8 Best Places to Visit in December

No matter if you're visiting Louisville or a native, be sure to sample these delectable treats!

Hot Brown

One of Louisville's beloved traditions is the Hot Brown sandwich, originally created at the Brown Hotel in the 1920s and now enjoyed by both visitors and residents alike.



Burgoo, Kentucky's version of gumbo and New England's clam chowder, has been a beloved dish throughout the state for centuries.


Benedictine spread

Benedictine Spread is a light-green cucumber sandwich filling created in Louisville, Kentucky during the early 1900s.


Derby Pie

Derby Pie may appear to be just another version of pecan pie, but this decadent dessert is packed with sweet chocolate chips and infused with Kentucky bourbon.


Mutton barbecue

Some distinctions can be attributed to ingredients used, while others simply depend on how meat is prepared.


Fried chicken

Fried chicken has been a beloved southern delicacy for thousands of years, delighting diners around the globe with its mouthwatering flavor and succulent meat.



From classic mint juleps to an array of bourbon-infused dishes, there's something here for everyone in Louisville.


Derby City Dog

Louisville may be known for its bourbon and baseball, but it also boasts plenty of good food.