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Gluten Free Dallas Texas
Gluten free food is not just about finding somewhere you can tuck into bread or a baked treat, but it's often about not feeling secluded when looking at a menu. Click To Tweet

Dallas is a city full of unique and diverse neighbourhoods. Once a haven for fast food outlets and BBQ, the last few years have seen an impressive increase in independent chefs looking for somewhere to grow and offer locals awesome food.

Its downtown is full of independent coffee shops, cute bakeries, and chain restaurants, but step away and explore neighbourhoods and you will find independent restaurants popping up and giving gluten free food a chance to be set free.

I had no food expectations from Dallas and I wanted it to give me a view of what its food scene was about.

Gluten free food is not just about finding somewhere you can tuck into bread or a baked treat, but it’s often about not feeling secluded when looking at a menu.

I love to be in a restaurant and have as much choice as the person I am sitting next too, couple this with knowledgeable staff and a chef that treats gluten free cooking as a passion and you have a recipe (excuse the pun) for a great meal.

The ambiance is also important, I have been into many restaurants who offer a great gluten free menu, but little when it comes to feeling welcome and enveloped by an atmosphere that makes you want to stay and embrace its food.

Dallas presented me with impressive gluten free menus and diverse restaurants.

In the name of gluten free eating, the below are all places I am safe in the knowledge that you, my fellow gluten free eaters will LOVE.



Choc chip bacon cookies anyone? Sometimes you just have to give into temptation and when I am faced with a breakfast item that delivers bacon and chocolate, then I am giving in. Breakfast in Dallas can be as diverse or simple as you want it to be. It is flecked with an array of gluten free places to simply indulge or be healthy, as well as the chance to drink mighty fine coffee, Dallas seems to do coffee well.

Origin Kitchen & Bar – The home of Choc chip bacon cookies. The white, airy bar gave a fabulous choice of gluten free goodies. With healthy eating and catering for dietary requirements at its heart, it just ‘gets’ gluten free food. Sit at one of its wooden tables and watch the locals fly in and out for its great coffee. Tuck into gluten free vegetable muffins or its infamous Choc chip bacon cookies. A hip atmosphere and delectable gluten free food.

Address: Origin Kitchen & Bar, 4438 McKinney Ave, Dallas, 75204
Monday – Friday 7.30 am – 2 pm & 5 pm – 10 pm
Saturday 8.30 am – 2 pm & 5 pm – 11 pm
Sunday 9 am – 3 pm

Start – A gluten free drive-thru. Americans love a good drive thru, for a gluten free girl drive thru’s usually offer little! However, Start seems to be banging on the door of the healthy drive-thru option. A cute shack is a home to some amazingly tasty and healthy gluten free breakfasts. Food is prepared fresh and they use organic produce, as well as GMO-free foods and meat. Order from their impressive menu and be greeted with healthy gluten free breakfast buns and delicious gluten free burritos. Affordable, convenient and healthy.

Address: ‪Start, Greenville Avenue, Dallas, 75206
Monday – Sunday 7 am – 9 pm

Good things come in more than two so here are a couple more Dallas gluten free breakfast places. Unrefined Bakery, 3426 Greenville Ave, Dallas, 75206 promise a 100% gluten free baking environment and a choice of the most exquisite treats. For another place with a menu full of gluten free fresh goodness head to Unleavened Fresh Kitchen, 1900 Abrams Pkwy, Dallas, 75214.

Gluten-Free Lunching with the Locals

There is nothing more satisfying than being surrounded by locals. For me it makes me feel safe, I feel like I must be in the right place! Lunch is often the quick stop gap before the grand affair of dinner. On occasions, though, you just know you need something tasty and substantial. Gluten free lunchtime in Dallas was all about finding the places the locals like to eat. The below are a few gems I happened across. Enjoy.

Company Cafe – Vibrant food time. The dishes zoom passed you in flash of colour. Healthy food, grass fed meat and a calm relaxing atmosphere full of locals chattering make this a fine place to spend an hour or two. Everything on their menu can be made gluten free and with choices such as the ‘Mack Daddy’ meatloaf, ‘The company Cobb’ giant salad or ‘French drip’ roasted beef sandwiches you are spoilt for gluten free choice. Not cheap, but the food really does shout loud and proud.

