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The 8 Best Food Names in Pittsburgh


Pittsburgh is becoming a city for foodies. But despite all the high-end restaurants, no-frills favorites remain a staple among locals and visitors alike.


Smiley cookies have become one of the most popular treats in Pittsburgh, since they were introduced to Eat n Park’s many locations in 1986. It’s hard to figure out why, but one thing is for sure: you can’t help but smile when snacking on these little gems.

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1.Primanti Sandwich

The Primanti sandwich is a staple among Pittsburgh residents and visitors alike. It’s a sandwich that has become world-famous thanks to its overstuffed, stacked sandwich with meat, fries, and coleslaw all on Italian bread.

The sandwich was created by Joe Primanti in 1933 after he realized that truck drivers driving goods in and out of the Strip District needed a place to get food for lunch. He opened a small sandwich cart and quickly became famous for his sandwiches.

Eventually, Joe Primanti saved up enough money to open a restaurant in the Strip District. Today, Primanti Bros has locations throughout Pittsburgh and has a huge following of loyal customers.

This incredibly popular sandwich is known for being topped with fries, and it has been featured on many television shows including Bizarre Foods America, Man vs. Food, Adam Richman’s Best Sandwich, and Food Paradise.

The sandwich is stuffed six inches high with meat, cheese, and french fries on Italian bread. It’s an ideal late night snack and has been nicknamed the “Pittsburgh Super-Sandwich” by Steelers fans.


Pierogies are a staple in Pittsburgh, which is known for its Eastern European influences. There are lots of places to get them around town, including several that make vegan options.

The city’s love for the dumplings has led to a variety of festivals, where you can get your fix of the soft, doughy dumplings. It’s also home to a famous mascot race between innings during Pittsburgh Pirates games, which features pierogi mascots running around the field.

There are seven contestants in the race: Potato Pete, Jalapeno Hannah, Cheese Chester, Sauerkraut Saul, Oliver Onion, Bacon Burt and Pizza Penny. The mascots race between innings, wearing costumes of their favorite pierogi fillings.

The owners of this small shop in Etna are a friendly and hospitable bunch, and they’re always willing to make a vegan pierogi. They have a few options on their menu for vegans, such as potato and onion pierogies or the popular sauerkraut and mushroom pierogi. They also sell frozen pierogies that can be cooked at home. You can even order them online if you’d like.

3.Pittsburgh Salad

Whether it’s the famous Pittsburgh-style sandwich from Primanti Bros, or pierogies, potato patch fries, or burnt almond torte, there are a lot of foods that have a special place in the hearts of the people of Pittsburgh. However, there is one food name that is often overlooked and has no comparison in the world: the Pittsburgh Salad.

This salad, which has been around for quite some time in Pittsburgh, is a simple dish that features steak and french fries. It is served on top of a romaine or Iceberg lettuce mix with tomatoes, cucumbers, hard-boiled eggs, croutons and ranch dressing.

It’s a popular lunch or dinner choice and a great way to use up leftover grilled meat. While many people prefer the beef version, you can also make this with chicken or salmon for a more vegetarian option.

4.Potato Patch Fries

For the best fresh cut fries in town, head to the famous Potato Patch stand inside Kennywood Park. These hand-cut fries are prepared with everything from bacon to cheese, vinegar, ketchup, gravy and more.

A staple of the park, they’re a great way to fill up while enjoying the rides and attractions at Kennywood.

But the potatoes aren’t all there is to the popular stand, which also serves burgers, natural cuts and Perry’s Ice Cream. It’s not uncommon to see a line at the Potato Patch, but usually it moves quickly.

Heinz Field, Kennywood’s partner for the Steel Curtain roller coaster and Steelers Experience, is adding Kennywood’s famous Potato Patch fries to its menu this season. The fries, served with Heinz Ketchup and real cheese, will be available behind section 106 in the Great Hall.


The Gobblerito is a Thanksgiving-inspired burrito stuffed with turkey, mashed black bean potatoes, rich bread stuffing and buttery corn wrapped in a tortilla. It’s drenched in gravy and served with jellied cranberry sauce for good measure.

The cult favorite is a seasonal dish from Mad Mex, a Pittsburgh-based regional Mexican restaurant with 12 locations. The dish has a bit of a Mexican twist, but the Gobblerito is an all-American classic that can be ordered at dine-in or delivered via DoorDash and Uber Eats.

According to Matt Glick, the chef who invented the Gobblerito at Mad Mex, he first came up with the recipe while bar hopping in Philadelphia 11 years ago. He said he got the idea when he stumbled into a diner and ordered turkey and mashed potatoes slathered in gravy.

The popular dish usually shows up on Monday the week of the autumnal equinox and is sold until Thanksgiving Day. But last spring, Fuller and Mad Mex put it on the menu from March to May as a way to provide comfort food to customers amid the coronavirus pandemic.

6.Prantl’s Burnt Almond Torte

Prantl’s Burnt Almond Torte has carved out quite the reputation in Pittsburgh and across the country. It features layers of light yellow cake stuffed with vanilla custard, frosted with snow-white buttercream and covered in toasted sugared almonds.

The bakers at Prantl’s toss sliced almonds with sugar and water before toasting them until they’re golden and brittle. Then, they press them all over the top of the cake.

This dessert is a must-have for any Pittsburgh visitor, but it’s also a great way to treat yourself. Whether you’re a fan of burnt almonds or not, this cake is definitely worth the splurge!

Located in Shadyside, this is a great spot to grab some quick food while you’re in town. The only downside is that it’s takeout only – no seating, and parking can be a pain.

7.Turner’s Tea

Turner’s is a Pittsburgh institution, crafted in 1972 to provide the local steel workers with a drink that would fuel them through their long work days. Today, they finely craft a sweet, lemon tea that is fortified with the love of the local yinzers and embroidered into the fabric of the city.

The Turner iced tea has won many awards over the years including Best of Western Pennsylvania, an honor bestowed on them by the Westmoreland County Chamber of Commerce, for their superior quality and taste. In addition to their milk products, Turner’s also produces high-quality cheeses, eggs, yogurt and butter.

Moreover, they are now a marketing partner with Lernerville Speedway in Sarver, PA, as the presenting sponsor of their All Star Circuit of Champions and World of Outlaws Sprint Car events. This includes a tee-shirt launch, merit stickers for feature winners in Sheetz Victory Lane and a slingshot of a program that involves cartons of the aforementioned iced tea at every track stop during the 2015 season.

In addition, they have a new limited-edition Holiday Sweater that is sure to put you in the spirit of the season. They are available online or at participating grocery stores.

8.Sarris Candies

Sarris Candies is a family-owned and operated company that makes premium chocolates and other confections. It also runs a candy store and ice cream parlor next to its factory in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.

The company was founded in 1960 by Frank Sarris, a high school dropout who had quit his job at RCA to work on his own business. He started out by selling peanut clusters and cream-filled chocolates in his basement.

He was able to make enough to pay off his first bank loan in two years. However, he had to sell his car to cover the $15,000 he needed to purchase equipment for his new business.

Once he got the financing, Sarris leased a 1,600-square-foot space next to his house where he could sell his wares. He worked long, 18-hour days to grow the business and paid off his loans in less than two years.

Sarris Candies is a popular place for locals and tourists to go for a snack. It serves a wide variety of chocolates and other confections, and its ice cream parlour is famous for its hot fudge sundaes and Brezeln.



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