Baltimore is home to a wide range of cuisines, from traditional seafood dishes to authentic Argentine food.

The 8 Best Food Diced in Baltimore

Pastries at The Corner Pantry

It doesn’t get much Chesapeake Bay-to-table than the oysters raised on this Southern Maryland aquafarm, roasted raw and then slathered with herb-Old Bay butter.


Crab Cakes at Jimmy’s Famous Seafood

Crab cakes are one of the quintessential Maryland dishes. And there are plenty of great spots in Baltimore to get a big, jumbo, homemade variety.


Chicken and Waffles at Maggie’s Farm

Known as the best brunch place in Baltimore, Maggie’s Farm has been open since 2012 and has an incredible menu.


Homemade Pita at Cypriana

Cypriana is a stylish, upscale restaurant with a spacious deck offering Cypriot & Mediterranean cuisine & drinks. It’s also conveniently located across from Homewood Field.


Crab Pie at Matthew’s Pizza

It might not look pretty, and it might not be sexy, but crab pie is what makes Matthew’s Pizza a fixture of Highlandtown.


Fries at The Local Fry

When we think of Baltimore, we often imagine crabs, oysters, and rockfish – but a city’s food scene isn’t always defined by seafood.


Coddies at Dylan’s Oyster Cellar

Coddies are a Baltimore classic that’s been served in almost every neighborhood for generations.


Bocadillo at La Cuchara

At La Cuchara, located in the Meadow Mill Complex in Woodberry, you can get your hands on a traditional guava jelly dessert called bocadillo.