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The 8 Best Places to Visit in Oregon


Oregon is a place of stunning natural beauty. It has everything from national parks to volcanoes and desert plains.


One of the best things to do in this state is to visit Mount Hood. It’s the highest mountain in Oregon and a breathtaking backdrop for all kinds of adventures.

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1.The Multnomah Falls.

The Multnomah Falls is one of Oregon’s most iconic landmarks and is a must-see for visitors to the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. This towering 611-foot-tall waterfall consists of two tiers, with the upper fall plunging into a shady pool encased by columnar basalt.

Its steep cliff face drops over a mossy bed of Larch Mountain in the Columbia River Gorge and is fed by rainwater and snowmelt. Its steady stream of water runs year-round.

There are many ways to view the falls, from a wheelchair-accessible viewing platform to an easy paved path all the way up to a viewpoint carved into the rocky cliffs at the top of the fall. Whether you want to relax or take in the sights, it’s worth the drive!

The waterfall’s spray makes it cold, so you should dress warmly for your visit. Bring extra layers and wear shoes with traction for better traction on the slick cliffsides.

2.Mount Hood National Forest.

Located east of Portland and south of the Columbia River Gorge, Mount Hood National Forest is home to Oregon’s highest peak. The dormant volcano is capped by 11 glaciers and attracts over 10,000 climbers each year to its hiking trails, ski slopes and alpine lakes.

The national forest is also a popular destination for hikers and cyclists. With a couple thousand miles of trails, the area has something for everyone.

One of the most famous attractions in Mount Hood National Forest is Timberline Lodge which was built in 1937. This historic lodge is a National Historic Landmark and is a great place to stay when you’re visiting the area.

Another popular attraction in the region is Trillium Lake. This lake is a short drive from Government Camp vacation rentals and offers spectacular views of Mt. Hood from a picnic table or the campground.

The Mount Hood Scenic Loop is a great route to take to explore this beautiful area. This scenic byway starts in Fairview/Gresham and ends in Hood River, Oregon.

3.The Crater Lake National Park.

The Crater Lake National Park is one of the most pristine and awe-inspiring places in America. A gleaming, deep blue lake surrounded by a volcanic basin and capped with towering mountain ranges, it’s a must-visit for anyone looking to satisfy their travel bug.

Located in the Cascade Mountains, Crater Lake is a unique natural treasure that has captivated visitors for centuries. Its deep, pristine waters are framed by a crater that formed 7,700 years ago when a volcano collapsed.

When the ash and other volcanic debris fell into the crater, it created an awe-inspiring landscape with a lake surrounded by snowy and rainy mountains. Whether you’re visiting the park in the summer or winter, there are plenty of things to do.

For example, you can hike a trail to see The Pinnacles, a group of pumice spires that were formed by erosion. Alternatively, you can take a boat tour around the lake and enjoy its beautiful views from the water. Or, if you’re staying overnight in the park, you can stargaze at night.

4.Cannon Beach.Cannon Beach.

Located smack dab on the Oregon coastline, Cannon Beach is home to miles of scenic beaches and dramatic shoreline rock formations. Its beaches are renowned for their beautiful views and the thrill of exploring thrillingly alive tide pools.

It is also home to Haystack Rock, one of the most recognizable landmarks in all of Oregon. It is 235 feet tall and a must-see for anyone visiting the area.

For the ultimate experience, hike the Haystack Rock Trail which takes you to breathtaking stretches of beach. You can even watch the sunset over the ocean from this amazing spot!

The best time to visit Cannon Beach is between July and September. This is when the weather is warm and less likely to rain.

Cannon Beach has plenty of quaint restaurants and boutiques to peruse, as well as several luxury oceanfront lodgings. It is also a great place to stay if you want to take in all of the local art galleries and enjoy some year-round live theater performances. In addition, there are many breweries in the town.


Portland is a lively city, full of creative people and with plenty of things to do. Its location on the Columbia and Willamette rivers makes it a great base for exploring nearby attractions such as snow-capped Mount Hood, lush wine country and waterfall-filled Columbia Gorge.

During your stay, it’s worth visiting Mount Tabor, which is a dormant volcanic vent that offers stunning views of the city. There are a few hiking trails that lead to its summit, but you can also go for a leisurely stroll around the surrounding land.

You can also visit Washington Park, which is home to the World Forestry Center Discovery Museum and the Hoyt Arboretum. The arboretum is a 190-acre collection of coniferous trees that is the perfect place to get some fresh air and exercise while enjoying the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

In addition to nature, you can also enjoy some of the best Portland has to offer in terms of food and drinks. Savor authentic Russian fare at Kachka, or sample local craft brews at dozens of microbreweries.

6.Hood River.

With a sweeping Columbia River, world-class wineries, and a diverse restaurant scene, Hood River is the perfect destination for your next getaway. The small town is a hub of outdoor activity, offering the best of hiking, skiing, and kiteboarding along with a vibrant culinary scene that will keep you fueled up for your adventure.

The spring and fall are great times to visit, with the abundance of fruit trees and cliffside wildflowers providing stunning views in both seasons. In summer, there’s plenty of watersports to choose from and the weather is generally sunny and mild; in winter, you’ll enjoy a booming ski season on Mount Hood, with 10 months of powder.

A trip to the breweries is a must on any visit to Oregon, and Hood River has an impressive burgeoning microbrew industry that’s sure to make your palate happy. You can find them dotted around downtown, as well as sprinkled across the scenic Fruit Loop drive.

If you’re looking for a hearty meal to fuel up for your day of adventures, Bette’s Place in downtown Hood River serves up a delicious variety of homestyle comfort food. From their famous Gorge breakfast sandwich to pastries and other sweet treats, this popular eatery will have you coming back for more.


Salem is home to many unique attractions that are well worth a visit. From gilded museums to public gardens, there is a wide array of things to do in this charming city.

The capital of Oregon, Salem is a vibrant city with a diverse culture and culinary scene. It’s a perfect place to take your family for a fun-filled trip.

One of the best attractions in Salem is the Hallie Ford Museum of Art. The museum has a variety of permanent and special exhibitions that are sure to fascinate your kids and your friends.

Besides art, the museum also offers a variety of educational programs and camps for children. These activities are meant to ignite their natural curiosity and make learning a fun experience.

Another attraction in Salem is the Riverfront Carousel. This is a great place to have fun with your family and enjoy some fun rides.


Eugene, Oregon is a vibrant city that offers visitors an incredible mix of culture and fun. It has a diverse range of attractions and activities to choose from, including sports stadiums, museums and gardens.

The most popular of these is the Hult Center of Performing Arts, which hosts over 700 performances and events yearly. This centre is located in downtown Eugene and has beautiful architecture and amazing acoustics.

Another must-visit attraction is Hendricks Park, which features an array of gardens and winding hiking and walking trails. This picturesque park is also home to a rhododendron garden with thousands of different varieties of this plant.

This beautiful park is a great place for families to enjoy a day outdoors, and it also provides the perfect backdrop for a scenic walk or a bike ride. There is plenty of wildlife to see, as well as a number of trails that are suitable for both beginners and experienced hikers.

There are also a number of parks and natural destinations to visit in Eugene, including Mount Pisgah Arboretum, which is one of the most majestic spots in the area. Here you can take a peaceful stroll among ferns, shrubs and wildflowers or learn about local ecosystems from experts.


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