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The 8 Best Places to Visit in Switzerland


Switzerland’s alpine scenery is so dramatic and beautiful that it takes your breath away. You’ll be mesmerized by the glacier-capped peaks, crash-bang waterfalls, turreted castles and lakes that are painted in an emerald shade of turquoise blue.

There are so many places to visit in Switzerland, but here are 8 of the best that you should definitely check out!

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1.Jungfrau region.

For mountain lovers and skiers, the Jungfrau region (including the resort towns Wengen, Grindelwald, and Lauterbrunnen) is one of Switzerland’s most spectacular destinations. It’s home to the highest mountain in Europe and the famous Jungfraujoch railway station, as well as a number of other attractions that are sure to enchant you.

The area is also a paradise for hiking, skiing and tobogganing in winter. With over 200 km of ski runs for all skill levels, the Jungfrau ski region is a must-visit.

To really make the most out of your time in the Jungfrau region, you’ll want to spend some time in the main town, Murren. Here you’ll find everything you need to get the most out of your trip, including great restaurants and hotels.

From there, you can explore more of the region by train or cable car. Some of the essential sights, like Jungfraujoch and Schilthorn, can only be reached via train or cable car, but you’ll still be able to enjoy gorgeous hiking trails, tremendous waterfalls, and stunning scenery right outside your hotel.


Bern is a historic city with a UNESCO-listed old town that’s tucked away on a long cliff along the Aare River. It’s laced with several kilometres of arcades and boasts one of Europe’s longest covered shopping promenades.

A UNESCO World Heritage site, Bern’s medieval architecture is beautifully preserved and is well worth visiting. The Zytglogge, a dazzling medieval clock tower complete with moving puppets, is just one of the many highlights.

The 15th century Gothic cathedral in Bern is also a must-see. It has a 100-metre-high spire, which gives you vertiginous views of the surrounding mountains.

It’s also home to the Bundeshaus (Parliament building), the seat of Swiss federal government. The domed central block houses the chambers of the two houses and meeting places for the National Council and the Council of States; in the east and west wings are various federal agencies and a library.

Bern is also home to the famous scientist Albert Einstein, who lived here for part of his career. The Historical Museum has an engaging exhibition about his time working at the Bern patent office, and you can also visit the apartment he shared with his family.

3.Lake Geneva.

With its jaw-dropping views, historic mansions, and scenic hiking trails, Lake Geneva is a dream vacation destination. From adrenaline-pumping adventures to peaceful hikes along hidden pathways, it’s a perfect spot for any traveler!

It’s also a great place for couples who are looking for unique and romantic experiences. From shopping, to relaxing, and more, there are plenty of activities to choose from.

If you’re in Lake Geneva in the winter, then one of the best things to do is visit the Ice Castles. This awe-inspiring exhibit features structures made of hundreds of thousands of icicles.

Another cool way to experience the winter wonderland of Lake Geneva is to take a hot air balloon ride. This is a must-try for travelers who are looking to see the breathtaking views of the area from a new perspective.

The only winery in Lake Geneva, this urban vineyard offers a variety of wines and tastings, as well as an art gallery and a recording lounge. It’s a great place to stop for a quick drink on your trip!


Zermatt is one of Switzerland’s most picturesque mountain resorts. It is famous for its iconic mountains, panoramic vistas, charming village atmosphere and fascinating museums.

The most famous attraction in the town is probably its world-famous Matterhorn, but there are so many other things to do and see in Zermatt that you’ll never run out of options. Whether you’re into shopping, eating out or sightseeing, this is one of the best places to visit in Switzerland.

There’s no shortage of great restaurants in Zermatt, with a wide variety of cuisine to choose from. From simple fare in cosy mountain restaurants to high-end gourmet eateries, you’ll have no trouble finding a restaurant that suits your tastes and budget.

If you’re into history, don’t miss the Matterhorn Museum. It’s located near the town center and a great way to learn more about the town and its earliest inhabitants.

A short walk from the town center is the Old Village of Zermatt, which is a lovely place to explore day and night. It’s a totally different feel from the bustling shopping street around it and is a must-see on any trip to Zermatt.

