Work With Gluten Free Travellers

We love any business or individual that is doing great work in support of Coeliac Disease and a Gluten Free lifestyle. We’re looking for the best gluten-free foods, restaurants, services and products to make life and travel easier for our readers.

We work with brands in lots of different ways with options to suit all budgets. Our priority is benefiting our readers so we will only work with you if we feel your product/service is genuinely of value to our community.

Interested in utilising influencer marketing, affiliates or content marketing for your brand?

Here are some of the many ways you can work with Gluten Free Travellers.

How Can We Work Together?

Sponsored Posts

If you have a product or service that is gluten-free you may approach us to do sponsored content. We only work with brands we believe have our reader’s best interests at heart. Ask us for our rates card and media pack.

Product Reviews

Do you have a hot new product that you want to showcase to gluten-free consumers? Send us your product at our UK or Australian address and we’ll review it on our blog and social media channels. All our reviews are honest, regardless of who is paying the bill, we put our readers first.

Restaurant Reviews

We are currently located in the UK and New Zealand, although we do travel frequently to discover amazing new destinations! We love to try out new restaurants and eateries that offer gluten-free options on their menus so that we can recommend them to our Coeliac and gluten intolerant readership.

Directory Listings

We actively encourage members to recommend the places they love so that we can add them to our directory for the benefit of our readers. If you have a place of business that offers gluten-free products please contact us to add it to our directory for our readers to discover.

Paid Adverts

We accept banner advertisements in our articles and on our sidebar if the product/service fits our niche and we can find a good match to place it.

Affiliate Links

From time-to-time we may place affiliate links on our website if we feel they deliver benefit to our readers.

Competitions and Giveaways

Running a contest of giveaway of your product or service? We can help you reach the right audience and gain more entries and exposure through our networks.

Brand Ambassador

The best results stem from long term relationships with consumers. Credibility means conversions! We are looking for brands that we love, to collaborate with long-term as brand ambassadors.

Guest Posting

We’re happy to write blog posts and articles for other websites and blogs that are aligned with our brand and mission, please contact us for our copy writing prices. If you are a blogger with a non-commercial sites we are happy contribute guest posts free of charge.

We also accept guest posts on Gluten Free Travellers. Contact me with your relevant and unique article, along with your bio and website details. I accept posts that will interest and help my readers, gluten-free destination guides and yummy gluten-free recipes

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Sarah is a digital marketer by profession, with 8 years’ experience client and agency-side and runs a remote, online marketing agency called Deep Blue Digital. This makes us ideal people to collaborate with to boost your brand. We aren’t just bloggers we actually know what we’re doing when it comes to marketing! View some of our client case studies and testimonials. Our services can include; SEO, social media, email marketing, web design, content creation, blogging and more.

For more information about working with Gluten Free Travellers and to request our media pack and rates card please email