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The 8 Best Food in Oahu


If you’re looking for some of the best food on Oahu, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve rounded up some of the island’s best restaurants, from local joints to tourist hot spots.


Leonard’s Bakery is a must-visit for their famous Portuguese malasadas. These are fluffy, donut-like pastries that come coated in sugar, cinnamon, and li hing.

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1.Hula Grill Waikiki

Located upstairs at the Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort, Hula Grill is the perfect place to recharge after a day on the beach. This plantation-style restaurant is filled with tropical decor and offers guests a great view of the beach.

General manager Drew Crocker shares that the location is perfect for watching sunrise over Diamond Head or a beautiful sunset. You can also enjoy a full breakfast menu, “Aloha Hour” and a variety of colorful island cocktails.

A favorite local dish is the Loco Moco, made with Portuguese sausage, Kalua pork, braised short rice, and shiitake mushroom gravy. The Honey Mac Nut Shrimp is another must-try here, featuring crispy battered and candied mac nuts with citrus marmalade glaze.

It’s a Hawaiian staple, and they make it with the best ingredients. Their Spam Musubi is one of the best musubis around, so you’ll want to get your hands on this savory snack when you visit.

2.L&L Hawaiian Barbecue

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue is a fast-growing restaurant chain that has spread like wildfire over the years. Their strong Hawaii roots give them the clout to offer an authentic experience and taste to their customers.

They have a huge menu with lots of different grilled meats, comfort food entrees and a variety of side dishes including mac salad and white sticky rice. A popular choice is their mixed plate with 2 scoops of rice and a mac salad and an entrée of your choice.

There are also a lot of specialty items on the menu to try. You can choose from teri beef, BBQ chicken, and kalbi ribs among other options. You can even get a Ramen Burger with a teri-burger wrapped in 2 semi-crispy ramen buns.

If you are looking for a plate lunch that is fast, hot, and full of flavor, this is the place to go. The portions are generous and the prices are low. However, you should be aware that the management has a high turnover rate and favoritism is apparent.

3.Duke’s Waikiki

Named after the fabled Duke Kahanamoku, this casual eatery buzzes with diners and Hawaiian music lovers all day long. Its sweeping views of Waikiki beach make it a destination spot for locals and visitors alike.

Duke’s serves up a menu of island favorites using fresh, local ingredients. You’ll also find plenty of tasty tropical drinks, like the Signature Mai Tai.

Its location inside the Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort makes it one of the most popular restaurants in Waikiki. It also boasts a lovely patio that’s perfect for relaxing with a drink and enjoying the stunning ocean view.

The buffet-style salad bar at Duke’s is incredible and it’s a great place to pick up an entree (even the kids’ meals!) with an extra side of fresh, wholesome salad. There’s an abundance of quinoa, pasta, broccoli, and kale options along with individually tossed Caesar or garden salads.

The dining room is open air and offers a spectacular view of the beach and Diamond Head. It’s a great place to sit with friends and family, and the staff is very friendly.

4.Kani Ka Pila Grille

While Oahu is known for its sun, surf and sand, it’s also a foodie destination with an impressive array of eateries. The island is a virtual culinary melting pot, offering everything from high-end French to Vietnamese pho and food truck fare.

Kani Ka Pila Grille is a quintessential Waikiki restaurant that has been serving upscale Hawaiian staples since 2008. Its poolside location makes it the perfect place to lounge and listen to live music while sipping on maitais, frozen cocktails and pupus under the stars.

Their menu is a mix of traditional Hawaiian favorites and modern twists, making it a great place to explore new dishes. We love the Ahi & Avocado Poke, which is crafted with cubes of island-caught fresh ahi topped with their signature poke sauce, crisp taro chips and fresh avocado for a delicious flavor combination.

It’s also a great place to catch some local music from ukelele musicians around 5 or 6 PM each night. The venue has an enviable reputation for attracting local musicians and kamaaina (longtime residents) to perform.

5.Poké Bar

Poké Bar, located on Broadway in Honolulu, is a Hawaiian restaurant with a well-designed menu. Among the items on offer are perfectly cooked poke bowl, spicy salmon and crabs, and a number of draft beer options.

What’s more, it has gluten free and vegan friendly options on the menu. However, they’re only listed on the menu board, so make sure to ask before you get your order.

A Hawaiian dish, poke is cubes of raw fish (usually ahi tuna or salmon) marinated in various sauces and garnished with seaweed, avocado, cucumber, or tobiko. It’s often served over a bed of rice or greens.

A poke bar is similar to a sushi bar, where you can choose your fish, seasonings, and sauces. Some of them even have create-your-own poke bowls! The best part is that you can get it all for a reasonable price. The staff here are also extremely friendly and helpful. Whether you are a local or visiting, Poké Bar is the place to go for a fresh and delicious meal!

6.Helena’s Hawaiian Food

If you’re looking for the best Hawaiian food in Honolulu, Helena’s is a must. This local hole-in-the-wall is a favorite among both locals and visitors.

Since 1946, Helena’s has been cooking up the finest traditional Hawaiian dishes. Their menu includes items like kalua pig, laulau, lomi salmon and pipikaula short ribs.

They are a James Beard Award winner, and they’ve also been featured on shows such as Chowdown Countdown and Man Versus Food. You can find the restaurant at 1240 North School Street in downtown Honolulu, or you can visit their website to order online.

While Helena’s is not an inexpensive restaurant, they make sure to keep prices reasonable for what you get. Their kalua pork is dry-rubbed and crispy, and their fried butterfish collar is also a must try. You can also get chicken long rice, opihi, squid luau and tripe stew. In addition, they serve haupia, a refreshing coconut custard/jelly that comes with each meal.

7.Ono Seafood

If you’re looking for fresh poke that’s a little more casual than a traditional fast-food spot, Ono Seafood is the place to go. This tiny restaurant tucked away in a parking garage off Kapahulu Avenue is known for serving up the best seafood poke around.

The poke here isn’t cheap, but you get a lot for your money: a large bowl of fresh poke and white rice runs about $10. Plus, you’ll get a free drink!

Ono also serves up some other delicious Hawaiian cuisine, including dried fish and shrimp, pickled mango, onions, poi, boiled peanuts, and a variety of other local favorites. If you’re looking for something a bit more refined, they also serve up pre-ordered sashimi platters.

Ono Seafood’s menu is a kaleidoscope of flavors that appeal to both traditionalists and neophytes alike. For those who like it spicy, they offer a hot version of their ahi poke. For those who like it sweeter, they have a miso tako that features tender octopus that’s mixed with their rich miso sauce.

8.Rainbows Drive-In

Rainbow Drive-In, a classic drive in that has been around since 1961, serves some of the best Hawaiian plate lunches on Oahu. Their menu includes the classics like teri beef, shoyu chicken and mac salad along with more unique choices like chili rice, Bbq beef and their award winning fried rice.

They also have a great selection of malasadas that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. They have a variety of fillings like chocolate haupia (coconut), macadamia nut, and island flavors of the month.

The menu also includes some of Hawaii’s favorite breakfast items including Portuguese sausage, eggs and rice. You can also try their version of loco moco which is a bowl filled with a hamburger patty, fried egg, and smothered in gravy.

The original location is on Kapahulu Avenue in the heart of Waikiki, but they have opened up several additional locations that are worth checking out. The counter-serve service is great and the food is always fresh and hot! It’s also one of the most affordable and authentic restaurants on the island.


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