8 Best Food in Kansas City

Kansas City, MO boasts an unparalleled restaurant scene. Its barbecue is world-renowned, but Kansas City also offers a delectable array of other delectable cuisines to try.


Barbecue is an umbrella term for various meats, spices and sauces cooked slowly over fire or coals.


Fried Chicken

Kansas City offers visitors a host of attractions, from its jazz heritage and museums to delicious food options that appeal to everyone.



Steak is a beloved food choice for meat-lovers. Whether served with sides or on its own, steak has an irresistibly rich and tender flavor.



Chili is one of the most beloved soups in America. It's an uncomplicated recipe that can easily accommodate different dietary needs.


Biscuits and Gravy

Kansas City, MO, is not only known for its BBQ but also has an exciting culinary scene. You'll find everything from Italian and Ethiopian dishes to Mexican and vegan cuisine here.


Burnt Ends Sandwich

Kansas City is known as the barbecue capital, boasting more than 100 smokehouses where you can sample some delectable cuisine.


Fried Catfish

Kansas City boasts some of the finest fried catfish in America, making it a delectable option for lunch or dinner. Trust us: it will be worth your while!



Tacos have been a mainstay of Mexican cuisine for more than two centuries. Originating in Puebla, these iconic dishes have since spread throughout the nation.