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The 8 Best Food Names in LA


1.Chilli Cheese Hot Dog

A chili cheese hot dog is a classic American dish. They’re made with a standard frankfurter topped with beef chili con carne. They’re a staple of many a picnic and party menu.

They’re also a popular late-night street food in LA, which means you can find them anywhere, from clubs to concerts. They’re usually served with a bun, but can also be wrapped in bacon.

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There are some classics, like Oki’s on Pico in Mid-City. It’s a local favorite for its chili dogs, which come stuffed in buns with melted cheese and plenty of chili.

It’s also known for its danger dogs, which are a popular street food after clubs and concerts. They’re often topped with fried onions and bacon.

If you’re looking for a fun place to enjoy a chili dog, head to Carney’s in Studio City, which has been serving up hot dogs since 1975. The restaurant is housed in an old train car, and the menu includes a variety of chili-heavy options to satisfy every appetite.

2.Pastrami Sandwich

When it comes to deli food, there isn’t any better sandwich in Los Angeles than the world-famous pastrami sandwich. This classic deli staple is made with juicy, fatty pastrami, tangy mustard and crispy bread, making it the perfect combination of sweet and savory.

If you’re in Los Angeles, there are several places that you can try out to get the best pastrami sandwich in town. For instance, Langer’s Deli on Alvarado Street is a great choice, offering a classic deli atmosphere with comfortable brown booths and photographs from their rich history.

The smoked meat is so good that it’s a staple for many Westside residents. It fills the gap between a fast-food chain sandwich and a no-frills, homemade lunch.

A hyper-casual beach spot with booths and a counter, Rinaldi’s has long been known to locals but it doesn’t get enough credit outside of South Bay. The stacked-high sandwiches here are one of their most coveted menu items, and they’re packed with their own two-week cured, house-rub pastrami.

3.Ice Cream Sandwich.

The Ice Cream Sandwich is one of those desserts that has always been a classic. It’s a sweet, all-American staple, thick with nostalgia, and often serves as the perfect dessert for a hot summer day.

It’s a sandwich of two cookies (or doughnuts, if you’re feeling French) embraced by a scoop of ice cream. These ice cream sandwiches are as much fun to crunch on as they are to eat!

For a twist on the classic, head to The Milk Shop. The sweet shop serves up ice cream sandwiches stacked on macarons with a variety of tasty flavors such as red velvet, the grasshopper, coffee toffee and arroz con leche!

Originally started as a food truck, Coolhaus has grown into an empire with trucks in Los Angeles, New York, Miami and Austin. They also have a brick-and-mortar in Culver City that offers some of their unusual ice cream sandwiches, like Beer & Pretzels and Fried Chicken & Waffles. They even have a few boozy flavors, like Guinness Chip and Maker’s Mark Manhattan.

4.French Dip Sandwich.

One of the best meaty sandwiches in Los Angeles is the French dip, a simple sandwich that consists of thinly sliced roast beef (or pork, ham, or turkey) on a slice of crusty bread and dipped into au jus, the juice left over from cooking. Cheese, hot peppers, and assorted condiments are sometimes added to this delicious dish.

The French dip is a staple of most beef eateries, but it was born in Los Angeles. Two classic LA eateries, Cole’s and Philippe the Original, claim to have invented this sandwich in the early 20th century.

According to the former restaurant, Philippe Mathieu created the French dip in 1918 when he accidentally dropped a sliced French roll into a rosating pan of juice-filled drippings. A customer dubbed the sandwich a “French dip,” and from there it became a culinary legend.

Another version, attributed to Cole’s owner Henry Cole, is that he invented the French dip in 1908 for a customer with sensitive gums who requested that his hard French bread be softened by the drippings of his roast beef sandwich. However, Thrillist points out that no mentions of the French dip exist until well after the link between Cole’s and the invention had long been established.

5.California Roll.

The California roll is one of the most popular sushi rolls in the world. It combines crab meat with avocado and cucumber and is a great combination of smooth, creamy, and crunchy flavors.

Sushi rolls are made by assembling sushi rice and ingredients on top of a sushi rolling mat. This bamboo mat, known as makisu in Japanese, helps to hold the roll together and keep it from being ripped apart.

It’s important to use a quality sushi rice. It must be whole, plump, and separated; sticky but not mushy or wet; with a beautiful shiny gloss; and balanced sweet-umami-savory-vinegary flavors.

To make the best California roll, it’s also necessary to use quality crab meat and avocado. Fully cooked ready-to-eat imitation crab meat sticks work well, but fresh real crab meat is always preferable.

It’s also common to add toasted sesame seeds, fish roe, and other garnishes to a California roll. Tobiko, which is fish roe, works particularly well in this roll because it has a salty, subtle sweetness, and crunchiness that balances the avocado and crab meat.

6.Cobb Salad.

There are certain bicoastal food topics that always draw a crowd of angry commenters, but there’s a few LA-centric classics that you can’t go wrong with.

Whether you’re in LA or not, you can’t deny the fact that many of these dishes have become modern culinary icons that are widely known and loved all around the world. Los Angeles is one of the most exciting dining scenes in the country, with many chefs creating globally inspired dishes that have already become modern classics.

The Cobb Salad is a chopped salad with a variety of hearty ingredients including lettuce, hard-boiled eggs, chicken, bacon, avocado, Roquefort cheese (blue cheese is sometimes used instead), tomatoes, and a tangy red wine vinaigrette. It is a hearty, filling, and delicious American garden salad that can be served as a main course or side dish.

While there are several different versions of this salad, the basic ingredients are the same and are almost always on most restaurant menus across the nation. It’s a popular item at many eateries, and with its tangy dressing, it is also a great meal prep choice!

7.California-style Pizza.

In the world of pizza, a handful of geographic hotspots are synonymous with the dish. Italy is the home of Neapolitan, deep dish is Chicago’s cult favorite and New York is famous for its historic slice shops.

But in California, we’re not merely limited to these well-known pizza styles; a vibrant and ever-evolving pizza scene has sprung up, spotlighting market produce and prioritizing personal expression. Angelenos are consuming Roman pizzas in a Hollywood dining room, wood-fired pies in an Altadena garden, sourdough crusts topped with ferments, and slices laden with mole and Oaxacan cheese, among others.


At Lodge Bread Company, co-owner Or Amsalam says her team takes full advantage of the state’s bounty of fresh produce and inclination toward culinary innovation. In their early days, they would only make pizza on Monday nights – the first-come, first-served format really showed them that there was a demand for the pie.

8.Avocado Toast.

Avocado toast is one of those trendy breakfast foods that continues to show up on menus around town. The mashed avocado and toasted bread combination creates the perfect crunchy, creamy bite.

The best way to make an avocado toast is with a good quality loaf of sourdough or multigrain bread. Slice your bread thinly and toast it until it’s golden brown on each side.

Once you’ve toasted your bread, spread the mashed avocado on top and sprinkle with some fresh lemon juice or olive oil. Add some salt and pepper and you’re ready to go!

Another option is to mash up the avocado and top it with red onions, cilantro, and red pepper flakes. You can also add some feta crumbles or tomatoes.

Lodge Bread in Culver City is a great place to pick up their fresh bread and try their delicious avocado toast! This friendly cafe focuses on serving their local community with cute picnic tables on the patio or refurbished community tables inside.


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