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The 8 Best Food in Salt Lake City


Salt Lake City has become a dining destination for locals and visitors alike, with a plethora of 4-diamond restaurants and craft breweries.


A new generation of discerning diners is seeking more than traditional American fare to satisfy their cravings. From sesame-scented Middle Eastern mezze joints rubbing shoulders with ramshackle Mexicana taco stalls to chic bistros in Downtown for romantic evenings with fine wines and fusion dishes, the city is buzzing with food adventures.

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1.Handle Salt Lake

If there’s a restaurant in Salt Lake City that combines an impressive wine list, excellent service and sublime views of the mountains, it’s Handle Salt Lake. In fact, it’s a fine dining must visit.

A glitzy space designed for a five o’clock-somewhere cocktail hour, HSL is the perfect spot to impress a date or enjoy a post-work drink with friends. Its menu is a mix of old school American fare and modern takes on classics like perfectly fried chicken, foie gras veloute, and hamachi crudo in Calabrian chile vinaigrette.

The restaurant is operated by the talented Handly, whose sister restaurant in Park City is a James Beard semi-finalist and a winner of Salt Lake Magazine’s Best New Restaurant award. He assembles an all star team that includes Craig Gerome as chef de cuisine, Tim Smith as executive sous chef and Alexa Norlin as pastry chef. The best part? It’s a great way to spend the night without breaking the bank. The restaurant is open Monday-Friday for lunch, dinner and happy hour.

2.Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana.

If you’re a fan of Neapolitan pizza, Settebello is the place to go. The restaurant has a Vera Pizza Napoletana certification and the owner, Brad Otton, is serious about making pies the right way.

The pizza at Settebello is made with a tender dough that cooks quickly in a wood-burning oven. The result is a soft, foldable crust that’s light and melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Settebello also offers a variety of salads and a gluten free pizza. Their focaccia is tasty and perfect for dipping in the olive oil, chile oil, and balsamic dressing.

They also have a wide variety of toppings on their pizzas from the traditional Margherita to more exotic options like Quattro Formaggi (four cheese), Bianca (tomato-less pie with prosciutto crudo, basil, and mozzarella) and Salsicca (with local sausage). Portion size is small, so it’s best to order one for yourself or two friends.

3.Fresheis Lobster Salt Lake City.

Freshies Lobster has been serving a true taste of New England to Park City residents and tourists since 2009. Owners Lorin Smaha and Ben Smaha started out with their lobster rolls at the Park Silly Market, but quickly expanded to a food truck that travels around Utah.

When you go to Freshies, you can get the world’s best lobster roll and clam chowder as well as many other delicious New England dishes. Their menu includes salads such as the Maine-iac that features mixed organic greens, blueberries, aggiano cheese and maple pecans served in a Maple balsamic dressing.

You can also try their lobster sliders that include 2.5oz of lobster, brown butter, chives and mayo stuffed into two slider buns. They have multiple salad options as well, ranging from the Lobster Lettuce Cups to the Maine-iac Salad that contains mixed organic greens, blueberries, guacamole and mango tossed in a creamy cilantro sauce. You can also grab a grilled cheese that is made with SeaHive Cheddar, a type of cheddar that is produced in Utah.

4.Feldman’s Deli.

Feldman’s is the best of both worlds – a New York style delicatessen and cafe in a Utah ski chalet setting. This rustic-chic spot offers authentic New York-style sandwiches including pastrami, corned beef and reubens in addition to sides, soups and appetizers like the pierogi and knishes. The menu is surprisingly expansive and the menu changes frequently.

The restaurant is also home to a small stage area where local musicians can display their talent. Often it’s a small band or a few solo artists that take the stage, but every once in a while they get the big wigs. Some of the more noteworthy names to date include JT Draper, Otter Creek and Sycamore Slim. For the food-inclined, you’ll be pleased to hear they also serve up a fine selection of beers on tap along with an impressive array of gefilte fish, latkes and matzo ball soup. The best part? If you’re not in the mood for a full meal, they offer take-out. This is one of those places that you’ll be back to time and again.

5.Table X.

Table X is a restaurant that’s the product of three culinary-school buddies who want to make great food that people can enjoy. It’s a casual, approachable place that puts its focus on excellent food and drink in a lively, welcoming space.

The menu shifts seasonally, and the chefs have a knack for incorporating fresh ingredients at their peak to create meals that are unmistakably Utah-grown. Their red beet curry is a silky, tangy, flavor-filled kickstart to the senses, while Morgan Valley lamb tartare and white sturgeon are other standouts on the menu.

If you’re looking for a way to treat your friends and family to some of the best eats in Salt Lake City, then a gift card to Table X is the perfect solution. You can send a physical gift card to the recipient in person or purchase a Table X gift certificate through our online store.

6.La Casa Del Tamal.

La Casa Del Tamal is a West Valley City eatery that makes its claim to fame with tasty tamales and a smattering of other Mexican specialties. There are torta sandwiches, pambazo, refried beans, huaraches and a whole lot more on the menu at this popular Mexican restaurant.

Using social media to promote their new venture, Guerrero has tapped her daughter Olvera’s expertise in creating a swoon-worthy Instagram post and compelling descriptions of her favorite dishes. She also turned to her son Erick Pernia to develop the restaurant’s website and a social media presence that has brought in fans from all over Utah.

To make the most of their social media efforts, Arrieta, Pernia and Guerrero have all used a variety of apps to boost their followers. They have also tapped the expertise of their offspring to help them create photo-worthy menu items, develop strategies that resonate with both local and international audiences, and come up with the most fun name for their new restaurant.

7.Red Iguana.

If you’re looking for killer Mexican food, Red Iguana is the place to go. This beloved Salt Lake City restaurant has been a favorite of locals for decades, and you can find it in several locations throughout town.

Ramon and Maria Cardenas started the restaurant business in 1965 and it continues to be run by their children today. It was named to Salt Lake Magazine’s Restaurant Hall of Fame and has received a number of awards over the years.

The menu is full of traditional Mexican dishes including fajitas, carnitas and chile rellenos. They also have a lot of vegetarian options, including vegetable enchiladas and tamarind margaritas.

The food is amazing and the service is wonderful. First timers should ask for a mole sampler, which is a fun way to try out multiple menu options. There are 11 different kinds of moles to choose from. You’ll also love their tequila and beer selection. It’s a great place to visit with friends or family. The restaurant also offers catering and a party room.

8.Sweet Lake Biscuits & Limeade

This super-casual cafe with a smattering of sidewalk tables serves up heavenly biscuits in an assortment of ways, from blueberry-biscuit pudding French toast to fried chicken biscuit sandwiches with spicy pickles and mustard. Head to the refreshment stand at one end of the dining room to order a refreshing raspberry, habanero, or mint limeade.

The breakfast menu is loaded with stack-ups like the Hoss, which features fried local chicken, a fried egg, crispy bacon, and melted cheddar piled high on a fat, flaky Southern-style biscuit served in a pool of sausage gravy. Other favorites include the Pokey Joe, a pulled pork cutlet sandwich with slaw and a bracing limeade salsa.


To make the perfect brunch, choose from a list of sweet and savory side dishes, including brulee bananas, house whipped cream, slivered almonds, and blueberries. You can also order a cup of coffee, tea, or one of their signature cocktails. Then, get to work on your sweets and eat them until you’re full. You’ll have a blast! And don’t forget to save your passport for more deals as you go!


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