With an array of new restaurants and up-and-coming chefs, St. Louis is undergoing a transformation from flyover city to bona fide food destination.

The 8 Best Food in St Louis

Gerber Sandwich

A gerber sandwich is an open faced sandwich that uses crusty French bread lathered with garlic butter.


Toasted Ravioli.

Toasted ravioli is a deep-fried, breaded appetizer that was invented in St. Louis and is a favorite at many Italian restaurants in the area.


Provel Cheese.

Provel Cheese is a processed white cheese made from cheddar, Swiss, and provolone that has a low melting point and a gooey and almost buttery texture at room temperature.


St. Louis Style Pizza.

The pie features a thin cracker-like crust made without yeast, and a special blend of cheese called Provel.


St. Louis Style Ribs.

While they are similar in many ways, there are a few differences that set St. Louis style ribs apart from baby back ribs.


BBQ Pork Steak.

Pork steaks (also known as Boston butt or pork blade steaks) are taken from the shoulder of the pig, making them a more affordable cut compared to ribs.


Ice Cream Cone.

Whether you're craving a scoop of vanilla or a thick, fudgey concrete, it's hard not to love an ice cream cone.


Frozen Custard Concrete.

Frozen custard is similar to ice cream, but it has a denser consistency and doesn't contain as much air.