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The 8 Best Places to Visit in Georgia


Georgia is a big state with a diverse terrain and a thriving coastal economy, and it offers something for just about every traveler.


For outdoor enthusiasts, there are a plethora of mountains, waterfalls, lakes, gorges, and forests to explore. There are also vibrant communities and attractions for history buffs, and beaches to relax on.

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1.Okefenokee Swamp.

A 438,000-acre wetland on the Georgia-Florida border, Okefenokee Swamp is a natural wonder of the world. As the largest ecologically intact blackwater swamp in the nation, it is an unparalleled refuge for wildlife.

Its diverse ecosystems include marsh, upland forest, prairie, cypress swamp and an intricate labyrinth of waterways. Floating mats of peat provide habitat for over six hundred plant species.

This vast swamp’s diversity is a testament to the resilience of its complex ecosystem. The wetlands fluctuate between flood and drought years, ensuring that many plants have access to clean water in which to thrive.

As a result, Okefenokee Swamp supports 620 plant species and is home to more than 50 mammals, 234 birds and 64 reptiles. It is also home to 37 amphibians, the most vulnerable class of wildlife.

Among the many creatures that call Okefenokee Swamp their home are American alligators, venomous snakes and gopher tortoises. Wood storks, ibis and red-cockaded woodpeckers are also found in this majestic wilderness.

2.Cumberland Island.

Located off the southern tip of Georgia, Cumberland Island National Seashore is home to a unique blend of history, adventure and nature. It’s a barrier island of beaches, salt marshes and dense maritime forests.

Known as one of the most pristine coastal islands in the U.S., Cumberland Island is a haven for naturalists, hikers and bikers. It features a secluded 18-mile beach with towering live oaks draped in Spanish moss and crushed shell paths, as well as a diverse ecosystem that attracts native and nonnative species like white-tailed deer, turkey, feral hogs, nine-banded armadillos and American alligators.

Visitors can come for a day or camp overnight. The only commercial establishment on the island is Greyfield Inn, the former estate of Thomas M. Carnegie. Guests can take a ferry from the Cumberland Island Visitor Center in St. Marys, GA, or they can charter a private boat to get to the island.

3.Providence Canyon State Park

Often called Georgia’s “Little Grand Canyon,” Providence Canyon State Park is a unique nature experience that offers a combination of beautiful hiking trails, scenic overlooks and photogenic stops. With a variety of activities to choose from, including events and picnic areas, this hidden gem is one of the best places to visit in Georgia!

The still-eroding massive gullies of Providence Canyon are awe-inspiring. They feature incredible colors, caused by mineral-rich soil that includes red (iron), white (kaolin) and purple (manganese).

When you first enter the park, be sure to check out the unique corrugated rock formation that has formed here over time, thanks to natural sediments and pressure. You can also explore the numerous canyons that have created this pristine land.

Hikers of all levels will find a trail that suits their preferences, from the easy Canyon Loop Trail to the more challenging Backcountry Trail. Make sure to catch views from the rim of the canyons along your hike! If you want to relax and soak in the beauty of the area, try staying at a nearby campsite.

4.Callaway Gardens

Located in Pine Mountain, Georgia, Callaway Gardens is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the state. It has 14,000 acres of woodlands, lakes, and gardens.

It is a popular destination for family trips and vacations, as well as for couples looking for an upscale retreat. In the spring, visitors can enjoy the colorful azaleas at the garden’s Azalea Trail.

In addition to the gardens, there are several other activities to enjoy at Callaway Gardens. For example, there is TreeTop Adventure where you can zip line from a tower to the trees below.

The resort also has two golf courses to choose from. The Lake View Course is a challenging course with rolling fairways and lakes, while the Mountain View Course offers more serene surroundings with wooded areas and mountains.

The resort also offers cottages, which are an excellent choice for families who want to stay at a home away from home in the picturesque scenery of Pine Mountain. Guests can choose from several cottages, with different sizes and features to accommodate their needs.

