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Gluten Free San Antonio Texas
San Antonio really is a walking city, which in the states is unusual. In downtown, the streets are cobbled, pretty and the amazingly beautiful riverwalk will leave you feeling relaxed and like you are in somewhere other than a busy… Click To Tweet

San Antonio is one of the prettiest cities in Texas!

I know the capital city of Austin holds high esteem with those into music and quirky people, but I fell in love with its prettier close neighbour.

I always expect America (certain States anyway) to offer the best of gluten free food, for some reason I assume it’s a country ahead of the pack. Competition is high and consumers are way more demanding and it likes to copy it’s healthier friend Canada!

As I crossed the state line I wondered if Texas would offer me gluten free food worthy of a mention?!

A state like Texas is known for two things, OK, you could maybe three! Steak, Bigger steaks, and Mexican food. I like to tuck into a good steak as much as the next gluten free eater, but let’s face it one is enough to last any trip and I do not want to review steakhouses in Texas!!

San Antonio really is a walking city, which in the states is unusual. In downtown, the streets are cobbled, pretty and the amazingly beautiful riverwalk will leave you feeling relaxed and like you are in somewhere other than a busy city centre.

As with any city, there are so many places to eat; although the downtown area is naturally flecked with bigger chains than independents. However, if you are prepared to look around and walk a little further or jump in your car, you will easily stumble across some amazing gluten free food gems.

I have to say I did try a few more ‘bad’ places than good to find the below list of recommendations. It feels like San Antonio needs to catch up a little with dietary needs.

Thankfully gluten free was catered for more so than many other allergies, but staff are not as well educated and menus were in some places really poor.

In the name of research, I happily stumbled across a few perfectly lovely eateries offering, authentic and delicious gluten free food.

Gluten-Free Breakfast – It’s not all Pancakes!

I always think of pancakes and crispy bacon when I think of American breakfasts, as much as I love a traditional American breakfast, I also crave something different. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, so I am always happy to try out as many diners and restaurants as possible in search of my next best gluten free breakfast.

5 Points Local – 100% gluten free heaven. Awesome coffee and breakfast or brunch awaits you and your taste buds. A relaxed and chilled area for munching. Brick walls, wooden benches, and yoga studio above all give this place a cool vibe. Offering authentic Texan gluten free food; eggs with roasted sweet potato and refried beans or warm up with their own blend of 5 granola and coconut yoghurt. The menu is fresh, healthy and superb.

Address: 5 Points Local, 1017 N Flores, San Antonio, 781212

Tuesday & Thursday 7 am – 8 pm

Friday 7 am – 10 pm

Saturday 9 am – 10 pm

Sunday Brunch 9 am – 4 pm

Powerhouse Bakery – Do not be fooled by the name, not only is this 100% gluten free bakery but they offer savoury delicious gluten free food too. Feast on a black bean stuffed oven roasted pepper or start your day with a gluten free breakfast taco packed full of flavoursome and freshly cooked deliciousness. A small area for eating means you will need to arrive early and grab a seat. Passionate chefs really do offer some amazingly great gluten free breakfast food.

Address: Powerhouse Bakery, 4902 Golden Quail, San Antonio

Monday – Saturday 9 am – 6 pm

Sunday – 1 pm – 4 pm

Another couple of places for your Texan gluten free breakfast. Twin Sisters Bakery & Cafe, 6322 N New Braunfels, San Antonio, family run since 1980 this popular quirky cafe will deliver a tasty gluten free smack to your taste buds or for a laid back and authentic American gluten free menu head to Courtyard Cafe, 7600 Eckhert Road, San Antonio.

Gluten-free Lunch

As with many of the breakfast places I recommend, they equally double up as a fabulous place you could tuck into lunch too, the above are great lunch examples. So, breaking tradition the below recommendations are actually chain restaurants. I know, I am banging the chain restaurant drum for gluten free foods made awesome and delicious. It also means when you are traveling throughout the states, you will know you can rely on these chains for good gluten free menus.