5.Swiss National Park

Founded in 1914, this mountain-bound national park has long been one of Europe’s best places to hike. Its 170 square miles (0.42% of Switzerland) spans imposing peaks and picturesque valleys that are bursting with rich biodiversity.

The park’s strict conservation rules keep it wild and free, allowing visitors to get close to exotic wildlife like marmots and chamois. It also allows them to watch red deer, ibex and other alpine species roaming the park’s pristine peaks, meadows, forests and mountains.

You can spend your whole trip hiking on the 50mi (80km) of trails and nature paths that are available in the park. Alternatively, you can choose to stay at a nearby mountain hut such as the famous Chamanna Cluozza or the light and pine-clad Hotel Parc Naziunal Il Fuorn.

The Swiss National Park was originally designed as an experiment, aiming to avoid human intervention and preserve the area’s natural environment. Since then, it’s been classed by the IUCN as a strict nature reserve, the highest protection level. It has established itself as a renowned ’field laboratory’, where natural processes are observed and studied.


Located in Ticino, Bellinzona is the capital of Switzerland’s only Italian-speaking canton. It is also one of Switzerland’s most beautiful and historic cities.

The town boasts a mix of traditional Swiss and Italian styles, from Renaissance buildings to Baroque stucco facades. It is a must-visit for architecture lovers, and its castles are considered among the finest examples of medieval defense in the country.

In 2000, the castles and the defensive wall of Bellinzona were added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List. They are also a popular tourist attraction.

You can climb to the top of the Castelgrande, the castle that was built over a Roman castle, and admire the view over the town center and surrounding area. You can also visit a museum there that documents the history of the castles and city center.

Other attractions in Bellinzona include the Collegio Pontificio Papio, which has one of Switzerland’s most enchanting Renaissance courtyards, and the Dominican church of Santa Maria della Misericordia, with a cycle of late Gothic frescoes. The Ursuline Palace is also worth seeing, as well as the Civic Art Gallery, which has an excellent collection of Swiss and Italian art from the 19th to 20th centuries.

7.Jura Mountains and Lac de Neuchâtel

The Jura Mountains, a 225-mile (360 km) long arc of mountains on both sides of the French-Swiss border, have a wealth of natural beauty. They are less rocky than the Alps and grow forests on top of them, giving them a greener feel.

Aside from its many natural attractions, the Jura Mountains also have some interesting historical sites and monuments to see. Neuchatel is located at the foot of the Jura Mountains and is a good base for exploring the peaks and lakes in the area.


It’s also worth visiting the watch-making towns of La Chaux-de-Fonds and Le Locle, which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. They are famous for their precision work.

Another highlight of the Jura Mountains is the pristine Lake Neuchâtel, which is known as Switzerland’s largest lake. Several ferry operators run between the towns along its shores.

The Jura Mountains are a must-visit for anyone looking to get away from the bustle of daily life. The peaks and lakes in this region are perfect for outdoor activities, including hiking, fishing, and kayaking.

8.Appenzell and northeastern Switzerland.

Appenzell and northeastern Switzerland are a paradise for those who love to hike, camp, and explore nature. This part of Switzerland is one of its smallest cantons, with scenic mountain landscapes and isolated villages.

Stroll tiny streets, explore historic buildings, and taste local cuisine. You’ll find smoked meat, brockli (dried beef), and cheeses here that are unique to this region.

If you’re looking for a little more adventure, there are hiking trails in the mountains of the Alpstein massif. It’s a great place to escape the crowds and experience traditional alpine charm.

There are also lots of outdoor activities to enjoy in the region, including skiing, snowboarding, and tobogganing. Sailing schools can be found in the lakeside communities, and biking is popular along the shoreline of Lake Constance.

You can also visit medieval towns like Schaffhausen and Stein-am-Rhein, which boast charming old-world hotels. There are also many natural wonders to see in the area, such as the Rhine Valley and the Rhine Falls. This is the perfect destination for anyone who loves to hike, explore nature, and learn about Swiss culture!


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