5.Tallulah Falls

Located in the Northeast corner of Georgia, Tallulah Falls is a must-visit destination for any Georgia vacation. The gorge itself has been carved over millions of years, resulting in the stunning waterfalls you can see today.

During the fall, the gorge is particularly stunning, with a wide variety of colors surrounding you. During this time, there are hikes for every level and you can even find geocaches to help you explore the area.

Visitors can also enjoy activities such as kayaking and swimming in the gorge. For those seeking a more adventurous experience, you can hike the rim trails of the gorge and cross an 80-foot suspension bridge.

During the late 19th century, travelers from around the country made their way to the mountain resort town of Tallulah Falls. They were drawn to the area by its waterfalls, which rivaled Niagara Falls. They came here in large numbers to enjoy a day of hiking, picnicking, and swimming in the falls’ cool waters.

6.Golden Isles of Georgia.

From a magical string of marshes to a laid-back coastal lifestyle, the Golden Isles of Georgia teem with coastal charm and natural beauty unlike anywhere else in the South. This enchanting region encompasses the barrier islands of St. Simons, Sea Island, Little St. Simons, and Jekyll Island as well as the mainland city of Brunswick, making it a one-of-a-kind getaway that will delight and inspire your family.

From flip flop-friendly dining to upscale restaurants, the Golden Isles of Georgia’s food scene is a treat for every appetite. Try local favorites like banana pudding pancakes at Palmer’s Village Cafe, grilled shrimp at ECHO, and pimento cheese grits at Barbara Jean’s on St. Simons Island, or throw a low country boil with Wild Georgia Shrimp at The Beach House on Sea Island.

Aside from a laid-back beach lifestyle and natural beauty, the Golden Isles of Georgia also offers an incredible array of activities and attractions. From crabbing and fishing to hiking through the vast tidal marshes, there’s something for everyone. For families, there’s a wealth of water sports to choose from including boating, jet skiing, and sailing. And for those who want to explore Georgia’s history, there are many historical landmarks to visit.

7.Jimmy Carter National Historic Site

A visit to Jimmy Carter National Historic Site gives you the chance to learn about the 39th President of the United States and how he became an icon. It includes his boyhood home, school and campaign headquarters.

The historic site is divided into three main parts: Plains High School Museum, Train Depot (Former Campaign Headquarters) and Jimmy Carter Boyhood Farm. It’s well-marked and maintained.

Start at the Plains High School Museum, which has a restored and furnished classroom, principle’s office and auditorium. Then visit the Depot, which is also a museum with self-guided exhibits about the 1976 Presidential Campaign.

After that, head over to Jimmy Carter Boyhood Farm for a tour of the family’s home, farm store and barns. You can walk through the entire house and press buttons to hear audio clips about life on the farm.

The rural culture of Plains, Georgia that revolves around farming, church and school, had a large influence on the character and political policies of the 39th President. A visit to the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site will allow you to experience why his ties to this community have endured the stresses of public life, yet remain as strong as they were decades ago.

8.Amicalola Falls.

Amicalola Falls, one of Georgia’s seven wonders, is located in a stunning mountain landscape in Chattahoochee National Forest. Its spectacular views make it a top choice for families, couples, and groups who enjoy nature, adventure, and wildlife.

Hiking trails and a staircase offer access to this cascading waterfall, which plunges 729 feet into the lush forest below. The park also offers trout fishing in a seasonal stream.

The tallest waterfall east of the Mississippi River, Amicalola Falls is a natural beauty and has been ranked among the top attractions in Georgia by locals and tourists alike. Its seven cascades spill into a mossy, boulder-filled forest and are accessible via overlooks, trails, and a staircase.

In addition to hiking, visitors can choose from a wide variety of outdoor activities including ziplining, 3D archery, bird watching, and survival classes. Guests can also enjoy comfortable lodging, delicious meals, and breathtaking scenery at the resort lodge. Whether you’re looking for an easy day trip or an overnight stay, this is the place to be!


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