free restaurants in Ilkley definitely…
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Gluten Free Spitalfields, London

Londoners know Spitalfields for its awesome markets and its important place in the timeline of London's history! Spitalfields has been a notch on the infamous British cities history since the 1100's! Yep, the area has been 'around' before…
gluten free york
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Gluten Free York, UK

York is so packed full of history. Romans formed the city, Vikings fought in the city and the Victorians industrialised the city. The city is packed full of ancient sites where you can still see what our long-lost ancestors have left…
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Gluten Free West London, UK

During your trip to London you will probably notice that gluten free eating in restaurants is a breeze. Generally speaking, it is a city that caters well for people with food allergies, including those with a gluten allergy or intolerance. West…