Whether you're craving Thai food or Mexican cuisine, Minneapolis is home to some of the best restaurants in the country.

8 Best Food in Minneapolis

Swedish Meatballs

In their most traditional form Swedish meatballs (kottbullar) are made of ground pork and beef, cream, egg and onion.


Wild Rice

Nothing satisfies the appetite on Minnesota's crisp fall and winter days like a big bowl of warm soup.


Polish Sausage

Polish sausage is a smoky, delicious treat that is made with a variety of meats. It is a staple of Polish cuisine and has been around for centuries.


Jucy/Juicy Lucy

There are two bars that claim to be the inventors of this cheesy masterpiece, but many other restaurants in the area have created their own versions.


Cheese Curds

Cheese curds, also known as squeaky cheese, are a common delicacy in Wisconsin and across the Midwest.



Pho, or Vietnamese soup, is an aromatic and filling dish that’s a must-try on a cold day. Made with a rich broth that’s simmered for several hours with beef bones, spices



Walleye is a popular game fish that is found throughout North America, particularly in the Great Lakes region.



A favorite summer side dish or a topping for pizza, sweetcorn is a great source of fiber and vitamin A.