P.F Changs – Known as a ‘China Bistro’. Americans love a good Chinese meal. It’s rarely a food I trust to eat, battered chicken and sauces make me nervous! However, I was encouraged by a gluten free local to give PF Changs a try. The ambiance was cool and relaxed with Chinese art and plants flecked around the interior. The menu options impressive. Gluten free starters, mains, and desserts all taken care of and the food was good. A safe option when you are in need of quick, gluten free Chinese food.

Address: P.F. Chang’s, 15900 La Cantera Parkway, San Antonio

Monday – Sunday 11 am – 12 pm

Wholefoods Market – A health food supermarket with fresh, self-service gluten free food. Visit any US city and you will find a Whole foods market. They present you with quirky, healthy grocery food as well as self-service buffet bars, wine bars, and restaurants. Everything they offer follows the same philosophy. Find awesome products and delicious freshly made food covering any and all dietary requirements. A cool, hip and chilled vibe to ‘build your own’ lunchtime gluten free feast. Not cheap, but definitely worth browsing the aisles of all the incredible food.

Address: Wholefoods Markets, Vineyard Shopping Centre & Alamo Quarry Market, San Antonio

Monday – Sunday 8 am – 10 pm

With so many lunch options in the city, I had to share a couple more with you. Babes Old Fashioned Hamburgers, 4535 Fredericksburg Road, San Antonio for super soft gluten free buns and sweet potato chips to die for or for authentic gluten free Tex-Mex, Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill, 11075 W Interstate 10, San Antonio offers a no-frills setting with delicious food.

Gluten-Free Dinner time!

There is more to Texas than Steaks?!

There are always places the locals of any city tell you ‘you have to try this place’ and on some occasions, you do happen across a real gem. Gluten free eating is not always easy and especially at dinnertime when you just want to eat the same as everyone else. Having your ‘own menu’ can be weird enough! The first restaurant was recommended by a local and I was super impressed, obviously as it made it onto my list! Yep, I even walked away with one of their t-shirts and yep they are also a chain restaurant. Again!

Joe’s Crab Shack – Get your bibs on and get ready to crack some crab & lobster shells. A chain restaurant that offers a relaxed, all-American setting. Staff are friendly and the gluten free menu is clear and vast. Chow down on one of their famous ‘Steampots’ packed full of a filling of your choice. Crab, lobster or a mixture of both and served with fresh new potatoes and corn. Not a romantic setting, but definitely somewhere to get your hands dirty and have a good time. It was fun.

Joe’s Crab Shack, 212 College Street, Downtown San Antonio

Monday – Sunday 11 am – 12 pm

Las Canarias, Riverwalk – Do not judge the fact the restaurant is within a hotel. Las Canarias gives you the chance to eat gluten free dinner in supreme style. Beautiful location overlooking the riverwalk, white tablecloths and chandeliers give this restaurant a lovely ambiance. The menu caters for gluten free eaters in all its glory, apparently, the chef’s wife is a celiac and is passionate about offering his clients choice and awesome food. The food was exceptional, the setting was lovely. Not cheap, but worth it for a special gluten free evening in downtown San Antonio.

Las Canarias, Omni Hotel & Resort, 112 College Street, San Antonio

Monday – Saturday Dinner – 5.30 pm – 11 pm

There is always more! Never a girl to give just two choices for dinner, here are a couple more delicious gluten free eat treats. Biga on the Banks, 203 S St Mary Street, San Antonio riverwalk for great views, an impressive gluten free menu and sophisticated ambiance and for when a healthy Texan tamale calls head to Adelante Mexican, 21 Brees Blvd.

I LOVE San Antonio. Presenting you with impressive history and authentic gluten free Texan food at its heart you will fall in love wth this city too. Head downtown to walk the river walk and indulge in dinner in style or take the time to explore amazingly hidden gems for breakfast. I have a feeling you will also fall in love with this friendly, pretty Texan city.

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