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Every type of cuisine is catered for - American, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, you name it and I’m sure New York will provide it. This also goes for gluten free friendly restaurants. They seem to be everywhere. Click To Tweet

The city that never sleeps, where dreams are made and the naked cowboy resides; New York City, where else?

The metropolis of New York lies on the east coast of America, with massive high rise buildings dominating the skyline. As you step out of the taxi and onto the sidewalk for the first time you get a real sense of the scale of the place. It is a concrete jungle with pedestrians everywhere, cars horns beeping constantly, buildings towering over you and the subway rumbling beneath you, there is a lot going on.

In terms of food, the pace is no different. Every type of cuisine is catered for, American, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, you name it and I’m sure New York will provide it. This also goes for gluten free friendly restaurants, they seem to be everywhere, great news!

With all the choice that New York brings for a coeliac, how do you know where to go?

5 of the Best Gluten Free Friendly Eateries in New York:

Best for Gluten Free Pizza

Rubirosa, 235 Mulberry St, New York City

The pizza here was sooo good! They had so much choice on the menu for those with a gluten allergy, with both gluten free pasta and gluten free pizza on offer. The restaurant had an authentic italian atmosphere about it with low lighting and tables crammed together. Try the vodka pizza, it was really good, honestly.

Best for the All American Breakfast

Friedman’s, 132 W 31st St, 450 10th Avenue

American’s know how to do breakfast well and this place is a great example. There are 4 Friedman restaurants dotted around the city, I went to the Chelsea branch. Again, so many gluten free choices on the menu, and they were all highlighted so it was very easy to see what was on offer. The gluten free pancakes were delicious, as was the pastrami hash (yes I went twice).

Best for Gluten Free Burgers

Bareburger, Various locations

This burger chain has multiple locations throughout America and in fact all over the world. Choose from a variety of different burgers, from chicken breast to duck bacon to the standard beef patty, the choice is yours. Gluten free buns are available here too, a proper burger experience! The fries are also delicious and gluten free too.

Best for Gluten Free Cakes

Tu Lu’s Gluten Free Bakery, 338 East 11th Street, New York, NY 10003

A whole bakery dedicated to providing gluten free cakes and pastries! As you would imagine there is a lot on offer here. The cupcakes had a great, spongy like texture and came in a variety of flavours, the brownies were also amazing!

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