Detroit’s food scene is a mosaic of international influences, from the Greek and Polish diasporas to China, Vietnam, Lebanon and more recent waves of refugees.

The 8 Best Food Diced Food in Detroit

Detroit Deep Dish

Detroit is known for cars, music and pizza - so it’s no surprise that its deep dish pie is considered one of the country’s most popular.


Coney Island Hot Dogs

It’s a unique combination that sets the coney apart from all other hot dogs and has a deep, long history in both New York and Michigan.


Asian Corned Beef

It’s an iconic local dish, a signature of Asian Corned Beef, a fast-food chain founded in the era of racial segregation and white flight that has grown to seven locations.


Telway Hamburgers

Founded in 1944, Telway Hamburgers is one of the best places to get greasy, cheap fast food in Detroit. The 24-hour eatery has two locations in metro Detroit.


Scotty Simpson’s Fish & Chips

Located on Fenkell and Dolphin Street in Brightmoor, Scotty Simpson’s is a casual restaurant known for its fried seafood.


Boston Cooler

While Detroit is renowned for its deep dish pizza, the city is also home to an array of classic restaurants that serve up a wide range of foods from around the world.


Big Boy

If you’re looking for a classic fast-food experience, Big Boy restaurants are a must. These restaurants offer double-deck burgers, freshly cut fries, and milkshakes.


Slows Bar BQ

This establishment has a great selection of bbq sandwiches, waffle fries and sweet potato mash.