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Hi! I’m Sarah, the founder and writer of this gluten free travel blog. I started this blog during my first big travel experience in 2015 where I spent 18 months travelling around the world with my sister who also experiences gluten sensitivity. My biggest worry was falling ill with my severe gluten intolerance so I made it my mission to research the most Coeliac friendly restaurants and the best tips for travelling on a gluten free, coeliac diet.

Have you been diagnosed with coeliac disease, or are suffering from a lifelong gluten sensitivity or intolerance? Just because you can’t eat foods that contain gluten, doesn’t mean you should be forced to pass up on eating delicious meals, especially while you’re travelling.

One of the many joys of travelling is being able to experience a different culture’s cuisine and experiencing brand new flavours and textures. Unfortunately, gluten sensitivity can pose a significant detriment to the enjoyment of new dishes.

It doesn’t have to be that way – my gluten-free food blog strives to change the way you travel and dine. Whether you’re passing through a neighbouring state on a business trip, or visiting a dream destination on holiday, you deserve gluten free options that serve great food. What better way to find out about these establishments than through a comprehensive directory of gluten-free friendly restaurants, cafes, and eateries vetted by other coeliac sufferers?

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gluten free travellers

Gluten Free Travellers is just that, an online resource created by gluten free diners, for gluten free diners. I understand the frustration that comes from most restaurants not understanding what a gluten intolerance is, let alone how to prepare a gluten free meal, or unknowingly serving you potentially gluten filled items such as sauces, beer, and flour.

If you’ve ever suffered through a dinner where the only gluten free option was a boring salad, then this website is for you. I listed the gluten free friendly eating establishments that I have found all over the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and more. Helping you to find gluten free food on your travels. From tea rooms in Bruges serving gluten free cakes, to Vietnamese and Thai food bistros in England serving spicy Green Curries and Pad Thai, we can help you find the perfect restaurant.

In addition to my reviews and recommendations, my gluten-free diet blog has a range of tried and tested recipes so you can whip up delicious gluten free eats in the comfort of your home using readily available, affordable ingredients that don’t compromise on flavour.

I also have a regularly updated blog and social media presence where you can read all about travelling on a gluten free diet – essential reading if you’re planning a holiday or break.

Are you a business offering Coeliac-friendly options?

Want to list your business’ gluten free products and services or think you could collaborate with us on a gluten free opportunity? Then visit our work with us page and drop us an email. We regularly feature reviews, guest posts, competitions and giveaways from relevant brands and partners that we feel benefit our readers, and you could soon be one of them!

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