Address: Company Cafe, 2104 Greenville Ave, Dallas, 75206
Monday – Friday 8 am – 3 pm
Saturday & Sunday – 8 am – 5 pm

Malai Vietnamese Kitchen – Sharing is caring! Malai has a menu as extensive and impressive than any Asian restaurant I have been too. Sharing is a big part of the experience and with everything on the menu offered as gluten free, it’s the perfect place for couples or families looking to share. Sharing food when you are gluten free is a rare treat, which is why this restaurant made it on my list. The food is fresh, authentic and delicious. The husband and wife owners put a lot of passion into ensuring you are looked after. A calm, Asian-inspired décor makes you feel like you are somewhere other than America. Traditional gluten free Vietnamese food served beautifully.

Address: Malai Vietnamese Kitchen, 1161 E Southlake Boulevard, Southlake, 76092
Monday – Saturday 10 am – 11 pm
Sunday 10 am – 3 pm
Happy Hour Monday – Friday 4 pm – 7 pm & Sunday – All day

I present you with a couple of light gluten free lunch options. True Food Kitchen, 8383 Preston Center Plaza, Dallas, 75225 for a large menu littered with light or large bites for lunch or for super quick gluten free lunch snack on the go Snap Kitchen have many locations throughout Dallas. Run in, choose your tasty lunch box and even heat it in the customer microwave. Freshly made lasagne, fish dishes, and pasta await your gluten free tastebuds. Snap Kitchen, uptown plaza, 2222 McKinney Ave, Dallas 75201 (Multiple locations)

Dallas DOES Gluten-Free Dinner

Cities are always more expensive to eat out and Dallas is no different. Even the chain restaurants seem to take advantage of the need for food. I have always banged the drum for independent restaurants and even though you may pay more for your meal, you invariably receive better service and more importantly, chefs usually have a passion for their food. I find they better answer gluten free questions you sometimes need to ask. The below restaurants are small but worthy of a place on my list. Not cheap, but where is?!

Kozy – Gourmet gluten free food. Everything on the menu is or can be gluten free. With food such as venison sausages and fresh lump crab, you will not be disappointed by the choice and variety. A very relaxed and open plan restaurant where dinner in jeans and a jumper would be perfectly acceptable. A place for gourmet gluten free food only the locals seem to know about, well until now!

Address: Kozy, 4423 McKinney Ave, Dallas, 75205
Monday – Saturday 8 am – 10 pm
Sunday 8 am – 3 pm

Max’s Wine Dive – Wine Dive with great chicken. Bright neon lights greet you and you will be sucked into the warm belly of low lighting, inspired cocktails and gluten free fried chicken. Bite into the mouthwatering gluten free fried chicken and be taken to bird heaven. Fried with gluten free flour and dried cauliflower to give it the crunch needed, you will be shouting for the recipe. Other gluten free dishes are in plentiful supply, vegetarian eaters will struggle here. Max’s is really all about the meat and chicken.

Address: Max’s Wine Dive, 3600 McKinney Ave, Dallas, 75205
Monday – Friday 4 pm – 11 pm
Saturday & Sunday 10 am – 10 pm

I share with you two more Dallas dinner options, both equal in ‘goodness’ as the above two gluten free friendly restaurants.

In need of an upmarket Italian dinner? Head to Taverna, 3312 Knox St, Dallas, 75205 for scrumptious risottos and delicately handmade thin crust gluten free pizza. All served in a light, lovely setting. A supposed favourite with celebrities Mesa Restaurant, 1000 Texan Trail Suite 130, Grapevine, 76051 is surprisingly accessible and affordable. Mesa serves the BEST enchiladas in Dallas, as well as fresh seafood and desserts dreams, are made of. A romantic setting with fantastic service.

Dining out in Dallas was a real treat. I had to dig deeper into its many neighbourhoods and most restaurants were situated in the same area, which is actually helpful when you are in such a vast city. Gluten free food did not leave me with an empty stomach and each place I chose to eat offered variety and vibrant food. I left feeling there is so much more to explore with gluten free food in Dallas. I’ll be back!

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